to sweep


strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
超声扫描 超聲掃描 chao1 sheng1 sao3 miao2
ultrasonic scan

打扫 打掃 da3 sao3
to clean; to sweep

电脑断层扫描 電腦斷層掃描 dian4 nao3 duan4 ceng2 sao3 miao2
CAT scan; CT scan

拂扫 拂掃 fu2 sao3

隔行扫描 隔行掃描 ge2 hang2 sao3 miao2
interlaced scanning

各人自扫门前雪,莫管他家瓦上霜 各人自掃門前雪,莫管他家瓦上霜 ge4 ren2 zi4 sao3 men2 qian2 xue3 - mo4 guan3 ta1 jia1 wa3 shang4 shuang1
sweep the snow from your own door step, don't worry about the frost on your neighbor's roof (idiom)

横扫 橫掃 heng2 sao3
to sweep away; to sweep across

横扫千军 橫掃千軍 heng2 sao3 qian1 jun1
total annihilation

名誉扫地 名譽掃地 ming2 yu4 sao3 di4
to be thoroughly discredited; to fall into disrepute

清扫 清掃 qing1 sao3
to tidy up; to mop up; a sweep (against crime)

秋风扫落叶 秋風掃落葉 qiu1 feng1 sao3 luo4 ye4
lit. as the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves (idiom); to drive out the old and make a clean sweep

扫除 掃除 sao3 chu2
to sweep; to clean with a brush; to sweep away (often fig.)

扫除机 掃除機 sao3 chu2 ji1
mechanical sweeper

扫除天下 掃除天下 sao3 chu2 tian1 xia4
to sweep away evil; to purge (the world of crime)

扫荡 掃蕩 sao3 dang4
to root out; to wipe out

扫荡腿 掃蕩腿 sao3 dang4 tui3
leg sweep

扫地 掃地 sao3 di4
to sweep the floor; to reach rock bottom; to be at an all-time low

扫黄 掃黃 sao3 huang2
campaign against pornography

扫黄打非 掃黃打非 sao3 huang2 da3 fei1
to eradicate pornography and illegal publications

扫黄运动 掃黃運動 sao3 huang2 yun4 dong4
campaign against pornography

扫街 掃街 sao3 jie1
to sweep the streets; to canvas (for votes, sales etc)

扫雷 掃雷 sao3 lei2
minesweeper (computer game)

扫雷舰 掃雷艦 sao3 lei2 jian4

扫雷艇 掃雷艇 sao3 lei2 ting3

扫罗 掃羅 sao3 luo2
Saul (name); biblical king around 1000 BC

扫码 掃碼 sao3 ma3
to scan a QR code or barcode

扫盲 掃盲 sao3 mang2
to wipe out illiteracy

扫描 掃描 sao3 miao2
to scan

扫描器 掃描器 sao3 miao2 qi4

扫描仪 掃描儀 sao3 miao2 yi2
scanner (device)

扫墓 掃墓 sao3 mu4
to sweep the tombs (of one's ancestors); the Qingming festival

扫射 掃射 sao3 she4
to rake with machine gunfire; to strafe; to machine-gun down

扫视 掃視 sao3 shi4
to run one's eyes over; to sweep one's eyes over

扫尾 掃尾 sao3 wei3
to complete the last stage of work; to round off

扫兴 掃興 sao3 xing4
to have one's spirits dampened; to feel disappointed

扫雪车 掃雪車 sao3 xue3 che1

扫把 掃把 sao4 ba3

扫把星 掃把星 sao4 ba3 xing1
bearer of ill luck; person with the evil eye; comet

扫帚 掃帚 sao4 zhou5

扫帚星 掃帚星 sao4 zhou5 xing1
comet; jinx; bearer of ill luck

数码扫描 數碼掃描 shu4 ma3 sao3 miao2
a digital scan

威信扫地 威信掃地 wei1 xin4 sao3 di4
to lose every scrap of reputation

颜面扫地 顏面掃地 yan2 mian4 sao3 di4
lit. for one's face to reach rock bottom; to be thoroughly discredited (idiom)

一扫而光 一掃而光 yi1 sao3 er2 guang1
to clear off; to make a clean sweep of

一扫而空 一掃而空 yi1 sao3 er2 kong1
to sweep clean; to clean out

逐行扫描 逐行掃描 zhu2 hang2 sao3 miao2
line by line scanning; progressive scanning