my (polite); poor; ruined; shabby; worn out; defeated

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
敝屣 敝屣 bi4 xi3
worn-out shoes; a worthless thing

敝屣尊荣 敝屣尊榮 bi4 xi3 zun1 rong2
to care nothing for worldly fame and glory (idiom)

敝帚千金 敝帚千金 bi4 zhou3 qian1 jin1
lit. my worn-out broom, a thousand in gold (idiom); fig. sentimental value; I wouldn't be parted with it for anything.

敝帚自珍 敝帚自珍 bi4 zhou3 zi4 zhen1
to value the broom as one's own (idiom); to attach value to sth because it is one's own; a sentimental attachment

雕敝 雕敝 diao1 bi4
variant of 凋敝

凋敝 凋敝 diao1 bi4
impoverished; destitute; hard; depressed (of business); tattered; ragged

民生凋敝 民生凋敝 min2 sheng1 diao1 bi4
the people's livelihood is reduced to destitution (idiom); a time of famine and impoverishment

破敝 破敝 po4 bi4
shabby; damaged

弃若敝屣 棄若敝屣 qi4 ruo4 bi4 xi3
to throw away like worn out shoes

弃之如敝屣 棄之如敝屣 qi4 zhi1 ru2 bi4 xi3
to toss away like a pair of worn-out shoes (idiom)

视如敝屣 視如敝屣 shi4 ru2 bi4 xi3
to regard like a pair of worn-out shoes; to look on sth as worthless