to scratch; old variant of 騷|骚

strokes 12
strokes after radical 10
隔靴搔痒 隔靴搔癢 ge2 xue1 sao1 yang3
lit. to scratch the outside of the boot (idiom); fig. beside the point; ineffectual

搔扰 搔擾 sao1 rao3
to disturb; to harass

搔首弄姿 搔首弄姿 sao1 shou3 nong4 zi1
to stroke one's hair coquettishly (idiom)

搔痒 搔癢 sao1 yang3
to scratch (an itch); to tickle

抓搔 抓搔 zhua1 sao1
to scratch an itch