to dare; daring; (polite) may I venture

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
不敢当 不敢當 bu4 gan3 dang1
lit. I dare not (accept the honor); fig. I don't deserve your praise; you flatter me

不敢高攀 不敢高攀 bu4 gan3 gao1 pan1
lit. not dare to pull oneself up high (humble term); I cannot presume on your attention

不敢恭维 不敢恭維 bu4 gan3 gong1 wei5
to be underwhelmed; to be less than impressed

不敢苟同 不敢苟同 bu4 gan3 gou3 tong2
to beg to differ (idiom)

不敢越雷池一步 不敢越雷池一步 bu4 gan3 yue4 lei2 chi2 yi1 bu4
dare not go one step beyond the prescribed limit

不敢自专 不敢自專 bu4 gan3 zi4 zhuan1
not daring to act for oneself (idiom)

胆敢 膽敢 dan3 gan3
to dare (negative connotation); to have the audacity to (do sth)

敢不从命 敢不從命 gan3 bu4 cong2 ming4
to not dare to disobey an order (idiom)

敢达 敢達 gan3 da2
Gundam, Japanese animation franchise

敢打敢冲 敢打敢衝 gan3 da3 gan3 chong1
courageous and daring

敢怒而不敢言 敢怒而不敢言 gan3 nu4 er2 bu4 gan3 yan2
angry, but not daring to speak out (idiom); obliged to remain silent about one's resentment; unable to voice objections

敢情 敢情 gan3 qing5
actually; as it turns out; indeed; of course

敢死队 敢死隊 gan3 si3 dui4
suicide squad; kamikaze unit

敢为 敢為 gan3 wei2
to dare to do

敢为人先 敢為人先 gan3 wei2 ren2 xian1
to dare to be first; to pioneer (idiom)

敢于 敢於 gan3 yu2
to have the courage to do sth; to dare to; bold in

敢作敢当 敢作敢當 gan3 zuo4 gan3 dang1
variant of 敢做敢當|敢做敢当

敢做敢当 敢做敢當 gan3 zuo4 gan3 dang1
daring to act and courageous enough to take responsibility for it; a true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his actions; the buck stops here

敢作敢为 敢作敢為 gan3 zuo4 gan3 wei2
to stop at nothing (idiom); to dare to do anything

果敢 果敢 guo3 gan3
courageous; resolute and daring

竟敢 竟敢 jing4 gan3
to have the impertinence; to have the cheek to

愧不敢当 愧不敢當 kui4 bu4 gan3 dang1
lit. I'm ashamed and dare not (accept the honor); fig. I do not deserve your praise.; You flatter me too much.

岂敢 豈敢 qi3 gan3
how could one dare?; I don't deserve such praise

舍得一身剐,敢把皇帝拉下马 捨得一身剮,敢把皇帝拉下馬 she3 de5 yi1 shen1 gua3 - gan3 ba3 huang2 di4 la1 xia4 ma3
one who does not fear the death of thousand cuts will dare to unhorse the emperor (proverb); to a fearless person, no fence is high enough

石敢当 石敢當 shi2 gan3 dang1
stone tablet erected to ward off evil spirits

未敢苟同 未敢苟同 wei4 gan3 gou3 tong2
can't agree with

勇敢 勇敢 yong3 gan3
brave; courageous