happening; instance; reason; cause; intentional; former; old; friend; therefore; hence; (of people) to die, dead

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
变故 變故 bian4 gu4
an unforeseen event; accident; misfortune

病故 病故 bing4 gu4
to die of an illness

不谙世故 不諳世故 bu4 an1 shi4 gu4
unworldly; unsophisticated

不知何故 不知何故 bu4 zhi1 he2 gu4

不主故常 不主故常 bu4 zhu3 gu4 chang2
not to stick to the old conventions

沉船事故 沉船事故 chen2 chuan2 shi4 gu4
a shipwreck; a sinking

成语典故 成語典故 cheng2 yu3 dian3 gu4
historical or literary anecdote that gives rise to a saying

蹈常袭故 蹈常襲故 dao3 chang2 xi2 gu4
follow the same old path (idiom); stuck in a rut; always the same routine

典故 典故 dian3 gu4
classical story or quote from the literature

非亲非故 非親非故 fei1 qin1 fei1 gu4
lit. neither a relative nor a friend (idiom); fig. unrelated to one another in any way

革故鼎新 革故鼎新 ge2 gu4 ding3 xin1
to discard the old and introduce the new (idiom); to innovate

公伤事故 公傷事故 gong1 shang1 shi4 gu4
industrial accident; work-related injury

故步自封 故步自封 gu4 bu4 zi4 feng1
stuck in the old ways (idiom); refusing to acknowledge new ideas; stagnating and conservative

故城 故城 gu4 cheng2
old city

故城县 故城縣 gu4 cheng2 xian4
Gucheng county in Hengshui 衡水, Hebei

故此 故此 gu4 ci3

故道 故道 gu4 dao4
old road; old way; old course (of a river)

故第 故第 gu4 di4
former residence

故地 故地 gu4 di4
once familiar places; former haunts

故地重游 故地重遊 gu4 di4 chong2 you2
to revisit old haunts (idiom); down memory lane

故典 故典 gu4 dian3
old classics; old customs; cause

故都 故都 gu4 du1
former capital; ancient capital

故而 故而 gu4 er2

故宫 故宮 gu4 gong1
the Forbidden City; abbr. for 故宮博物院|故宫博物院

故宫 故宮 gu4 gong1
former imperial palace

故宫博物院 故宮博物院 gu4 gong1 bo2 wu4 yuan4
Palace Museum, in the Forbidden City, Beijing; National Palace Museum, Taipei

故国 故國 gu4 guo2
country with an ancient history

故伎 故伎 gu4 ji4
usual trick; old tactics

故迹 故跡 gu4 ji4
historical ruins

故伎重演 故伎重演 gu4 ji4 chong2 yan3
to repeat an old stratagem; up to one's old tricks

故家 故家 gu4 jia1
old and respected family; family whose members have been officials from generation to generation

故家子弟 故家子弟 gu4 jia1 zi3 di4
descended from an old family

故交 故交 gu4 jiao1
former acquaintance; old friend

故旧 故舊 gu4 jiu4
old friends

故旧不弃 故舊不棄 gu4 jiu4 bu4 qi4
do not neglect old friends

故居 故居 gu4 ju1
former residence

故里 故里 gu4 li3
hometown; native place

故墓 故墓 gu4 mu4
old tomb

故弄玄虚 故弄玄虛 gu4 nong4 xuan2 xu1
deliberately mystifying; to make sth unnecessarily complicated

故去 故去 gu4 qu4
to die; death

故人 故人 gu4 ren2
old friend; the deceased

故杀 故殺 gu4 sha1
premeditated murder

故世 故世 gu4 shi4
to die; to pass away

故事 故事 gu4 shi4
old practice

故事 故事 gu4 shi5
narrative; story; tale

故事片 故事片 gu4 shi5 pian4
fictional film; feature film

故态复萌 故態復萌 gu4 tai4 fu4 meng2
to revert to old ways

故土 故土 gu4 tu3
native country; one's homeland

故我 故我 gu4 wo3
one's old self; one's original self; what one has always been

故乡 故鄉 gu4 xiang1
home; homeland; native place

故训 故訓 gu4 xun4
old teaching (e.g. religious instruction)

故业 故業 gu4 ye4
old estate; former empire; former occupation

故意 故意 gu4 yi4
deliberately; on purpose

故友 故友 gu4 you3
old friend; deceased friend

故园 故園 gu4 yuan2
one's home town

故云 故云 gu4 yun2
that's why it is called...

故宅 故宅 gu4 zhai2
former home

故障 故障 gu4 zhang4
malfunction; breakdown; defect; shortcoming; fault; failure; impediment; error; bug (in software)

故障排除 故障排除 gu4 zhang4 pai2 chu2
fault resolution; trouble clearing

故辙 故轍 gu4 zhe2
former track; old rut; stuck in old conventions

故知 故知 gu4 zhi1
a close friend over many years

故址 故址 gu4 zhi3
one's former address

故纸堆 故紙堆 gu4 zhi3 dui1
a pile of old books

故作 故作 gu4 zuo4
to pretend; to feign

故作端庄 故作端莊 gu4 zuo4 duan1 zhuang1
artificial show of seriousness; to pretend to be solemn

故作深沉 故作深沉 gu4 zuo4 shen1 chen2
to play the profound thinker

故作姿态 故作姿態 gu4 zuo4 zi1 tai4
a pose; a pretense

鬼故事 鬼故事 gui3 gu4 shi5
ghost story

好故事百听不厌 好故事百聽不厭 hao3 gu4 shi5 bai3 ting1 bu4 yan4
The story is so good it's worth hearing a hundred times.; One never tires of hearing good new.

