variant of 散

to scatter; to break up (a meeting etc); to disperse; to disseminate; to dispel; (coll.) to sack

scattered; loose; to come loose; to fall apart; leisurely; powdered medicine

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
不欢而散 不歡而散 bu4 huan1 er2 san4
to part on bad terms; (of a meeting etc) to break up in discord

不见不散 不見不散 bu4 jian4 bu4 san4
(lit.) Even if we don't see each other, don't give up and leave (idiom); Be sure to wait!; See you there!

不扩散核武器条约 不擴散核武器條約 bu4 kuo4 san4 he2 wu3 qi4 tiao2 yue1
Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

拆散 拆散 chai1 san4
to break up (a marriage, family etc)

吹散 吹散 chui1 san4
to disperse

打散 打散 da3 san4
to scatter; to break sth up; to beat (an egg)

发散 發散 fa1 san4
to disperse; to diverge

反散射 反散射 fan3 san4 she4

分散 分散 fen1 san4
to scatter; to disperse; to distribute

分散的策略 分散的策略 fen1 san4 de5 ce4 lve4
diffused strategy

分散式 分散式 fen1 san4 shi4

分散注意力 分散注意力 fen1 san4 zhu4 yi4 li4
to distract; to divert the attention

风流云散 風流雲散 feng1 liu2 yun2 san4
lit. dispersed by wind and scattered like clouds (idiom); fig. scattered far and wide (of friends and relatives)

辐射散射 輻射散射 fu2 she4 san4 she4
radiation scattering

光纤分散式资料介面 光纖分散式資料介面 guang1 xian1 fen1 san4 shi4 zi1 liao4 jie4 mian4
fiber distributed data interface; FDDI

果实散播 果實散播 guo3 shi2 san4 bo1
fruit dispersal

好聚好散 好聚好散 hao3 ju4 hao3 san4
to part without hard feelings (idiom); to cut the knot as smoothly as you tied it

耗散 耗散 hao4 san4
to dissipate; to squander

核不扩散 核不擴散 he2 bu4 kuo4 san4
nuclear nonproliferation

核扩散 核擴散 he2 kuo4 san4
nuclear proliferation

和散那 和散那 he2 san3 na4
Hosanna (in Christian praise)

涣散 渙散 huan4 san4
to slacken; lax; slack; disorganized

魂飞魄散 魂飛魄散 hun2 fei1 po4 san4
lit. the soul flies away and scatters (idiom); fig. to be frightened stiff; spooked out of one's mind; terror-stricken

集散 集散 ji2 san4
to collect for distribution

集散地 集散地 ji2 san4 di4
distribution center

解散 解散 jie3 san4
to dissolve; to disband

紧急疏散 緊急疏散 jin3 ji2 shu1 san4
emergency evacuation

尽欢而散 盡歡而散 jin4 huan1 er2 san4
to disperse after a happy time (idiom); everyone enjoys themselves to the full then party breaks up

聚散 聚散 ju4 san4
coming together and separating; aggregation and dissipation

溃散 潰散 kui4 san3
defeated; routed

扩散 擴散 kuo4 san4
to spread; to proliferate; to diffuse; spread; proliferation; diffusion

扩散周知 擴散周知 kuo4 san4 zhou1 zhi1
to let everyone know; spread the word!

懒散 懶散 lan3 san3
inactive; careless; lazy; indolent; negligent

离散 離散 li2 san4
(of family members) separated from one another; scattered about; dispersed; (math.) discrete

离散数学 離散數學 li2 san4 shu4 xue2
discrete mathematics

离散性 離散性 li2 san4 xing4

零散 零散 ling2 san4

旅游集散 旅遊集散 lv3 you2 ji2 san4
tourism center or hub

弥散 彌散 mi2 san4
to dissipate everywhere (of light, sound, gas etc)

鸟兽散 鳥獸散 niao3 shou4 san4
to scatter like birds and beasts

抛散 拋散 pao1 san4
to scatter; to disperse

蓬散 蓬散 peng2 san3
loose; ruffled; disheveled

蓬头散发 蓬頭散髮 peng2 tou2 san4 fa4

披头散发 披頭散髮 pi1 tou2 san4 fa4
with dishevelled hair (idiom); with one's hair down

飘散 飄散 piao1 san4
to waft (through the air); to drift

妻离子散 妻離子散 qi1 li2 zi3 san4
a family wrenched apart (idiom)

