pound; beat; hull; attack; disturb; stir

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
捣蛋 搗蛋 dao3 dan4
to cause trouble; to stir up trouble

捣蛋鬼 搗蛋鬼 dao3 dan4 gui3

捣鼓 搗鼓 dao3 gu5
to fiddle with sth; to trade with sth

捣鬼 搗鬼 dao3 gui3
to play tricks; to cause mischief

捣毁 搗毀 dao3 hui3
to destroy; to smash; sabotage

捣烂 搗爛 dao3 lan4
to mash; to beat to a pulp

捣乱 搗亂 dao3 luan4
to disturb; to look for trouble; to stir up a row; to bother sb intentionally

捣卖 搗賣 dao3 mai4
to resell at a profit

捣弄 搗弄 dao3 nong4
to move back and forward; to trade

捣实 搗實 dao3 shi2
to ram (earth); to compact earth by ramming

捣碎 搗碎 dao3 sui4
to pound into pieces; to mash

捣腾 搗騰 dao3 teng2
to buy and sell; peddling

捣腾 搗騰 dao3 teng5
to turn over sth repeatedly

捣衣 搗衣 dao3 yi1
to launder clothes by pounding

磕头如捣蒜 磕頭如搗蒜 ke4 tou2 ru2 dao3 suan4
lit. to kowtow like grinding garlic (idiom); fig. to pound the ground with one's head

调皮捣蛋 調皮搗蛋 tiao2 pi2 dao3 dan4
naughty; mischievous; to act up

直捣 直搗 zhi2 dao3
to storm; to attack directly

直捣黄龙 直搗黃龍 zhi2 dao3 huang2 long2
lit. to directly attack Huanglong; fig. to directly combat the root of a problem