open to the view of all; spacious; to open wide; to disclose

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
敞车 敞車 chang3 che1
open wagon; flatcar

敞开 敞開 chang3 kai1
to open wide; unrestrictedly

敞开儿 敞開兒 chang3 kai1 er5

敞口 敞口 chang3 kou3
open-mouthed (jar etc); (of speech) freely; exposure (finance)

敞亮 敞亮 chang3 liang4
bright and spacious

敞篷车 敞篷車 chang3 peng2 che1
convertible car; open car

敞篷汽车 敞篷汽車 chang3 peng2 qi4 che1
convertible (car)

高敞 高敞 gao1 chang3
large and spacious

开敞 開敞 kai1 chang3
wide open

宽敞 寬敞 kuan1 chang5
spacious; wide

张敞 張敞 zhang1 chang2
Zhang Chang, official and scholar of the Western Han dynasty

嘴敞 嘴敞 zui3 chang3
to have a loose tongue; talkative