without authority; to usurp; to arrogate to oneself; to monopolize; expert in; to be good at

strokes 16
strokes after radical 13
宠擅专房 寵擅專房 chong3 shan4 zhuan1 fang2
an especially favored concubine (idiom)

擅长 擅長 shan4 chang2
to be good at; to be expert in

擅场 擅場 shan4 chang3
to excel in some field; expert at sth

擅闯 擅闖 shan4 chuang3
to enter without permission; to trespass

擅断 擅斷 shan4 duan4

擅离职守 擅離職守 shan4 li2 zhi2 shou3
to abscond; to be absent without leave

擅美 擅美 shan4 mei3
to enjoy fame without sharing it; to take the credit

擅权 擅權 shan4 quan2
to arrogate power

擅自 擅自 shan4 zi4
without permission; of one's own initiative

专擅 專擅 zhuan1 shan4
without authorization; to act on one's own initiative