to receive; to accept; to collect; to put away; to restrain; to stop; in care of (used on address line after name)

strokes 6
strokes after radical 2
报收 報收 bao4 shou1
(of a stock on the stock market) to close at (a certain price)

不可收拾 不可收拾 bu4 ke3 shou1 shi2
irremediable; unmanageable; out of hand; hopeless

不求收获 不求收獲 bu4 qiu2 shou1 huo4
not expecting any reward; not asking for favors

采收率 採收率 cai3 shou1 lv4
recovery ratio

草草收兵 草草收兵 cao3 cao3 shou1 bing1
to work vaguely then retreat (idiom); sloppy and half-hearted; half-baked

草草收场 草草收場 cao3 cao3 shou1 chang3
to rush to conclude a matter; to end up abruptly

草率收兵 草率收兵 cao3 shuai4 shou1 bing1
to work vaguely then retreat (idiom); sloppy and half-hearted; half-baked

创收 創收 chuang4 shou1
to generate revenue; extra income

春生,夏长,秋收,冬藏 春生,夏長,秋收,冬藏 chun1 sheng1 - xia4 zhang3 - qiu1 shou1 - dong1 cang2
sow in spring, develop in summer, harvest in autumn, store in winter (idiom)

代收货款 代收貨款 dai4 shou1 huo4 kuan3
collect on delivery (COD)

到期收益率 到期收益率 dao4 qi1 shou1 yi4 lv4
(finance) yield to maturity (YTM)

低收入 低收入 di1 shou1 ru4
low income

地租收入 地租收入 di4 zu1 shou1 ru4
rent income (esp. from arable land)

点收 點收 dian3 shou1
to check sth and accept it

丰收 豐收 feng1 shou1
bumper harvest

覆水难收 覆水難收 fu4 shui3 nan2 shou1
spilt water is difficult to retrieve (idiom); it's no use crying over spilt milk; what's done is done and can't be reversed; the damage is done; once divorced, there's no reuniting

杠杆收购 杠杆收購 gang4 gan3 shou1 gou4
leveraged buyout (LBO)

固定收入 固定收入 gu4 ding4 shou1 ru4
fixed income

管理层收购 管理層收購 guan3 li3 ceng2 shou1 gou4
management buyout (MBO)

光接收器 光接收器 guang1 jie1 shou1 qi4
optical receiver

国际收支 國際收支 guo2 ji4 shou1 zhi1
balance of payments

国民收入 國民收入 guo2 min2 shou1 ru4
measures of national income and output

旱涝保收 旱澇保收 han4 lao4 bao3 shou1
to provide a stable crop, regardless of drought or flood; to bring a stable income

回收 回收 hui2 shou1
to recycle; to reclaim; to retrieve; to recover; to recall (a defective product)

计时收费 計時收費 ji4 shi2 shou1 fei4
time charge

兼并与收购 兼並與收購 jian1 bing4 yu3 shou1 gou4
mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

兼收并蓄 兼收並蓄 jian1 shou1 bing4 xu4
incorporating diverse things (idiom); eclectic; all-embracing

见好就收 見好就收 jian4 hao3 jiu4 shou1
to quit while one is ahead (idiom); to know when to stop

接收 接收 jie1 shou1
reception (of transmitted signal); to receive; to accept; to admit; to take over (e.g. a factory); to expropriate

接收机 接收機 jie1 shou1 ji1
receiver; TV or radio receiver

接收器 接收器 jie1 shou1 qi4

接收器灵敏度 接收器靈敏度 jie1 shou1 qi4 ling2 min3 du4
receiver sensitivity

尽收眼底 盡收眼底 jin4 shou1 yan3 di3
to take in the whole scene at once; to have a panoramic view

净收入 淨收入 jing4 shou1 ru4
net income; net profit

拒收 拒收 ju4 shou1
to reject; to refuse to accept

颗粒无收 顆粒無收 ke1 li4 wu2 shou1
not a single grain was reaped (as in a bad harvest year)

可回收 可回收 ke3 hui2 shou1

可支配收入 可支配收入 ke3 zhi1 pei4 shou1 ru4
disposable income

联合收割机 聯合收割機 lian2 he2 shou1 ge1 ji1
combine; harvester

领收 領收 ling3 shou1
to accept (a favor); to receive

留存收益 留存收益 liu2 cun2 shou1 yi4
retained earnings

毛收入 毛收入 mao2 shou1 ru4
gross income; gross profit

美不胜收 美不勝收 mei3 bu4 sheng4 shou1
nothing more beautiful can be imagined (idiom)

