to pull; to draw (a cart or a bow); to roll up; to coil; to carry on the arm; to lament the dead; (fig.) to pull against; to recover

variant of 挽; to draw (a cart); to lament the dead

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
不可挽回 不可挽回 bu4 ke3 wan3 hui2

力挽狂澜 力挽狂瀾 li4 wan3 kuang2 lan2
to pull strongly against a crazy tide (idiom); fig. to try hard to save a desperate crisis

推挽 推挽 tui1 wan3
to push and pull; to move sth forward by shoving and pulling

挽词 挽詞 wan3 ci2
an elegy; elegiac words

挽辞 挽辭 wan3 ci2
an elegy; elegiac words

挽额 挽額 wan3 e2
elegiac tablet

挽歌 挽歌 wan3 ge1
a dirge; an elegy

挽回 挽回 wan3 hui2
to retrieve; to redeem

挽近 輓近 wan3 jin4
old variant of 晚近

挽救 挽救 wan3 jiu4
to save; to remedy; to rescue

挽救儿童 挽救兒童 wan3 jiu4 er2 tong2
to rescue a child; Save the Children, a British charity

挽具 挽具 wan3 ju4

挽力 挽力 wan3 li4
pulling power (of draught animals)

挽联 輓聯 wan3 lian2
elegiac couplet

挽留 挽留 wan3 liu2
to urge to stay; to detain

挽诗 輓詩 wan3 shi1

挽幛 挽幛 wan3 zhang4
large elegiac scroll

无法挽救 無法挽救 wu2 fa3 wan3 jiu4
incurable; no way of curing; hopeless

无可挽回 無可挽回 wu2 ke3 wan3 hui2
irrevocable; the die is cast