to break; to destroy; to devastate; to ravage; to repress

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
悲摧 悲摧 bei1 cui1
grieved; miserable

崩摧 崩摧 beng1 cui1
to collapse; to shatter

摧残 摧殘 cui1 can2
to ravage; to ruin

摧毁 摧毀 cui1 hui3
to destroy; to wreck

坚不可摧 堅不可摧 jian1 bu4 ke3 cui1
invulnerable, indestructible, impregnable

兰摧玉折 蘭摧玉折 lan2 cui1 yu4 zhe2
premature death of a budding talent; those whom the Gods love die young

无坚不摧 無堅不摧 wu2 jian1 bu4 cui1
no stronghold one cannot overcome (idiom); to conquer every obstacle; nothing one can't do; to carry everything before one