鸣金收兵 鳴金收兵 ming2 jin1 shou1 bing1
to beat the gong to recall troops (idiom); to order a retreat

鸣金收军 鳴金收軍 ming2 jin1 shou1 jun1
to beat the gong to recall troops (idiom); to order a retreat

名利双收 名利雙收 ming2 li4 shuang1 shou1
both fame and fortune (idiom); both virtue and reward

没收 沒收 mo4 shou1
to confiscate; to seize

年收入 年收入 nian2 shou1 ru4
annual income

平均收入 平均收入 ping2 jun1 shou1 ru4
average income

泼水难收 潑水難收 po1 shui3 nan2 shou1
water once spilt cannot be retrieved (idiom); irreversible change

签收 簽收 qian1 shou1
to sign for the acceptance of sth (e.g. a delivery etc)

歉收 歉收 qian4 shou1
crop failure; poor harvest

秋收 秋收 qiu1 shou1
fall harvest; to reap

秋收起义 秋收起義 qiu1 shou1 qi3 yi4
Autumn Harvest Uprising

失之东隅,收之桑榆 失之東隅,收之桑榆 shi1 zhi1 dong1 yu2 - shou1 zhi1 sang1 yu2
to lose at sunrise but gain at sunset (idiom); to compensate later for one's earlier loss; what you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts

实收 實收 shi2 shou1
net receipts; real income

实收资本 實收資本 shi2 shou1 zi1 ben3
paid-in capital; contributed capital (finance)

收报 收報 shou1 bao4
to receive mail; to receive a telegraph

收报机 收報機 shou1 bao4 ji1
telegraph receiver

收报人 收報人 shou1 bao4 ren2
recipient (of mail or a message)

收报室 收報室 shou1 bao4 shi4
mail room; radio reception room

收报员 收報員 shou1 bao4 yuan2
telegraph operator

收编 收編 shou1 bian1
to incorporate into one's troops; to weave in

收兵 收兵 shou1 bing1
to retreat; to withdraw troops; to recall troops; fig. to finish work; to wind up; to call it a day; used with negatives: the task is far from over

收残缀轶 收殘綴軼 shou1 can2 zhui4 yi4
to gather and patch up sth that is badly damaged (idiom)

收藏 收藏 shou1 cang2
to hoard; to collect; collection; to bookmark (Internet)

收藏夹 收藏夾 shou1 cang2 jia1
favorites folder (web browser)

收藏家 收藏家 shou1 cang2 jia1
a collector (e.g. of artworks)

收场 收場 shou1 chang3
the end; an ending; to wind down; to conclude

收成 收成 shou1 cheng2

收词 收詞 shou1 ci2
to collect words; to harvest entries for a dictionary

收存 收存 shou1 cun2
to receive for storage; delivery of goods; to gather and store; to store safely; safe keeping

收存箱 收存箱 shou1 cun2 xiang1
delivery box; drop box

收到 收到 shou1 dao4
to receive

收冬 收冬 shou1 dong1
harvest season; autumn

收发 收發 shou1 fa1
to receive and send; to receive and transmit

收发室 收發室 shou1 fa1 shi4
mail room; radio room (i.e. reception and transmission)

收方 收方 shou1 fang1
receiving party; recipient; debit side (of balance sheet), as opposed to credit side 付方

收房 收房 shou1 fang2
to take as a concubine

收费 收費 shou1 fei4
to charge a fee

收费站 收費站 shou1 fei4 zhan4

收废站 收廢站 shou1 fei4 zhan4
garbage collection point; trash dump

收服 收服 shou1 fu2
to subdue; to force to capitulate; to reduce to submission; to soothe

收伏 收伏 shou1 fu2
variant of 收服

收复 收復 shou1 fu4
to recover (lost territory etc); to recapture

收复失地 收復失地 shou1 fu4 shi1 di4
to recover lost territory

收割 收割 shou1 ge1
to harvest; to reap; to gather in crops

收割者 收割者 shou1 ge1 zhe3

收工 收工 shou1 gong1
to stop work for the day (generally of laborers); to knock off

收购 收購 shou1 gou4
to purchase (from various places); to acquire (a company)

收购要约 收購要約 shou1 gou4 yao1 yue1
takeover bid

收官 收官 shou1 guan1
final part of a go game (see 官子); endgame

收回 收回 shou1 hui2
to regain; to retake; to take back; to withdraw; to revoke

收汇 收匯 shou1 hui4
foreign exchange collection (finance)

收获 收獲 shou1 huo4
variant of 收穫|收获

收获 收穫 shou1 huo4
to harvest; to reap; to gain; crop; harvest; profit; gain; bonus; reward

