to hug; to embrace; to hold in one's arms

to draw towards oneself; to gather; to gather up (one's gown, sleeves etc); to grab (money); to extort

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
扒搂 扒摟 ba1 lou1
to pile together; to cram food into one's mouth (with chopsticks); to eat fast

抖搂 抖摟 dou3 lou5
to shake out; to bring to light; to squander

搂钱 摟錢 lou1 qian2
(coll.) to grab money; to rake in money

搂抱 摟抱 lou3 bao4
to hug; to embrace

搂住 摟住 lou3 zhu4
to hold in one's arms; to embrace