to compose; to compile

variant of 撰

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
编撰 編撰 bian1 zhuan4
to compile; to edit

杜撰 杜撰 du4 zhuan4
to fabricate; to make sth up; invented

修撰 修撰 xiu1 zhuan4
to compile; to compose

撰稿 撰稿 zhuan4 gao3
to write (an article for publication)

撰稿人 撰稿人 zhuan4 gao3 ren2
author (of a manuscript)

撰录 撰錄 zhuan4 lu4
to compile and record

撰拟 撰擬 zhuan4 ni3
to draft; to draw up; to compose (a plan or document)

撰述 撰述 zhuan4 shu4
to compose (a piece of writing); to write; (written) work; writer

撰文 撰文 zhuan4 wen2
article (in publication)

撰写 撰寫 zhuan4 xie3
to write; to compose