to undertake; to carry; to shoulder; to take responsibility

picul (100 catties, 50 kg); two buckets full; carrying pole and its load; classifier for loads carried on a shoulder pole

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
扁担 扁擔 bian3 dan5
carrying pole; shoulder pole

扁担星 扁擔星 bian3 dan5 xing1
Altair and its two adjacent stars

承担 承擔 cheng2 dan1
to undertake; to assume (responsibility etc)

担保 擔保 dan1 bao3
to guarantee; to vouch for

担承 擔承 dan1 cheng2
to undertake; to assume (responsibility etc)

担待 擔待 dan1 dai4
to pardon; please excuse (me); to take responsibility

担当 擔當 dan1 dang1
to take upon oneself; to assume

担负 擔負 dan1 fu4
to shoulder; to bear; to undertake

担搁 擔擱 dan1 ge5
variant of 耽擱|耽搁

担荷 擔荷 dan1 he4
to shoulder a burden

担架 擔架 dan1 jia4
stretcher; litter; bier

担架兵 擔架兵 dan1 jia4 bing1
stretcher bearer (military)

担架床 擔架床 dan1 jia4 chuang2

担架抬 擔架抬 dan1 jia4 tai2
stretcher (for the injured)

担惊受怕 擔驚受怕 dan1 jing1 shou4 pa4
to feel apprehensive; to be alarmed

担任 擔任 dan1 ren4
to hold a governmental office or post; to assume office of; to take charge of; to serve as

担误 擔誤 dan1 wu5
variant of 耽誤|耽误

担心 擔心 dan1 xin1
anxious; worried; uneasy; to worry; to be anxious

担忧 擔憂 dan1 you1
to worry; to be concerned

担懮 擔懮 dan1 you1
worry; anxiety

担仔面 擔仔麵 dan1 zai3 mian4
ta-a noodles or danzai noodles, popular snack originating from Tainan

担担面 擔擔麵 dan4 dan4 mian4
Sichuan noodles with a spicy and numbing sauce

担子 擔子 dan4 zi5
carrying pole and the loads on it; burden; task; responsibility

分担 分擔 fen1 dan1
to share (a burden, a cost, a responsibility)

负担 負擔 fu4 dan1
burden; to bear a burden

负担不起 負擔不起 fu4 dan1 bu5 qi3
cannot afford; cannot bear the burden

负担者 負擔者 fu4 dan1 zhe3

公担 公擔 gong1 dan4
quintal (100 kg)

零担 零擔 ling2 dan1
less-than-truck-load freight (LTL) (transportation)

牵羊担酒 牽羊擔酒 qian1 yang2 dan1 jiu3
pulling a lamb and bringing wine on a carrying pole (idiom); fig. to offer elaborate congratulations; to kill the fatted calf

市担 市擔 shi4 dan4
Chinese unit of weight equal to 100 jin (or 50 kg)

替古人担忧 替古人擔憂 ti4 gu3 ren2 dan1 you1
to fret over the worries of long-departed people (idiom); to worry unnecessarily; crying over spilt milk; often used with negatives, e.g. no need to worry about past issues

债务担保证券 債務擔保證券 zhai4 wu4 dan1 bao3 zheng4 quan4
collateralized debt obligation (CDO), type of bond

重担 重擔 zhong4 dan4
heavy burden; difficult task; great responsibility

资产担保证券 資產擔保證券 zi1 chan3 dan1 bao3 zheng4 quan4
asset-backed security; ABS