收获节 收穫節 shou1 huo4 jie2
harvest festival

收货人 收貨人 shou1 huo4 ren2
addressee; consignee

收集 收集 shou1 ji2
to gather; to collect

收假 收假 shou1 jia4
(of holidays) to come to an end; end of a vacation

收监 收監 shou1 jian1
to imprison; to take into custody

收件人 收件人 shou1 jian4 ren2
recipient (of mail); To: (email header)

收件匣 收件匣 shou1 jian4 xia2
inbox (email)

收件箱 收件箱 shou1 jian4 xiang1

收缴 收繳 shou1 jiao3
to recover (illegally obtained property); to seize; to capture; to force sb to hand over sth; to levy

收紧 收緊 shou1 jin3
to tighten up (restrictions etc)

收据 收據 shou1 ju4

收看 收看 shou1 kan4
to watch (a TV program)

收口 收口 shou1 kou3
to cast off (in knitting); to sew a finishing hem; to close up (of wound); to heal

收款台 收款臺 shou1 kuan3 tai2
checkout counter; cashier's desk

收揽 收攬 shou1 lan3
to win the support of; to get over to one's side; to keep control of

收礼 收禮 shou1 li3
to accept a gift; to receive presents

收敛 收斂 shou1 lian3
to vanish; to moderate; to exercise restraint; to curb (one's mirth, arrogance etc); to astringe; (math.) to converge

收敛锋芒 收斂鋒芒 shou1 lian3 feng1 mang2
to draw in one's claws; to show some modesty

收敛级数 收斂級數 shou1 lian3 ji2 shu4
convergent series (math.)

收敛性 收斂性 shou1 lian3 xing4
convergence (math.); astringent

收敛序列 收斂序列 shou1 lian3 xu4 lie4
convergent sequence (math.)

收留 收留 shou1 liu2
to offer shelter; to have sb in one's care

收留所 收留所 shou1 liu2 suo3
shelter; refuge

收拢 收攏 shou1 long3
to draw to oneself; to gather up; to collect; to fold up (an umbrella, wings etc); to assemble (a party of persons); to rope in (some people)

收拢人心 收攏人心 shou1 long3 ren2 xin1
to win people's hearts

收录 收錄 shou1 lu4
to include (in a collection); to put together (stories, poems etc); to record; to employ; to recruit

收录机 收錄機 shou1 lu4 ji1
radio-tape recorder

收罗 收羅 shou1 luo2
to gather (people); to collect (talent); to come to an end

收买 收買 shou1 mai3
to purchase; to bribe

收纳 收納 shou1 na4
to receive; to accept; to take in; to hold

收盘 收盤 shou1 pan2
market close

收盘价 收盤價 shou1 pan2 jia4
closing price (of share, commodity etc)

收票员 收票員 shou1 piao4 yuan2
ticket collector

收旗卷伞 收旗卷傘 shou1 qi2 juan3 san3
lit. to furl up flags and umbrellas (idiom); fig. to stop what one is doing

收讫 收訖 shou1 qi4
received in full (goods, payment)

收取 收取 shou1 qu3
to receive; to collect

收容 收容 shou1 rong2
to provide a place to stay; to house; to accommodate; (of an institution etc) to take in; to accept

收容教育 收容教育 shou1 rong2 jiao4 yu4
custody and reeducation (administrative punishment for prostitutes)

收容人 收容人 shou1 rong2 ren2

收容所 收容所 shou1 rong2 suo3
temporary shelter; hospice; refuge (e.g. for animals); detention center

收入 收入 shou1 ru4
to take in; income; revenue

收入政策 收入政策 shou1 ru4 zheng4 ce4
income policy

收声 收聲 shou1 sheng1
(Cantonese) to stop talking; to shut up

收生婆 收生婆 shou1 sheng1 po2

收视 收視 shou1 shi4
to watch TV

收视率 收視率 shou1 shi4 lv4
ratings (of a TV show)

收拾 收拾 shou1 shi5
to put in order; to tidy up; to pack; to repair; (coll.) to sort sb out; to fix sb

收拾残局 收拾殘局 shou1 shi5 can2 ju2
to clear up the mess; to pick up the pieces

收手 收手 shou1 shou3
to stop; to pull back

收受 收受 shou1 shou4
to receive; to accept

收税 收稅 shou1 shui4
to collect tax

收缩 收縮 shou1 suo1
to pull back; to shrink; to contract; (physiology) systole

收缩压 收縮壓 shou1 suo1 ya1
systolic blood pressure

收条 收條 shou1 tiao2

收听 收聽 shou1 ting1
to listen (to); to listen (in)