何故 何故 he2 gu4
what for?; what's the reason?

技术故障 技術故障 ji4 shu4 gu4 zhang4
technical breakdown; malfunction

借故 借故 jie4 gu4
to find an excuse

旧故 舊故 jiu4 gu4
old friend; former acquaintance

坎特伯雷故事集 坎特伯雷故事集 kan3 te4 bo2 lei2 gu4 shi4 ji2
The Canterbury Tales, collection of stories by Geoffrey Chaucer 喬叟|乔叟

狂奴故态 狂奴故態 kuang2 nu2 gu4 tai4
to be set in one's ways (idiom)

老于世故 老於世故 lao3 yu2 shi4 gu4
experienced in the ways of the world (idiom); worldly-wise; sophisticated

离开故乡 離開故鄉 li2 kai1 gu4 xiang1
to leave one's homeland

毛泽东·鲜为人知的故事 毛澤東·鮮為人知的故事 mao2 ze2 dong1 - xian1 wei2 ren2 zhi1 de5 gu4 shi5
Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang 張戎|张戎 and Jon Halliday

没亲没故 沒親沒故 mei2 qin2 mei2 gu4
without relatives or friends

民间故事 民間故事 min2 jian1 gu4 shi5
folk story; folktale

明知故犯 明知故犯 ming2 zhi1 gu4 fan4
deliberate violation (idiom); intentional crime

明知故问 明知故問 ming2 zhi1 gu4 wen4
to ask a question, already knowing the answer

排查故障 排查故障 pai2 cha2 gu4 zhang4
to troubleshoot; to check components individually for problems; troubleshooting

攀亲道故 攀親道故 pan1 qin1 dao4 gu4
to use claims to kinship or friendship to climb socially (idiom)

平白无故 平白無故 ping2 bai2 wu2 gu4
without good cause

凭白无故 憑白無故 ping2 bai2 wu2 gu4
variant of 平白無故|平白无故

羌无故实 羌無故實 qiang1 wu2 gu4 shi2
to have no basis in fact (idiom)

人情世故 人情世故 ren2 qing2 shi4 gu4
worldly wisdom; the ways of the world; to know how to get on in the world

人身事故 人身事故 ren2 shen1 shi4 gu4
accident causing injury or death

荣归故里 榮歸故里 rong2 gui1 gu4 li3
to return home with honor

如故 如故 ru2 gu4
as before; as usual; (to be) like old friends

三亲六故 三親六故 san1 qin1 liu4 gu4
old friends and relatives

身故 身故 shen1 gu4
to die

神话故事 神話故事 shen2 hua4 gu4 shi5
mythological story; myth

是故 是故 shi4 gu4
therefore; so; consequently

世故 世故 shi4 gu4
the ways of the world

事故 事故 shi4 gu4

事故照射 事故照射 shi4 gu4 zhao4 she4
accidental exposure

世故 世故 shi4 gu5
sophisticated; worldly-wise

他乡遇故知 他鄉遇故知 ta1 xiang1 yu4 gu4 zhi1
meeting an old friend in a foreign place (idiom)

童话故事 童話故事 tong2 hua4 gu4 shi4
fairy tale

同乡亲故 同鄉親故 tong2 xiang1 qin1 gu4
fellow countryman (from the same village); the folks back home

吐故纳新 吐故納新 tu3 gu4 na4 xin1
lit. to breathe out stale air and breathe in fresh (idiom, from Zhuangzi 庄子); fig. to get rid of the old and bring in the new

推故 推故 tui1 gu4
to find a pretext for refusing

亡故 亡故 wang2 gu4
to die; to pass away

温故而知新 溫故而知新 wen1 gu4 er2 zhi1 xin1
to review the old and know the new (idiom, from the Analects); to recall the past to understand the future

温故知新 溫故知新 wen1 gu4 zhi1 xin1
to review the old and know the new (idiom, from the Analects); to recall the past to understand the future

无故 無故 wu2 gu4
without cause or reason

无缘无故 無緣無故 wu2 yuan2 wu2 gu4
no cause, no reason (idiom); completely uncalled for

虚应故事 虛應故事 xu1 ying4 gu4 shi4
to go through the motions

雅故 雅故 ya3 gu4
old friend; correct interpretation

一改故辙 一改故轍 yi1 gai3 gu4 zhe2
complete change from the old rut (idiom); dramatic change of direction; a volte-face; to change old practices

一见如故 一見如故 yi1 jian4 ru2 gu4
familiarity at first sight

依然故我 依然故我 yi1 ran2 gu4 wo3
to be one's old self (idiom); to be unchanged; (derog.) to be stuck in one's ways

依然如故 依然如故 yi1 ran2 ru2 gu4
back to where we were (idiom); absolutely no improvement; Things haven't changed at all.

已故 已故 yi3 gu4
the late; deceased

已作故人 已作故人 yi3 zuo4 gu4 ren2
to have passed away

意外事故 意外事故 yi4 wai4 shi4 gu4

因故 因故 yin1 gu4
for some reason

欲擒故纵 欲擒故縱 yu4 qin2 gu4 zong4
In order to capture, one must let loose.; to loosen the reins only to grasp them better

原故 原故 yuan2 gu4
variant of 緣故|缘故

缘故 緣故 yuan2 gu4
reason; cause

责任事故 責任事故 ze2 ren4 shi4 gu4
accident occurring due to negligence

掌故 掌故 zhang3 gu4
anecdote; tales (esp. about historical figure)

枕边故事 枕邊故事 zhen3 bian1 gu4 shi5
bedtime story

钻故纸堆 鑽故紙堆 zuan1 gu4 zhi3 dui1
to dig into piles of outdated writings (idiom); to study old books and papers