气体扩散 氣體擴散 qi4 ti3 kuo4 san4
gaseous diffusion

千里搭长棚,没有不散的宴席 千里搭長棚,沒有不散的宴席 qian1 li3 da1 chang2 peng2 - mei2 you3 bu4 san4 de5 yan4 xi2
even if you build a thousand-league awning for it, every banquet must come to an end (idiom)

遣散 遣散 qian3 san4
to disband; to dismiss; demobilization

驱散 驅散 qu1 san4
to disperse; to break up

冗散 冗散 rong3 san3
idle; unemployed

如鸟兽散 如鳥獸散 ru2 niao3 shou4 san4
to scatter like birds and beasts (idiom); to flee in all directions

散板 散板 san3 ban3
to fall apart; opera section in free rhythm

散兵 散兵 san3 bing1
loose and disorganized soldiers; stragglers; fig. a loner

散兵坑 散兵坑 san3 bing1 keng1
foxhole (military)

散兵游勇 散兵遊勇 san3 bing1 you2 yong3
lit. straggling and disbanded soldiers (idiom); fig. disorganized uncoordinated action

散弹 散彈 san3 dan4
(gun) shot; canister shot

散诞 散誕 san3 dan4
free and unfettered

散弹枪 散彈槍 san3 dan4 qiang1

散匪 散匪 san3 fei3
scattered bandits; fig. random jottings; marginal notes

散粉 散粉 san3 fen3
loose powder (makeup)

散工 散工 san3 gong1
day labor; piece-time work

散光 散光 san3 guang1
astigmatism; see also 散光

散户 散戶 san3 hu4
individual (shareholder); the small investor

散话 散話 san3 hua4

散记 散記 san3 ji4
random jottings; travel notes

散剂 散劑 san3 ji4
powder medicine

散架 散架 san3 jia4
to fall apart; exhaustion

散见 散見 san3 jian4
seen periodically

散件 散件 san3 jian4
spare parts; odds and ends

散居 散居 san3 ju1
(of a group of people) to live scattered over an area

散列 散列 san3 lie4
to hash; hashing (computing)

散漫 散漫 san3 man4
undisciplined; unorganized

散钱 散錢 san3 qian2
small sum of money; loose change; Cantonese equivalent of 零錢|零钱

散曲 散曲 san3 qu3
verse or song form from Yuan, Ming and Qing

散沙 散沙 san3 sha1
scattered sand; fig. lacking in cohesion or organization

散射 散射 san3 she4

散碎 散碎 san3 sui4
in fragments

散体 散體 san3 ti3
free prose style

散腿裤 散腿褲 san3 tui3 ku4
loose-fitting pants; Chinese-style pants

散文 散文 san3 wen2
prose; essay

散文诗 散文詩 san3 wen2 shi1
prose poem

散养 散養 san3 yang3
free-range raising (of poultry, cattle etc)

散职 散職 san3 zhi2

散装 散裝 san3 zhuang1
loose goods; goods sold open; draft (of beer, as opposed to bottled)

散座 散座 san3 zuo4
single seat (in theater); irregular passenger (in rickshaw)

散座儿 散座兒 san3 zuo4 er5
erhua variant of 散座; single seat (in theater); irregular passenger (in rickshaw)

散播 散播 san4 bo1
to spread; to disperse; to disseminate

散布 散佈 san4 bu4
to disseminate

散步 散步 san4 bu4
to take a walk; to go for a walk

散场 散場 san4 chang3
(of a theater) to empty; (of a show) to end

散出 散出 san4 chu1
to spill out

散打 散打 san4 da3
mixed martial arts

散发 散發 san4 fa1
to distribute; to emit; to issue

散工 散工 san4 gong1
to release from work at the end of the day

散光 散光 san4 guang1
to diffuse light; see also 散光

散会 散會 san4 hui4
to disperse a meeting; to adjourn; finished

散伙 散伙 san4 huo3
to disband; (of a partnership, group etc) to break up

散伙饭 散伙飯 san4 huo3 fan4
farewell dinner party

散焦 散焦 san4 jiao1
to defocus; bokeh

散尽 散盡 san4 jin4
to be totally dispersed (crowd)

