to capture; to restrain; to constrain; to adhere rigidly to; inflexible

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
不加拘束 不加拘束 bu4 jia1 ju1 shu4

不拘 不拘 bu4 ju1
not stick to; not confine oneself to; whatever

不拘小节 不拘小節 bu4 ju1 xiao3 jie2
to not bother about trifles (idiom)

不拘一格 不拘一格 bu4 ju1 yi1 ge2
not stick to one pattern

放诞不拘 放誕不拘 fang4 dan4 bu4 ju1
wanton and unrestrained (idiom); dissolute

拘捕 拘捕 ju1 bu3
to arrest

拘传 拘傳 ju1 chuan2
subpoena; to summon (for questioning)

拘忌 拘忌 ju1 ji4
to have scruples; to have misgivings

拘检 拘檢 ju1 jian3
restrained and cautious

拘谨 拘謹 ju1 jin3
reserved; overcautious

拘禁 拘禁 ju1 jin4
constraint; to detain; to take into custody

拘礼 拘禮 ju1 li3
to stand on ceremony; punctilious

拘留 拘留 ju1 liu2
to detain (a prisoner); to keep sb in custody

拘留所 拘留所 ju1 liu2 suo3
detention center; prison

拘挛 拘攣 ju1 luan2
cramps; muscular spasm; fig. constrained; ill at ease

拘挛儿 拘攣兒 ju1 luan2 er5
erhua variant of 拘攣|拘挛

拘拿 拘拿 ju1 na2
to arrest

拘泥 拘泥 ju1 ni4
to be a stickler for formalities; to rigidly adhere to; to cling to; constrained; ill at ease

拘票 拘票 ju1 piao4
warrant (for arrest)

拘牵 拘牽 ju1 qian1
restrained; confined

拘囚 拘囚 ju1 qiu2
to imprison; prisoner

拘守 拘守 ju1 shou3
to hold tight; to cling to; to adhere; stubborn; to detain sb as prisoner

拘束 拘束 ju1 shu4
to restrict; to restrain; constrained; awkward; ill at ease; uncomfortable; reticent

拘束衣 拘束衣 ju1 shu4 yi1

拘押 拘押 ju1 ya1
to arrest; to take into custody

拘押营 拘押營 ju1 ya1 ying2
detention center; prison camp

拘役 拘役 ju1 yi4

拘迂 拘迂 ju1 yu1
inflexible; stubborn

拘执 拘執 ju1 zhi2
rigid; inflexible

无拘无束 無拘無束 wu2 ju1 wu2 shu4
free and unconstrained (idiom); unfettered; unbuttoned; without care or worries

刑拘 刑拘 xing2 ju1
to detain as criminal; criminal detention; abbr. for 刑事拘留

刑事拘留 刑事拘留 xing2 shi4 ju1 liu2
to detain as criminal; criminal detention

迂拘 迂拘 yu1 ju1
conventional; conservative