abbr. for 揚州|扬州; surname Yang

to raise; to hoist; the action of tossing or winnowing; scattering (in the wind); to flutter; to propagate

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
昂扬 昂揚 ang2 yang2
elated; high-spirited; uplifting (music)

褒扬 褒揚 bao1 yang2
to praise

表扬 表揚 biao3 yang2
to praise; to commend

簸扬 簸揚 bo3 yang2

不事张扬 不事張揚 bu4 shi4 zhang1 yang2
quietly; without ostentation

阐扬 闡揚 chan3 yang2
to expound; to propagate

称扬 稱揚 cheng1 yang2
to praise; to compliment

惩恶扬善 懲惡揚善 cheng2 e4 yang2 shan4
to uphold virtue and condemn evil (idiom)

臭名远扬 臭名遠揚 chou4 ming2 yuan3 yang2
stinking reputation; notorious far and wide

传扬 傳揚 chuan2 yang2
to spread (by word of mouth)

得意扬扬 得意揚揚 de2 yi4 yang2 yang2
variant of 得意洋洋

斗志昂扬 鬥志昂揚 dou4 zhi4 ang2 yang2
having high fighting spirit

顿挫抑扬 頓挫抑揚 dun4 cuo4 yi4 yang2
cadence; modulation

发扬 發揚 fa1 yang2
to develop; to make full use of

发扬踔厉 發揚踔厲 fa1 yang2 chuo1 li4
to be full of vigor (idiom)

发扬蹈厉 發揚蹈厲 fa1 yang2 dao3 li4
see 發揚踔厲|发扬踔厉

发扬光大 發揚光大 fa1 yang2 guang1 da4
to develop and promote; to carry forward; to bring to great height of development

飞扬 飛揚 fei1 yang2
to rise; to fly upward

飞扬跋扈 飛揚跋扈 fei1 yang2 ba2 hu4
bossy and domineering; throwing one's weight about

沸沸扬扬 沸沸揚揚 fei4 fei4 yang2 yang2
bubbling and gurgling; hubbubing; abuzz

分道扬镳 分道揚鑣 fen1 dao4 yang2 biao1
lit. to take different roads and urge the horses on (idiom); fig. to part ways

纷纷扬扬 紛紛揚揚 fen1 fen1 yang2 yang2
fluttering about (of leaves etc)

奋武扬威 奮武揚威 fen4 wu3 yang2 wei1
a show of strength

高扬 高揚 gao1 yang2
held high; elevated; uplift; soaring

怪人奥尔·扬科维奇 怪人奧爾·揚科維奇 guai4 ren2 ao4 er3 - yang2 ke1 wei2 qi2
"Weird Al" Yankovic (1959-), US singer and writer of parody songs

宏扬 宏揚 hong2 yang2
variant of 弘揚|弘扬

弘扬 弘揚 hong2 yang2
to enhance; to promote; to enrich

激浊扬清 激濁揚清 ji1 zhuo2 yang2 qing1
lit. drain away filth and bring in fresh water (idiom); fig. dispel evil and usher in good; eliminate vice and exalt virtue

家丑不可外扬 家醜不可外揚 jia1 chou3 bu4 ke3 wai4 yang2
lit. family shames must not be spread abroad (idiom); fig. don't wash your dirty linen in public

卷扬 捲揚 juan3 yang2
a whirlwind

卷扬机 捲揚機 juan3 yang2 ji1
a capstan

跨鹤扬州 跨鶴揚州 kua4 he4 yang2 zhou1
lit. to ride a crane to Yangzhou; to become a Daoist immortal; to die

米高扬 米高揚 mi3 gao1 yang2
Mikoyan (name); Anastas Ivanonovich Mikoyan (1895-1978), Soviet politician, politburo member in the 1950s and 1960s; Artem Ivanovich Mikoyan (1905-1970), brother of the politician and one designer of MiG military aircraft

名扬四海 名揚四海 ming2 yang2 si4 hai3
to become known far and wide (idiom); famous

飘扬 飄揚 piao1 yang2
to wave; to flutter; to fly

骑鹤上扬州 騎鶴上揚州 qi2 he4 shang4 yang2 zhou1
lit. to ride a crane to Yangzhou (idiom); to get an official position

其貌不扬 其貌不揚 qi2 mao4 bu4 yang2
(idiom) nothing special to look at; unprepossessing

赛扬 賽揚 sai4 yang2
Celeron (an Intel chip)

上扬 上揚 shang4 yang2
to rise (i.e. number increases); a price rise; to raise

上扬趋势 上揚趨勢 shang4 yang2 qu1 shi4
upward trend; rising tendency

神采飞扬 神采飛揚 shen2 cai3 fei1 yang2
in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor

