to scratch; to thwart; to yield

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
百折不挠 百折不撓 bai3 zhe2 bu4 nao2
to keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks (idiom); to be undaunted by repeated setbacks; to be indomitable

不屈不挠 不屈不撓 bu4 qu1 bu4 nao2
unyielding; indomitable

干挠 干撓 gan1 nao2
variant of 干擾|干扰, to interfere

挠败 撓敗 nao2 bai4
defeated; routed; crushed

挠钩 撓鉤 nao2 gou1
iron hook at the end a long pole

挠裂 撓裂 nao2 lie4
split due to repeated folding; flex crack

挠率 撓率 nao2 lv4
the torsion (of a space curve)

挠曲 撓曲 nao2 qu1
to bend; flexing; deflection

挠头 撓頭 nao2 tou2
tricky; problematic; difficult; to scratch one's head (in puzzlement)

挠痒痒 撓癢癢 nao2 yang3 yang5
to tickle

屈挠 屈撓 qu1 nao2
to surrender; to yield; to flex

痒痒挠 癢癢撓 yang3 yang5 nao2
backscratcher (made from bamboo etc)

抓耳挠腮 抓耳撓腮 zhua1 er3 nao2 sai1
to tweak one's ears and scratch one's cheeks (as an expression of anxiety, delight, frustration etc) (idiom)

抓挠 抓撓 zhua1 nao5
to scratch; to mess about with; to quarrel; to scramble to do; sb or sth that one can rely on

阻挠 阻撓 zu3 nao2
to thwart; to obstruct (sth)