to put into (one's pockets, clothes); Taiwan pr.

to estimate; to guess; to figure; to surmise

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
不揣冒昧 不揣冒昧 bu4 chuai3 mao4 mei4
to venture to; to presume to; to take the liberty of

揣在怀里 揣在懷裡 chuai1 zai4 huai2 li3
to tuck into one's bosom; also written 搋在懷裡|搋在怀里

揣测 揣測 chuai3 ce4
to guess; to conjecture

揣度 揣度 chuai3 duo2
to estimate; to surmise; to appraise

揣摩 揣摩 chuai3 mo2
to analyze; to try to figure out; to try to fathom

揣想 揣想 chuai3 xiang3
to conjecture

囊揣 囊揣 nang1 chuai4
soft, fat meat of pig's belly; sow's sagging teats; weakling; flabby person; also written 囊膪