exactly; in good order; whole; complete; entire; in order; orderly; to repair; to mend; to renovate; (coll.) to fix sb; to give sb a hard time; to mess with sb

strokes 16
strokes after radical 11
挨整 挨整 ai2 zheng3
to be the target of an attack

重整旗鼓 重整旗鼓 chong2 zheng3 qi2 gu3
lit. to reorganize flags and drums (idiom); to regroup after a setback; to prepare for new initiatives; to attempt a comeback

非规整 非規整 fei1 gui1 zheng3
irregular; disordered

浮力调整背心 浮力調整背心 fu2 li4 tiao2 zheng3 bei4 xin1
BCD; Buoyancy Compensation Device (diving)

浮力调整装置 浮力調整裝置 fu2 li4 tiao2 zheng3 zhuang1 zhi4
BCD; Buoyancy Compensation Device (diving)

负整数 負整數 fu4 zheng3 shu4
negative integer

工整 工整 gong1 zheng3
fine work; carefully and neatly done

瓜田不纳履,李下不整冠 瓜田不納履,李下不整冠 gua1 tian2 bu4 na4 lv3 - li3 xia4 bu4 zheng3 guan1
lit. don't tie your shoelaces in a melon patch, and don't adjust your hat under a plum tree (idiom); fig. don't do anything that might arouse suspicion; innocent acts may be misconstrued

规整 規整 gui1 zheng3
according to a pattern; regular; orderly; structured; neat and tidy

好整以暇 好整以暇 hao4 zheng3 yi3 xia2
to be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time (idiom)

化整为零 化整為零 hua4 zheng3 wei2 ling2
to break up the whole into pieces (idiom); dealing with things one by one; divide and conquer

汇整 彙整 hui4 zheng3
to collect and organize (papers etc); to archive (data); to summarize (evidence etc); summary

领土完整 領土完整 ling3 tu3 wan2 zheng3
territorial integrity

平整 平整 ping2 zheng3
smooth; level; to level off; to flatten (remove bumps)

桥式整流器 橋式整流器 qiao2 shi4 zheng3 liu2 qi4
bridge rectifier (electricity)

碎片整理 碎片整理 sui4 pian4 zheng3 li3
defragmentation (computing)

调整 調整 tiao2 zheng3
to adjust; adjustment; revision

完整 完整 wan2 zheng3
complete; intact

完整性 完整性 wan2 zheng3 xing4
integrity; completeness

微整 微整 wei1 zheng3
abbr. for 微整形

微整形 微整形 wei1 zheng3 xing2
non-surgical cosmetic procedure (injection of Botox, hyaluronic acid etc)

心律不整 心律不整 xin1 lv4 bu4 zheng3

休整 休整 xiu1 zheng3
to rest and reorganize (military)

修整 修整 xiu1 zheng3
to spruce up; to renovate; to tend (a garden); to groom (one's hair); to finish (a rough surface); to trim (a lawn); to touch up (a photo)

严整 嚴整 yan2 zheng3
(of troops) in neat formation; (fig.) orderly

匀整 勻整 yun2 zheng3
neat and well-spaced

蒸气重整 蒸氣重整 zheng1 qi4 chong2 zheng3
steam reforming (chemistry)

整倍数 整倍數 zheng3 bei4 shu4
integer multiple

整并 整並 zheng3 bing4
to merge; to consolidate; consolidation

整除 整除 zheng3 chu2
to divide exactly without remainder (in integer arithmetic); exact division

整除数 整除數 zheng3 chu2 shu4
factor; exact divisor

整地 整地 zheng3 di4
to prepare the soil (agriculture)

整队 整隊 zheng3 dui4
to dress (troops); to line up (to arrange in a straight line)

整顿 整頓 zheng3 dun4
to tidy up; to reorganize; to consolidate; to rectify

整风 整風 zheng3 feng1
Rectification or Rectifying incorrect work styles, Maoist slogan; cf Rectification campaign 整風運動|整风运动, army purge of 1942-44 and anti-rightist purge of 1957

