enemy; to be a match for; to rival; to resist; to withstand

strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
兵来将敌,水来土堰 兵來將敵,水來土堰 bing1 lai2 jiang4 di2 - shui3 lai2 tu3 yan4
counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir (idiom); different situations call for different action; to adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation

不敌 不敵 bu4 di2
no match for; cannot beat

残敌 殘敵 can2 di2
defeated enemy

仇敌 仇敵 chou2 di2

大敌当前 大敵當前 da4 di2 dang1 qian2
facing a powerful enemy (idiom); fig. confronting grave difficulties; Enemy at the Gates, 1991 movie by Jean-Jacques Annaud

敌百虫 敵百蟲 di2 bai3 chong2
trichlorphon C4H8Cl3PO4, organic phosphate used as insecticide; also called dipterex

敌档 敵檔 di2 dang4
rival productions (of the same opera in neighboring theaters)

敌敌畏 敵敵畏 di2 di2 wei4
dichlorvos C4H7Cl2PO4, organic phosphate used as insecticide (loanword); also called dimethyl dichloro-vinyl phosphate DDVP

敌地 敵地 di2 di4
enemy territory

敌对 敵對 di2 dui4
hostile; enemy (factions); combative

敌对性 敵對性 di2 dui4 xing4
hostile; hostility

敌方 敵方 di2 fang1

敌国 敵國 di2 guo2
enemy country

敌害 敵害 di2 hai4
pest; vermin; animal that is harmful to crops or to another species; enemy; predator

敌机 敵機 di2 ji1
enemy plane

敌基督 敵基督 di2 ji1 du1

敌将 敵將 di2 jiang4
the enemy general

敌军 敵軍 di2 jun1
enemy troops; hostile forces

敌情 敵情 di2 qing2
the situation of the enemy positions; intelligence about the enemy

敌人 敵人 di2 ren2

敌杀死 敵殺死 di2 sha1 si3
Decis (insecticide brand)

敌视 敵視 di2 shi4
hostile; malevolence; antagonism; to view as enemy; to stand against

敌手 敵手 di2 shou3
opponent; substantial adversary; worthy match; antagonist; in the enemy's hands

敌台 敵臺 di2 tai2
defensive tower; lookout tower; enemy radio station

敌探 敵探 di2 tan4
enemy spy

敌特 敵特 di2 te4
enemy (agents); (class) enemy

敌特分子 敵特份子 di2 te4 fen4 zi3
enemy agents in our midst; reds under the beds

敌我 敵我 di2 wo3
the enemy and us

敌我矛盾 敵我矛盾 di2 wo3 mao2 dun4
contradictions between ourselves and the enemy; Either you are for us or against us.

敌意 敵意 di2 yi4
enmity; hostility

敌营 敵營 di2 ying2
enemy camp

敌占区 敵佔區 di2 zhan4 qu1
enemy occupied territory

敌阵 敵陣 di2 zhen4
the enemy ranks

敌众我寡 敵眾我寡 di2 zhong4 wo3 gua3
multitude of enemies, few friends (idiom from Mencius); heavily outnumbered; beaten by the weight of numbers

对敌 對敵 dui4 di2
to confront; to face the enemy

对敌者 對敵者 dui4 di2 zhe3

饵敌 餌敵 er3 di2
to lure the enemy; to trap

富可敌国 富可敵國 fu4 ke3 di2 guo2
having wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation (idiom); extremely wealthy

公敌 公敵 gong1 di2
public enemy

寡不敌众 寡不敵眾 gua3 bu4 di2 zhong4
the few are no match for the many; heavily outnumbered; facing impossible odds (idiom)

化敌为友 化敵為友 hua4 di2 wei2 you3
to convert an enemy into a friend (idiom)

怀敌意 懷敵意 huai2 di2 yi4

劲敌 勁敵 jing4 di2
formidable opponent

抗敌 抗敵 kang4 di2
to resist the enemy

溃敌 潰敵 kui4 di2
routed enemy

匹敌 匹敵 pi3 di2
to be equal to; to be well-matched; rival

棋逢敌手 棋逢敵手 qi2 feng2 di2 shou3
see 棋逢對手|棋逢对手

前敌 前敵 qian2 di2
front line (military)

强敌 強敵 qiang2 di2
powerful enemy

轻敌 輕敵 qing1 di2
to underestimate the enemy

情敌 情敵 qing2 di2
rival in love

人民公敌 人民公敵 ren2 min2 gong1 di2
the enemy of the people; the class enemy (Marxism)

杀敌 殺敵 sha1 di2
to attack the enemy

上阵杀敌 上陣殺敵 shang4 zhen4 sha1 di2
to go into battle; to strike at the enemy

势均力敌 勢均力敵 shi4 jun1 li4 di2
evenly matched (idiom)

守敌 守敵 shou3 di2
enemy defense; enemy garrison

树敌 樹敵 shu4 di2
to antagonize people; to make an enemy of sb

死敌 死敵 si3 di2
mortal enemy; arch-enemy

夙敌 夙敵 su4 di2
old foe; long-standing enemy

宿敌 宿敵 su4 di2
old enemy

所向无敌 所向無敵 suo3 xiang4 wu2 di2
to be invincible; unrivalled

天敌 天敵 tian1 di2
predator; natural enemy

同仇敌忾 同仇敵愾 tong2 chou2 di2 kai4
anger against a common enemy (idiom); joined in opposition to the same adversary

投敌 投敵 tou2 di2
to go over to the enemy; to defect

万人敌 萬人敵 wan4 ren2 di2
a match for ten thousand enemies

万人之敌 萬人之敵 wan4 ren2 zhi1 di2
a match for ten thousand enemies

无敌 無敵 wu2 di2
unequalled; without rival; a paragon

无可匹敌 無可匹敵 wu2 ke3 pi3 di2
unsurpassed; unparalleled

邪不敌正 邪不敵正 xie2 bu4 di2 zheng4
good will always triumph over evil (idiom)

应敌 應敵 ying4 di2
to face the enemy; to meet an attack

与全世界为敌 與全世界為敵 yu3 quan2 shi4 jie4 wei2 di2
to fight the whole world (idiom)

御敌 禦敵 yu4 di2
armed enemy of the nation; enemy of the Emperor; fig. championship challenger; contender opposing champion in sporting contest

政敌 政敵 zheng4 di2
political enemy; opponent