收妥 收妥 shou1 tuo3
(commerce) to have received (goods, money)

收尾 收尾 shou1 wei3
to wind up; to bring to an end; to finish

收尾音 收尾音 shou1 wei3 yin1
final (i.e. final consonant or stop of some syllables in Asian phonetics)

收线 收線 shou1 xian4
to reel in (a fishing line etc); to hang up the phone

收效 收效 shou1 xiao4
to yield results

收心 收心 shou1 xin1
to concentrate on the task; to curb one's evil instincts

收讯 收訊 shou1 xun4
(wireless) reception

收押 收押 shou1 ya1
in custody; to keep sb in detention

收养 收養 shou1 yang3
to take in and care for (an elderly person, a dog etc); to adopt (a child); adoption

收益 收益 shou1 yi4
earnings; profit

收益率 收益率 shou1 yi4 lv4
earnings rate; earnings yield (finance)

收益帐户 收益帳戶 shou1 yi4 zhang4 hu4
income account (accountancy)

收音 收音 shou1 yin1
to receive a radio signal; to make an audio recording; (of an auditorium etc) to have good acoustics; (vocal training, linguistics) ending (of a word or syllable)

收音机 收音機 shou1 yin1 ji1

收银 收銀 shou1 yin2
to receive payment

收银机 收銀機 shou1 yin2 ji1
cash register; check out counter

收银台 收銀台 shou1 yin2 tai2
checkout counter; cashier's desk

收支 收支 shou1 zhi1
cash flow; financial balance; income and expenditure

收支平衡点 收支平衡點 shou1 zhi1 ping2 heng2 dian3
break-even point

收之桑榆 收之桑榆 shou1 zhi1 sang1 yu2
see 失之東隅,收之桑榆|失之东隅,收之桑榆

收支相抵 收支相抵 shou1 zhi1 xiang1 di3
to break even; balance between income and expenditure

税收 稅收 shui4 shou1

魏收 魏收 wei4 shou1
Wei Shou (506-572), writer and historian of Northern dynasty Qi 北齊|北齐, compiler of History of Wei of the Northern dynasties 魏書|魏书

无线电接收机 無線電接收機 wu2 xian4 dian4 jie1 shou1 ji1
receiver (radio)

无线电收发机 無線電收發機 wu2 xian4 dian4 shou1 fa1 ji1
transceiver; radio frequency receiver, broadcaster or relay

吸收 吸收 xi1 shou1
to absorb; to assimilate; to ingest; to recruit

吸收剂量 吸收劑量 xi1 shou1 ji4 liang4
absorbed dose

心脏收缩压 心臟收縮壓 xin1 zang4 shou1 suo1 ya1
systolic blood pressure

验收 驗收 yan4 shou1
to inspect and accept; acceptance

一发不可收拾 一發不可收拾 yi1 fa1 bu4 ke3 shou1 shi5
things that have happened can hardly be controlled; to get out of hand

一分耕耘,一分收获 一分耕耘,一分收穫 yi1 fen1 geng1 yun2 - yi1 fen1 shou1 huo4
you get what you put in; you reap what you sow

异频雷达收发机 異頻雷達收發機 yi4 pin2 lei2 da2 shou1 fa1 ji1
transponder; electronic device that responds to a radio code

应收 應收 ying1 shou1
(of a sum of money etc) receivable

应收帐款 應收帳款 ying1 shou1 zhang4 kuan3
accounts receivable

营收 營收 ying2 shou1
sales; income; revenue

营业收入 營業收入 ying2 ye4 shou1 ru4

预期收入票据 預期收入票據 yu4 qi1 shou1 ru4 piao4 ju4
revenue anticipation note (RAN, financing)

预收费 預收費 yu4 shou1 fei4

月收入 月收入 yue4 shou1 ru4
monthly income

早动手,早收获 早動手,早收穫 zao3 dong4 shou3 - zao3 shou1 huo4
The sooner you set to work, the sooner you'll reap the rewards. (idiom)

招收 招收 zhao1 shou1
to hire; to recruit

照单全收 照單全收 zhao4 dan1 quan2 shou1
to accept without question; to take sth at face value

征收 徵收 zheng1 shou1
to levy (a fine); to impose (a tariff)

酌收 酌收 zhuo2 shou1
to charge different prices according to the situation; to collect (items) as appropriate

总收入 總收入 zong3 shou1 ru4
gross income

总收益 總收益 zong3 shou1 yi4
total profit; aggregate return

坐收渔利 坐收漁利 zuo4 shou1 yu2 li4
benefit from others' dispute (idiom)