整风运动 整風運動 zheng3 feng1 yun4 dong4
Rectification campaign; political purge; cf Mao's 1942-44 campaign at Yanan, and his 1950 and 1957 anti-rightist purges

整改 整改 zheng3 gai3
to reform; to rectify and improve

整个 整個 zheng3 ge4
whole; entire; total

整个地球 整個地球 zheng3 ge4 di4 qiu2
the whole world

整合 整合 zheng3 he2
to conform; to integrate

整环 整環 zheng3 huan2
integral ring (math)

整脊学 整脊學 zheng3 ji3 xue2

整建 整建 zheng3 jian4
to restore a damaged or aging structure; to renovate

整洁 整潔 zheng3 jie2
neatly; tidy

整理 整理 zheng3 li3
to arrange; to tidy up; to sort out; to straighten out; to list systematically; to collate (data, files); to pack (luggage)

整流 整流 zheng3 liu2
to rectify (alternating current to direct current)

整流器 整流器 zheng3 liu2 qi4
rectifier (transforming alternating electric current to direct current)

整年累月 整年累月 zheng3 nian2 lei3 yue4
all year round; over a long period

整齐 整齊 zheng3 qi2
orderly; neat; even; tidy

整齐划一 整齊劃一 zheng3 qi2 hua4 yi1
to be adjusted to uniformity (usually of weights and measures) (idiom)

整容 整容 zheng3 rong2
plastic surgery

整声 整聲 zheng3 sheng1
to tune (a musical instrument); to regulate the sound

整数 整數 zheng3 shu4
whole number; integer (math.); round figure

整数倍数 整數倍數 zheng3 shu4 bei4 shu4
integral multiple

整数集合 整數集合 zheng3 shu4 ji2 he2
set of integers (math.)

整肃 整肅 zheng3 su4
strict; serious; solemn; dignified; to tidy upto clean up; to purge; to adjust

整套 整套 zheng3 tao4
entire set

整体 整體 zheng3 ti3
whole entity; entire body; synthesis; as a whole (situation, construction, team etc); global; macrocosm; integral; holistic; whole

整体服务数位网路 整體服務數位網路 zheng3 ti3 fu2 wu4 shu4 wei4 wang3 lu4
Integrated Services Digital Network; ISDN

整体数位服务网路 整體數位服務網路 zheng3 ti3 shu4 wei4 fu2 wu4 wang3 lu4
Integrated Service Digital Network; ISDN

整天 整天 zheng3 tian1
all day long; whole day

整条 整條 zheng3 tiao2
entire; whole (fish, road etc)

整形 整形 zheng3 xing2
shaping; reshaping; plastic surgery or orthopedics (abbr. of 整形外科)

整型 整型 zheng3 xing2
(computing) integer

整形外科 整形外科 zheng3 xing2 wai4 ke1
plastic surgery; orthopedics

整形外科医生 整形外科醫生 zheng3 xing2 wai4 ke1 yi1 sheng1
plastic surgeon

整修 整修 zheng3 xiu1
to repair; to refurbish; to renovate; to refit; to mend; to rebuild

整训 整訓 zheng3 xun4
to drill troops; to build up and train

整夜 整夜 zheng3 ye4
the whole night; all through the night

整整 整整 zheng3 zheng3
whole; full

整整齐齐 整整齊齊 zheng3 zheng3 qi2 qi2
neat and tidy

整治 整治 zheng3 zhi4
to bring under control; to regulate; to restore to good condition; (coll.) to fix (a person); to prepare (a meal etc)

整妆 整妝 zheng3 zhuang1
same as 整裝|整装; to get ready (for a journey)

整装 整裝 zheng3 zhuang1
to equip; to fit out; to get ready (for a journey); to arrange (clothes) to be ready

整装待发 整裝待發 zheng3 zhuang1 dai4 fa1
to get ready (for a journey); ready and waiting

正整数 正整數 zheng4 zheng3 shu4
positive integer