to respect; to venerate; to salute; to offer

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
爱岗敬业 愛崗敬業 ai4 gang3 jing4 ye4
industrious and hard-working; conscientious and meticulous

必恭必敬 必恭必敬 bi4 gong1 bi4 jing4
variant of 畢恭畢敬|毕恭毕敬

毕恭毕敬 畢恭畢敬 bi4 gong1 bi4 jing4
reverent and respectful; extremely deferential

表示敬意 表示敬意 biao3 shi4 jing4 yi4
respectful; to show respect

不敬 不敬 bu4 jing4
disrespect; irreverent; rude; insufficiently respectful (to a superior)

崇敬 崇敬 chong2 jing4
to revere; to venerate; high esteem

此致敬礼 此致敬禮 ci3 zhi4 jing4 li3
respectfully yours (at the end of a letter)

焚香敬神 焚香敬神 fen2 xiang1 jing4 shen2
to burn incense in prayer to a God

奉申贺敬 奉申賀敬 feng4 shen1 he4 jing4
polite congratulations (i.e. on a greeting card)

恭敬 恭敬 gong1 jing4
deferential; respectful

恭敬不如从命 恭敬不如從命 gong1 jing4 bu4 ru2 cong2 ming4
deference is no substitute for obedience (idiom); (said to accept sb's request, invitation etc)

郭敬明 郭敬明 guo1 jing4 ming2
Guo Jingming (1983-), Chinese young-adult fiction writer and teen pop idol

回敬 回敬 hui2 jing4
to return a compliment; to give sth in return

敬爱 敬愛 jing4 ai4
respect and love

敬拜 敬拜 jing4 bai4
to worship

敬备 敬備 jing4 bei4
(humble expr.) prepare to offer humble hospitality; please accept my inadequate (food or drink)

敬茶 敬茶 jing4 cha2
to serve tea (to guests)

敬称 敬稱 jing4 cheng1
term of respect; honorific

敬词 敬詞 jing4 ci2
term of esteem; honorific (in Chinese grammar); polite form of pronoun (in European grammar)

敬辞 敬辭 jing4 ci2
term of respect; honorific title; honorific (in grammar)

敬而远之 敬而遠之 jing4 er2 yuan3 zhi1
to show respect from a distance (idiom); to remain at a respectful distance

敬奉 敬奉 jing4 feng4
to worship piously; to present; to dedicate

敬服 敬服 jing4 fu2
deference; esteem; to admire

敬告 敬告 jing4 gao4
to tell respectfully; to announce reverentially

敬鬼神而远之 敬鬼神而遠之 jing4 gui3 shen2 er2 yuan3 zhi1
to respect Gods and demons from a distance (idiom); to remain at a respectful distance

敬贺 敬賀 jing4 he4
to offer one's congratulations (formal)

敬酒 敬酒 jing4 jiu3
to toast; to propose a toast

敬酒不吃吃罚酒 敬酒不吃吃罰酒 jing4 jiu3 bu4 chi1 chi1 fa2 jiu3
to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit; fig. to hesitate to do sth until forced to do even more

敬老 敬老 jing4 lao3
respect for the aged

敬老席 敬老席 jing4 lao3 xi2
priority seating for the aged (on buses etc)

敬老院 敬老院 jing4 lao3 yuan4
home of respect for aged; nursing home

敬老尊贤 敬老尊賢 jing4 lao3 zun1 xian2
to respect the wise and venerate the worthy (idiom); to honor the great and the good

敬礼 敬禮 jing4 li3
to salute; salute

敬佩 敬佩 jing4 pei4
to esteem; to admire

敬启 敬啟 jing4 qi3
respectful closing to a letter

敬启者 敬啟者 jing4 qi3 zhe3
Dear Sirs; To Whom It May Concern

敬虔 敬虔 jing4 qian2

敬请 敬請 jing4 qing3
please (do sth) (deferential form)

敬若神明 敬若神明 jing4 ruo4 shen2 ming2
to hold sb in the same regard as one would a god (idiom)

敬上 敬上 jing4 shang4
yours truly; yours sincerely (at the end of a letter)

敬神 敬神 jing4 shen2
to respect a deity; to pray to a God

敬畏 敬畏 jing4 wei4
to revere

敬悉 敬悉 jing4 xi1
(honorific) revered news; the most valuable information (in your recent letter, book etc); Thank you for your letter.

敬贤礼士 敬賢禮士 jing4 xian2 li3 shi4
to revere people of virtue and honor scholarship (idiom)

敬谢不敏 敬謝不敏 jing4 xie4 bu4 min3
please excuse me for not complying; to politely decline

敬烟 敬煙 jing4 yan1
to offer a cigarette (to a guest)

敬仰 敬仰 jing4 yang3
to revere; highly esteemed

敬业 敬業 jing4 ye4
to be dedicated to one's work; to respect one's work

敬业乐群 敬業樂群 jing4 ye4 le4 qun2
diligent and sociable (idiom); meticulous in work and dealing cheerfully with one's colleagues

敬意 敬意 jing4 yi4
respect; tribute

敬语 敬語 jing4 yu3
honorific (e.g. in grammar of oriental languages)

敬赠 敬贈 jing4 zeng4
to present respectfully; with (sb's) compliments; complimentary

敬重 敬重 jing4 zhong4
to respect deeply; to revere; to esteem

敬祝 敬祝 jing4 zhu4
to offer humbly (written at the end of letter from sb of lower status to higher status); your humble servant

可敬 可敬 ke3 jing4

可尊敬 可尊敬 ke3 zun1 jing4

鲁子敬 魯子敬 lu3 zi3 jing4
Lu Zijing or Lu Su 魯肅|鲁肃 (172-217), statesman, diplomat and strategist of Eastern Wu 東吳|东吴

起敬 起敬 qi3 jing4
to feel respect

虔敬 虔敬 qian2 jing4

钦敬 欽敬 qin1 jing4
to admire and respect

肃敬 肅敬 su4 jing4
respectful; deferential

肃然起敬 肅然起敬 su4 ran2 qi3 jing4
to feel deep veneration for sb (idiom)

唐敬宗 唐敬宗 tang2 jing4 zong1
Emperor Jingzong of Tang (809-827), reign name of fourteenth Tang emperor 李湛, reigned 825-827

吴敬梓 吳敬梓 wu2 jing4 zi3
Wu Jingzi (1701-1754), Qing dynasty novelist, author of The Scholars 儒林外史

夏敬渠 夏敬渠 xia4 jing4 qu2
Xia Jingqu (1705-1787), Qing novelist, author of monumental novel 野叟曝言 Humble Words of a Rustic Elder

相敬如宾 相敬如賓 xiang1 jing4 ru2 bin1
to treat each other as an honored guest (idiom); mutual respect between husband and wife

孝敬 孝敬 xiao4 jing4
to show filial respect; to give presents (to one's elders or superiors); to support one's aged parents

以利亚敬 以利亞敬 yi3 li4 ya4 jing4
Eliakim (name, Hebrew: God will raise up); Eliakim, servant of the Lord in Isaiah 22:20; Eliakim, son of Abiud and father of Azor in Matthew 1:13

值得敬佩 值得敬佩 zhi2 de5 jing4 pei4
deserving; worthy of respect; estimable

致敬 致敬 zhi4 jing4
to greet; to pay respects to

众人敬仰 眾人敬仰 zhong4 ren2 jing4 yang3
universally admired; highly esteemed by everyone

尊敬 尊敬 zun1 jing4
to respect; to revere