to choose; to pick; to sort out; to pick up

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
白拣 白揀 bai2 jian3
a cheap choice; to choose sth that costs nothing

翻拣 翻揀 fan1 jian3
to browse and select; to glance through and check

拣佛烧香 揀佛燒香 jian3 fo2 shao1 xiang1
to choose which Buddha to burn incense to (idiom); fig. to curry favor from the right person

拣起 揀起 jian3 qi3
to pick up

拣信室 揀信室 jian3 xin4 shi4
mail sorting office

拣选 揀選 jian3 xuan3
to select; to sort out

拣饮择食 揀飲擇食 jian3 yin3 ze2 shi2
to choose one's food carefully; to be picky

雷公打豆腐,拣软的欺 雷公打豆腐,揀軟的欺 lei2 gong1 da3 dou4 fu5 - jian3 ruan3 de5 qi1
the God of Thunder strikes bean curd, a bully picks the weakest person; to pick on an easy target

挑拣 挑揀 tiao1 jian3
to pick and choose; to select

挑三拣四 挑三揀四 tiao1 san1 jian3 si4
to be picky; to be choosy