to knock against; to bump into; to run into; to meet by accident

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
白撞 白撞 bai2 zhuang4
(car) accident where the driver is not held responsible

不撞南墙不回头 不撞南牆不回頭 bu4 zhuang4 nan2 qiang2 bu4 hui2 tou2
to stubbornly insist on one's own ideas (idiom)

冲撞 衝撞 chong1 zhuang4
to collide; jerking motion; to impinge; to offend; to provoke

大型强子对撞机 大型強子對撞機 da4 xing2 qiang2 zi3 dui4 zhuang4 ji1
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

单方过失碰撞 單方過失碰撞 dan1 fang1 guo4 shi1 peng4 zhuang4
collision in which only one party is at fault

跌跌撞撞 跌跌撞撞 die1 die5 zhuang4 zhuang4
to stagger along

顶撞 頂撞 ding3 zhuang4
to contradict (elders or superiors)

对撞 對撞 dui4 zhuang4
to collide; collision

对撞机 對撞機 dui4 zhuang4 ji1
a particle collider

反撞 反撞 fan3 zhuang4
recoil (of a gun)

横冲直撞 橫衝直撞 heng2 chong1 zhi2 zhuang4
lit. bashing sideways and colliding straight on (idiom); to push through shoving and bumping; to barge; to charge around violently

火星撞地球 火星撞地球 huo3 xing1 zhuang4 di4 qiu2
clash that leaves both sides shattered

经撞 經撞 jing1 zhuang4

莽撞 莽撞 mang3 zhuang4
rude and impetuous

猛撞 猛撞 meng3 zhuang4
to slam (into); to smash (into)

碰撞 碰撞 peng4 zhuang4
to collide; collision

碰撞造山 碰撞造山 peng4 zhuang4 zao4 shan1
collisional orogeny; mountain building as a result of continents colliding

误打误撞 誤打誤撞 wu4 da3 wu4 zhuang4
accidentally; to act before thinking

相碰撞 相碰撞 xiang1 peng4 zhuang4
to collide with one another

相撞 相撞 xiang1 zhuang4
collision; crash; to crash together; to collide with; to bump into

小鹿乱撞 小鹿亂撞 xiao3 lu4 luan4 zhuang4
fig. restless, because of fear or strong emotions

撞车 撞車 zhuang4 che1
to crash (into another car); (fig.) (of opinions, schedules etc) to clash; (of subject matter) to be the same

撞大运 撞大運 zhuang4 da4 yun4
to have a lucky stroke; to try one's luck

撞倒 撞倒 zhuang4 dao3
to knock down; to knock over; to run over (sb)

撞毁 撞毀 zhuang4 hui3
to smash

撞击 撞擊 zhuang4 ji1
to strike; to hit; to ram

撞机 撞機 zhuang4 ji1
plane crash

撞击式打印机 撞擊式打印機 zhuang4 ji1 shi4 da3 yin4 ji1
impact printer

撞击式印表机 撞擊式印表機 zhuang4 ji1 shi4 yin4 biao3 ji1
impact printer

撞见 撞見 zhuang4 jian4
to meet by accident

撞烂 撞爛 zhuang4 lan4
to destroy by smashing; smashed up

撞脸 撞臉 zhuang4 lian3
(coll.) to look alike; to be a spitting image of

撞骗 撞騙 zhuang4 pian4
to swindle

撞球 撞球 zhuang4 qiu2
billiards; billiards ball; pool (game)

撞衫 撞衫 zhuang4 shan1
to wear the same outfit as sb else (in public)

撞伤 撞傷 zhuang4 shang1
bruise; bump

撞死 撞死 zhuang4 si3
to knock down and kill sb with a car; to run over sb; to run sb down

撞锁 撞鎖 zhuang4 suo3

撞运气 撞運氣 zhuang4 yun4 qi5
to try one's luck; to rely on fate

撞针 撞針 zhuang4 zhen1
firing pin

做一天和尚,撞一天钟 做一天和尚,撞一天鐘 zuo4 yi1 tian1 he2 shang5 - zhuang4 yi1 tian1 zhong1
as a monk for today, toll today's bell (idiom); to do one's job mechanically; to hold a position passively