颂扬 頌揚 song4 yang2
to eulogize; to praise

维扬 維揚 wei2 yang2
Weiyang district of Yangzhou city 揚州市|扬州市, Jiangsu

维扬区 維揚區 wei2 yang2 qu1
Weiyang district of Yangzhou city 揚州市|扬州市, Jiangsu

显扬 顯揚 xian3 yang2
to praise; to commend; to hallow

肖扬 肖揚 xiao1 yang2
Xiao Yang (1938-), President of the PRC Supreme Court 1998-2008

宣扬 宣揚 xuan1 yang2
to proclaim; to make public or well known

扬鞭 揚鞭 yang2 bian1
to whip on; to raise a whip; by ext. to swagger

扬菜 揚菜 yang2 cai4
Jiangsu cuisine

扬长避短 揚長避短 yang2 chang2 bi4 duan3
to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses (idiom); to play to one's strengths

扬长而去 揚長而去 yang2 chang2 er2 qu4
to swagger off; to walk off (or drive off etc) without a second thought for those left behind

扬帆 揚帆 yang2 fan1
to set sail

扬谷 揚穀 yang2 gu3
to winnow

扬科维奇 揚科維奇 yang2 ke1 wei2 qi2
Jankovic; Yankovic; Yankovich; Jelena Jankovic (1985-), Serbian tennis player

扬眉 揚眉 yang2 mei2
to raise eyebrows

扬名 揚名 yang2 ming2
to become famous; to become notorious

扬名四海 揚名四海 yang2 ming2 si4 hai3
known throughout the country (idiom); world-famous

扬起 揚起 yang2 qi3
to raise one's head; to perk up

扬琴 揚琴 yang2 qin2
yangqin; dulcimer (hammered string musical instrument)

扬清激浊 揚清激濁 yang2 qing1 ji1 zhuo2
lit. drain away filth and bring in fresh water (idiom); fig. dispel evil and usher in good; eliminate vice and exalt virtue

扬声器 揚聲器 yang2 sheng1 qi4

扬雄 揚雄 yang2 xiong2
Yang Xiong (53 BC-18 AD), scholar, poet and lexicographer, author of the first Chinese dialect dictionary 方言

扬言 揚言 yang2 yan2
to put about (a story, plan, threat etc); to let it be known (esp. of threat or malicious story); to threaten

扬抑格 揚抑格 yang2 yi4 ge2

扬中 揚中 yang2 zhong1
Yangzhong county level city in Zhenjiang 鎮江|镇江, Jiangsu

扬中市 揚中市 yang2 zhong1 shi4
Yangzhong county level city in Zhenjiang 鎮江|镇江, Jiangsu

扬州 揚州 yang2 zhou1
Yangzhou prefecture level city in Jiangsu

扬州市 揚州市 yang2 zhou1 shi4
Yangzhou prefecture level city in Jiangsu

扬子鳄 揚子鱷 yang2 zi3 e4
Chinese alligator (Alligator sinensis)

扬子江 揚子江 yang2 zi3 jiang1
Changjiang 長江|长江 or Yangtze River; old name for Changjiang, especially lower reaches around Yangzhou 揚州|扬州

耀武扬威 耀武揚威 yao4 wu3 yang2 wei1
to show off one's military strength (idiom); to strut around; to bluff; to bluster

耶莱娜·扬科维奇 耶萊娜·揚科維奇 ye2 lai2 nuo2 - yang2 ke1 wei2 qi2
Jelena Jankovic (1985-), Serbian tennis player

抑扬 抑揚 yi4 yang2
modulation (rising and falling pitch); intonation; a cadence; to rise and fall (of a body floating in water)

抑扬顿挫 抑揚頓挫 yi4 yang2 dun4 cuo4
see 頓挫抑揚|顿挫抑扬

抑扬格 抑揚格 yi4 yang2 ge2

抑扬升降性 抑揚昇降性 yi4 yang2 sheng1 jiang4 xing4
property of rising and lowering

隐恶扬善 隱惡揚善 yin3 e4 yang2 shan4
to praise the virtue of sb or sth while concealing their faults

悠扬 悠揚 you1 yang2
melodious; mellifluous

揄扬 揄揚 yu2 yang2
to praise; to extol; to publicize; to advocate

远扬 遠揚 yuan3 yang2
(fame) spreads far and wide

赞扬 讚揚 zan4 yang2
to praise; to approve of; to show approval

张扬 張揚 zhang1 yang2
Zhang Yang (1967-), PRC film director and screenwriter

张扬 張揚 zhang1 yang2
to display ostentatiously; to bring out into the open; to make public; to spread around; flamboyant; brash

趾高气扬 趾高氣揚 zhi3 gao1 qi4 yang2
high and mighty (idiom); arrogant

志高气扬 志高氣揚 zhi4 gao1 qi4 yang2
high-spirited and smug

足高气扬 足高氣揚 zu2 gao1 qi4 yang2
high and mighty (idiom); arrogant