to break off or break open sth with one's hands; (fig.) to break off (a relationship)

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
掰掰 掰掰 bai1 bai1
bye-bye (loanword) (Tw)

掰扯 掰扯 bai1 che5
to debate; to dispute; to wrangle (dialect)

掰开 掰開 bai1 kai1
to pull apart; to pry open with the hands

掰开揉碎 掰開揉碎 bai1 kai1 rou2 sui4
lit. to pull apart and knead to a pulp; fig. to analyze minutely from every angle; to chew sth over

掰手腕 掰手腕 bai1 shou3 wan4
arm wrestling

掰弯 掰彎 bai1 wan1
to bend; (slang) to turn a straight person gay

掰腕子 掰腕子 bai1 wan4 zi5
arm wrestling

掰直 掰直 bai1 zhi2
to straighten; (slang) to turn a gay person straight

分星掰两 分星掰兩 fen1 xing1 bai1 liang3
punctilious; clear and detailed

鸡掰 雞掰 ji1 bai1
(Taiwanese) cunt (Minnan: tsi-bai); (slang, used as an intensifier) fucking; fucked up; to fuck around with

机掰 機掰 ji1 bai1
variant of 雞掰|鸡掰

瞎掰 瞎掰 xia1 bai1
(coll.) to talk nonsense; to fool around