to peel; to skin; to tear; to pull down; to cling to (sth on which one is climbing); to dig

to rake up; to steal; to braise; to crawl

strokes 5
strokes after radical 2
扒车 扒車 ba1 che1
to pull oneself up onto a moving vehicle

扒钉 扒釘 ba1 ding1

扒粪 扒糞 ba1 fen4
muckraking; to stir up scandal; to expose (corruption)

扒开 扒開 ba1 kai1
to pry open or apart; to spread (sth) open with both hands

扒拉 扒拉 ba1 la1
to push lightly; to flick to one side; to get rid of

扒搂 扒摟 ba1 lou1
to pile together; to cram food into one's mouth (with chopsticks); to eat fast

扒皮 扒皮 ba1 pi2
to flay; to skin; (fig.) to exploit; to take advantage of

扒头儿 扒頭兒 ba1 tou5 er5
handhold (to pull oneself up)

扒屋牵牛 扒屋牽牛 ba1 wu1 qian1 niu2
to sack the home and lead off the cattle (proverb); to strip of everything

绷扒吊拷 繃扒吊拷 beng4 ba1 diao4 kao3
to strip, tie up, hang and beat sb, an ancient torture technique

鸡扒 雞扒 ji1 pa2
see 雞排|鸡排

煎牛扒 煎牛扒 jian1 niu2 ba1
beef steak

煎猪扒 煎豬扒 jian1 zhu1 ba1
pork steak

揪心扒肝 揪心扒肝 jiu1 xin1 ba1 gan1
lit. grips the heart, seizes the liver (idiom); fear grips the heart; worried out of one's wits; scared stiff

扒糕 扒糕 pa2 gao1
buckwheat pudding (snack of buckwheat noodles with sauce)

扒高踩低 扒高踩低 pa2 gao1 cai3 di1
crawl high, step low (idiom); unprincipled crawling, flattering one's superiors and trampling on one's juniors; toadying and bullying

扒灰 扒灰 pa2 hui1
incest between father-in-law and daughter-in-law

扒犁 扒犁 pa2 li2
sledge; also written 爬犁

扒窃 扒竊 pa2 qie4
to steal; to pick pockets; to frisk

扒手 扒手 pa2 shou3

周扒皮 周扒皮 zhou1 ba1 pi2
Zhou the exploiter, archetypal character in short story 半夜雞叫|半夜鸡叫

猪扒 豬扒 zhu1 pa2
see 豬排|猪排