to ascertain; to act on; to criticize; to pass on; classifier for batches, lots, military flights; tier (for the ranking of universities and colleges)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
挨批 挨批 ai2 pi1
to be criticized; to suffer blame

报批 報批 bao4 pi1
to report for criticism; to submit for approval to higher authority

成批 成批 cheng2 pi1
in batches; in bulk

大批 大批 da4 pi1
large quantities of

大批特批 大批特批 da4 pi1 te4 pi1
to criticize severly; to censure

斗批改 鬥批改 dou4 pi1 gai3
struggle, criticize, and transform (Cultural Revolution catchcry)

趸批 躉批 dun3 pi1

反批评 反批評 fan3 pi1 ping2

分批 分批 fen1 pi1
to do sth in batches or groups

横批 橫批 heng2 pi1
horizontal scroll (for inscription)

夹批 夾批 jia1 pi1
critical annotations between the lines

尖锐批评 尖銳批評 jian1 rui4 pi1 ping2
sharp criticism

建设性的批评 建設性的批評 jian4 she4 xing4 de5 pi1 ping2
constructive criticism

揭批 揭批 jie1 pi1
to expose and criticize

眉批 眉批 mei2 pi1
headnotes; comments or footnotes at top of the page

批八字 批八字 pi1 ba1 zi4
to have one's fortune read; system of fortune telling based on a person's date and time of birth, according to 干支 (sexagenary cycle)

批办 批辦 pi1 ban4
to approve and carry out; to issue approval

批驳 批駁 pi1 bo2
to criticize; to refute

批捕 批捕 pi1 bu3
to authorize an arrest

批处理 批處理 pi1 chu3 li3
batch file

批荡 批蕩 pi1 dang4
cement-sand wall plaster

批点 批點 pi1 dian3
to add critical marks or notes to a text; (fig.) to criticize

批斗 批鬥 pi1 dou4
(during the cultural revolution) to criticize and denounce sb publicly for their errors (often imaginary)

批发 批發 pi1 fa1
wholesale; bulk trade; distribution

批发价 批發價 pi1 fa1 jia4
wholesale price

批发商 批發商 pi1 fa1 shang1
a wholesale business; distributor

批发业 批發業 pi1 fa1 ye4
wholesale business; bulk trade

批复 批復 pi1 fu4
to reply officially to a subordinate

批覆 批覆 pi1 fu4
to give an official response

批改 批改 pi1 gai3
to mark (homework, exam scripts etc); to correct and criticize (an article); to check; to correct; a correction (to a piece of writing)

批号 批號 pi1 hao4
lot number; batch number

批汇 批匯 pi1 hui4
to approve use of foreign currency

批颊 批頰 pi1 jia2
to slap sb's cheeks

批假 批假 pi1 jia4
to approve vacation

批价 批價 pi1 jia4
wholesale price; to settle an account; to pay a bill

批件 批件 pi1 jian4
approved document; document with written instructions

批卷 批卷 pi1 juan4
to correct student papers; to grade exam papers

批哩啪啦 批哩啪啦 pi1 li5 pa1 la1
variant of 噼裡啪啦|噼里啪啦

批量 批量 pi1 liang4
batch; lot

批量购买 批量購買 pi1 liang4 gou4 mai3
to buy in bulk; bulk buying

批量生产 批量生產 pi1 liang4 sheng1 chan3
to mass produce

批流年 批流年 pi1 liu2 nian2
to cast sb's yearly horoscope

批命 批命 pi1 ming4
to tell sb's fortune

批判 批判 pi1 pan4
to criticize; critique

批评 批評 pi1 ping2
to criticize; criticism

批评家 批評家 pi1 ping2 jia1

批评者 批評者 pi1 ping2 zhe3
critic; detractor

批萨 批薩 pi1 sa4
pizza (loanword)

批示 批示 pi1 shi4
to write comments on a report submitted by a subordinate; written comments from a superior

批踢踢 批踢踢 pi1 ti1 ti1
PTT, the largest terminal-based bulletin board system in Taiwan; full name: 批踢踢實業坊|批踢踢实业坊

批踢踢实业坊 批踢踢實業坊 pi1 ti1 ti1 shi2 ye4 fang1
PTT Bulletin Board System (Tw)

批头 批頭 pi1 tou2
screwdriving bits

批文 批文 pi1 wen2
official written ruling in response to a submission; official approval in writing

批郤导窾 批郤導窾 pi1 xi4 dao3 kuan3
to get right to the heart of the matter (idiom)

批语 批語 pi1 yu3
criticism; commentary

批阅 批閱 pi1 yue4
to read through to evaluate; to referee

批注 批註 pi1 zhu4
to annotate; to add marginal comments on; criticism; marginalia

批转 批轉 pi1 zhuan3
to approve and forward; to endorse; stamp "approved for distribution"

批准 批准 pi1 zhun3
to approve; to ratify

批准文号 批准文號 pi1 zhun3 wen2 hao4
(drug etc) approval number

审批 審批 shen3 pi1
to examine and approve; to endorse

痛批 痛批 tong4 pi1
to severely criticize

严厉批评 嚴厲批評 yan2 li4 pi1 ping2
to criticize severely; to slate

自我批评 自我批評 zi4 wo3 pi1 ping2