to hold back; to restrain; to control (oneself); to collect; Taiwan pr.

variant of 殮|殓

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
暴敛 暴斂 bao4 lian3
to overtax; to extort

锋芒内敛 鋒芒內斂 feng1 mang2 nei4 lian3
to be talented yet self-effacing (idiom)

横征暴敛 橫征暴斂 heng2 zheng1 bao4 lian3
to tax by force and extort levies (idiom); to screw taxes out of the people by force

横正暴敛 橫正暴斂 heng2 zheng4 bao4 lian3
to levy exorbitant taxes (idiom)

聚敛 聚斂 ju4 lian3
to accumulate; to gather; to amass wealth by heavy taxation or other unscrupulous means; (science) convergent

敛巴 斂巴 lian3 ba5
(dialect) to gather (sth)

敛步 斂步 lian3 bu4
to restrain motion; to check one's step

敛财 斂財 lian3 cai2
to accumulate wealth; to rake in money

敛迹 斂跡 lian3 ji4
to refrain; to give up evil (temporarily); to cover one's traces; to lie low; to retire (from view)

敛钱 斂錢 lian3 qian2
to collect money; to raise funds (for charity)

敛衽 斂衽 lian3 ren4
old-fashioned women's obeisance; Taiwan pr.

内敛 內斂 nei4 lian3
introverted; reserved; (artistic style) understated

裒敛无厌 裒斂無厭 pou2 lian3 wu2 yan4
to accumulate wealth without satisfaction; to continually plunder (idiom)

收敛 收斂 shou1 lian3
to vanish; to moderate; to exercise restraint; to curb (one's mirth, arrogance etc); to astringe; (math.) to converge

收敛锋芒 收斂鋒芒 shou1 lian3 feng1 mang2
to draw in one's claws; to show some modesty

收敛级数 收斂級數 shou1 lian3 ji2 shu4
convergent series (math.)

收敛性 收斂性 shou1 lian3 xing4
convergence (math.); astringent

收敛序列 收斂序列 shou1 lian3 xu4 lie4
convergent sequence (math.)

征敛 征斂 zheng1 lian3
to extort taxes

征敛无度 征斂無度 zheng1 lian3 wu2 du4
to extort taxes excessively