surname Yao

to shake; to rock; to row; to crank

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
不动摇 不動搖 bu4 dong4 yao2

步摇 步搖 bu4 yao2
dangling ornament worn by women

大摇大摆 大搖大擺 da4 yao2 da4 bai3
to strut; swaggering

瞪鞋摇滚 瞪鞋搖滾 deng4 xie2 yao2 gun3
shoegaze (music genre)

地动山摇 地動山搖 di4 dong4 shan1 yao2
the earth quaked, the mountains shook (idiom); a tremendous battle

动摇 動搖 dong4 yao2
to sway; to waver; to rock; to rattle; to destabilize; to pose a challenge to

风雨漂摇 風雨漂搖 feng1 yu3 piao1 yao2
tossed about by the wind and rain (idiom); (of a situation) unstable

风雨飘摇 風雨飄搖 feng1 yu3 piao1 yao2
tossed about by the wind and rain (idiom); (of a situation) unstable

扶摇直上 扶搖直上 fu2 yao2 zhi2 shang4
to skyrocket; to get quick promotion in one's career

横摇 橫搖 heng2 yao2
rolling motion (of a boat)

后摇 後搖 hou4 yao2
post-rock (music genre)

后摇滚 後搖滾 hou4 yao2 gun3
post-rock (music genre)

减摇鳍 減搖鰭 jian3 yao2 qi2
fin stabilizer (in ships); anti-roll stabilizer

飘摇 飄搖 piao1 yao2
floating in the wind; swaying; tottering; unstable

漂摇 漂搖 piao1 yao2
swaying; tottering; unstable

手摇柄 手搖柄 shou3 yao2 bing3
hand crank

手摇风琴 手搖風琴 shou3 yao2 feng1 qin2
hand organ; hurdy-gurdy

天摇地转 天搖地轉 tian1 yao2 di4 zhuan3
lit. the sky shakes and the ground revolves; momentous changes are underway (idiom)

摇摆 搖擺 yao2 bai3
to sway; to wobble; to waver

摇摆不定 搖擺不定 yao2 bai3 bu4 ding4
indecisive; wavering

摇摆舞 搖擺舞 yao2 bai3 wu3
swing (dance)

摇摆州 搖擺州 yao2 bai3 zhou1
swing state (US politics)

摇船 搖船 yao2 chuan2
to scull; to row a boat

摇电话 搖電話 yao2 dian4 hua4
(old) to make a phone call

摇动 搖動 yao2 dong4
to shake; to sway

摇杆 搖桿 yao2 gan3

摇光 搖光 yao2 guang1
eta Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper

摇滚 搖滾 yao2 gun3
rock 'n' roll (music); to rock; to fall off

摇滚乐 搖滾樂 yao2 gun3 yue4
rock music; rock 'n roll

摇撼 搖撼 yao2 han4
to shake; to rock

摇号 搖號 yao2 hao4

摇晃 搖晃 yao2 huang4
to rock; to shake; to sway

摇奖 搖獎 yao2 jiang3
to draw the winning ticket (in a lottery)

摇篮 搖籃 yao2 lan2

摇篮曲 搖籃曲 yao2 lan2 qu3

摇橹 搖櫓 yao2 lu3
to scull (with a single oar, usually mounted on the stern of the boat)

摇橹船 搖櫓船 yao2 lu3 chuan2
boat propelled by a yuloh (a single sculling oar)

摇旗呐喊 搖旗吶喊 yao2 qi2 na4 han3
to wave flags and shout battle cries (idiom); to egg sb on; to give support to

摇钱树 搖錢樹 yao2 qian2 shu4
a legendary tree that sheds coins when shaken; a source of easy money (idiom)

摇身 搖身 yao2 shen1
lit. to shake one's body; refers to abrupt transformation; same as 搖身一變|摇身一变

摇身一变 搖身一變 yao2 shen1 yi1 bian4
to change shape in a single shake; fig. to take on a new lease of life

摇手 搖手 yao2 shou3
to wave the hand (to say goodbye, or in a negative gesture); crank handle

摇头 搖頭 yao2 tou2
to shake one's head

摇头摆尾 搖頭擺尾 yao2 tou2 bai3 wei3
to nod one's head and wag one's tail (idiom); to be well pleased with oneself; to have a lighthearted air

摇头丸 搖頭丸 yao2 tou2 wan2
Ecstasy; MDMA

摇摇摆摆 搖搖擺擺 yao2 yao2 bai3 bai3
swaggering; staggering; waddling

摇摇欲坠 搖搖欲墜 yao2 yao2 yu4 zhui4
tottering; on the verge of collapse

摇曳 搖曳 yao2 ye4
to sway gently (as in the wind); (of a flame) to flicker

摇曳多姿 搖曳多姿 yao2 ye4 duo1 zi1
swaying gently; moving elegantly

摇椅 搖椅 yao2 yi3
rocking chair

摇匀 搖勻 yao2 yun2
to mix by shaking

摇战 搖戰 yao2 zhan4
(literary) to shake with fear

招摇 招搖 zhao1 yao2
to act ostentatiously; to brag; to show off

招摇过市 招搖過市 zhao1 yao2 guo4 shi4
to parade oneself ostentatiously about town (idiom)

纵摇 縱搖 zong4 yao2
pitching motion (of a boat)