to monopolize; to seize; to take into one's arms; to embrace; to fasten (with a rope etc); to take on (responsibility etc); to canvass

strokes 24
strokes after radical 21
包揽 包攬 bao1 lan3
to monopolize; to take on responsibility over everything; to undertake the whole task

包揽词讼 包攬詞訟 bao1 lan3 ci2 song4
to canvas for lawsuits (idiom); to practice chicanery

承揽 承攬 cheng2 lan3
to contract for an entire project

大包大揽 大包大攬 da4 bao1 da4 lan3
to take complete charge (idiom)

兜揽 兜攬 dou1 lan3
to canvas (for customers); to solicit; to advertise; to drum up; sales pitch; to take on (a task)

独揽 獨攬 du2 lan3
to monopolize

独揽市场 獨攬市場 du2 lan3 shi4 chang3
to monopolize a market

九天揽月 九天攬月 jiu3 tian1 lan3 yue4
to reach for the stars (idiom)

揽辔澄清 攬轡澄清 lan3 pei4 cheng2 qing1
to assume one's post with the aspiration of bringing about peace and order to the nation (idiom)

收揽 收攬 shou1 lan3
to win the support of; to get over to one's side; to keep control of

统揽 統攬 tong3 lan3
to be in overall charge; to have overall control

延揽 延攬 yan2 lan3
to recruit talent; to round up; to enlist the services of sb

延聘招揽 延聘招攬 yan2 pin4 zhao1 lan3
to enlist the services of sb

一揽子 一攬子 yi1 lan3 zi5
all-inclusive; undiscriminating

招风揽火 招風攬火 zhao1 feng1 lan3 huo3
see 招風惹草|招风惹草

招揽 招攬 zhao1 lan3
to attract (customers); to drum up (trade)

招揽生意 招攬生意 zhao1 lan3 sheng1 yi5
to advertise; to solicit business

总揽 總攬 zong3 lan3
to assume full responsibility; to be in full control; to monopolize