散开 散開 san4 kai1
to separate; to disperse

散乱 散亂 san4 luan4
in disorder; messy

散落 散落 san4 luo4
to disperse; to fall scattered; to sprinkle

散闷 散悶 san4 men4
to divert oneself from melancholy

散钱 散錢 san4 qian2
to scatter money; to give to charity

散热 散熱 san4 re4
to dissipate heat

散热片 散熱片 san4 re4 pian4
heat sink

散热器 散熱器 san4 re4 qi4
radiator (for heating a room); radiator (for cooling an engine)

散热器护栅 散熱器護柵 san4 re4 qi4 hu4 shan1
radiator grille

散散步 散散步 san4 san4 bu4
to have a stroll

散失 散失 san4 shi1
to squander; lost

散束 散束 san4 shu4
scattering of bundle (of electrons in vacuum tube); debunching

散水 散水 san4 shui3
apron (sloping brickwork to disperse water)

散摊子 散攤子 san4 tan1 zi5
to break up; to disband

散亡 散亡 san4 wang2
dispersed and lost

散席 散席 san4 xi2
end of a banquet

散戏 散戲 san4 xi4
end of a show

散心 散心 san4 xin1
to drive away cares; to relieve boredom

散心解闷 散心解悶 san4 xin1 jie3 men4
to divert one's mind from boredom (idiom)

散学 散學 san4 xue2
end of school

散逸 散逸 san4 yi4

散逸层 散逸層 san4 yi4 ceng2

失散 失散 shi1 san4
to lose touch with; missing; scattered; separated from

疏散 疏散 shu1 san4
to scatter; to disperse; to evacuate; scattered; to relax

疏散措施 疏散措施 shu1 san4 cuo4 shi1
evacuation; measures to evacuate a building in an emergency

树倒猢狲散 樹倒猢猻散 shu4 dao3 hu2 sun1 san4
When the tree topples the monkeys scatter. (idiom); fig. an opportunist abandons an unfavorable cause; Rats leave a sinking ship.

四散 四散 si4 san4
to disperse; to scatter in all directions

四散奔逃 四散奔逃 si4 san4 ben1 tao2
to scatter in all directions

松散 鬆散 song1 san5
to relax; loose; not consolidated; not rigorous

松散物料 鬆散物料 song1 san5 wu4 liao4
diffuse medium (liquid or gas)

天下没有不散的筵席 天下沒有不散的筵席 tian1 xia4 mei2 you3 bu4 san4 de5 yan2 xi2
all good things must come to an end (idiom)

天下没有不散的宴席 天下沒有不散的宴席 tian1 xia4 mei2 you3 bu4 san4 de5 yan4 xi2
see 天下沒有不散的筵席|天下没有不散的筵席

无业闲散 無業閑散 wu2 ye4 xian2 san3
unemployed and idle

五苓散 五苓散 wu3 ling2 san3
wuling powder (decoction of poria mushroom used in TCM); poria five powder; Hoelen five powder; five ling powder

闲散 閑散 xian2 san3
idle; unused; at leisure

消散 消散 xiao1 san4
to dissipate

烟消云散 煙消雲散 yan1 xiao1 yun2 san4
to vanish like smoke in thin air; to disappear

一哄而散 一哄而散 yi1 hong1 er2 san4
to disperse in confusion (idiom)

一哄而散 一鬨而散 yi1 hong4 er2 san4
see 一哄而散

一拍两散 一拍兩散 yi1 pai1 liang3 san4
(of marriage or business partners) to break up (idiom); to separate

一盘散沙 一盤散沙 yi1 pan2 san3 sha1
lit. like a sheet of loose sand; fig. unable to cooperate (idiom)

逸散 逸散 yi4 san4
to vaporize; to dispel

阴魂不散 陰魂不散 yin1 hun2 bu4 san4
lit. the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed (idiom); fig. the influence still lingers on; the spirit (of some doctrine) is still alive

云散风流 雲散風流 yun2 san4 feng1 liu2
lit. clouds scatter, wind flows (idiom); the crisis settles down; people disperse home; things return to normal

云消雾散 雲消霧散 yun2 xiao1 wu4 san4
the clouds melt and the mists disperse (idiom); to clear up; to vanish into thin air

蒸散 蒸散 zheng1 san4
(plant) evapotranspiration

自由散漫 自由散漫 zi4 you2 san3 man4
easy-going; lax; unconstrained; unruly

走散 走散 zou3 san4
to wander off; to stray; to get lost