to contribute; to donate; contribution; tax; to abandon

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
捐班 捐班 juan1 ban1
to contribute

捐背 捐背 juan1 bei4
to die

捐给 捐給 juan1 gei3
to donate

捐款 捐款 juan1 kuan3
to donate money; to contribute funds; donation; contribution (of money)

捐款者 捐款者 juan1 kuan3 zhe3
donor; benefactor; contributor (to charity)

捐命 捐命 juan1 ming4
to lay down one's life

捐募 捐募 juan1 mu4
to solicit contributions; to collect donations

捐弃 捐棄 juan1 qi4
to relinquish; to abandon

捐躯 捐軀 juan1 qu1
to sacrifice one's life

捐生 捐生 juan1 sheng1
to sacrifice one's life

捐税 捐稅 juan1 shui4
taxes and levies

捐物 捐物 juan1 wu4
to donate goods (to a relief effort); to contribute material

捐献 捐獻 juan1 xian4
to donate; to contribute; donation; contribution

捐选 捐選 juan1 xuan3
to select

捐血 捐血 juan1 xue4
to donate blood; also written 供血

捐血者 捐血者 juan1 xue4 zhe3
blood donor; also called 供血者

捐益表 捐益表 juan1 yi4 biao3
tax benefits table

捐赠 捐贈 juan1 zeng4
to contribute (as a gift); to donate; benefaction

捐赠盈余 捐贈盈餘 juan1 zeng4 ying2 yu2
surplus from donation (accountancy)

捐赠者 捐贈者 juan1 zeng4 zhe3
donor; contributor

捐助 捐助 juan1 zhu4
to donate; to offer (aid); contribution; donation

捐赀 捐貲 juan1 zi1
variant of 捐資|捐资

捐资 捐資 juan1 zi1
to contribute funds

慷慨捐生 慷慨捐生 kang1 kai3 juan1 sheng1
sacrificing one's life generously (idiom); to sacrifice oneself fervently to the cause

抗捐 抗捐 kang4 juan1
to refuse to pay taxes; to boycott a levy

苛捐杂税 苛捐雜稅 ke1 juan1 za2 shui4
exorbitant taxation (idiom)

乐捐 樂捐 le4 juan1
to donate

募捐 募捐 mu4 juan1
to solicit contributions; to collect donations

铺捐 鋪捐 pu4 juan1
tax on stores

器官捐献者 器官捐獻者 qi4 guan1 juan1 xian4 zhe3
organ donor

税捐稽征处 稅捐稽征處 shui4 juan1 ji1 zheng1 chu4
Taipei Revenue Service (tax office)

细大不捐 細大不捐 xi4 da4 bu4 juan1
not to discard anything, whether small or big (idiom); all-embracing

筵席捐 筵席捐 yan2 xi2 juan1
tax on a banquet or feast

赈捐 賑捐 zhen4 juan1
money donation to relieve distress or famine