to spread; to lay out; to apply (powder, ointment etc); sufficient (to cover); enough

strokes 15
strokes after radical 11
仓敷 倉敷 cang1 fu1
Kurashiki, city in Okayama Prefecture 岡山縣|冈山县, Japan

敷布 敷布 fu1 bu4
medical dressing; bandage

敷陈 敷陳 fu1 chen2
to give an orderly account; a thorough narrative

敷粉 敷粉 fu1 fen3
to sprinkle powder; a dusting

敷裹 敷裹 fu1 guo3
medical dressing

敷料 敷料 fu1 liao4
medical dressing

敷设 敷設 fu1 she4
to lay; to spread out

敷汤药 敷湯藥 fu1 tang1 yao4
(coll.) to pay compensation for medical expenses

敷贴 敷貼 fu1 tie1
to smear; to apply glue or ointment to a surface

敷演 敷演 fu1 yan3
variant of 敷衍; to elaborate (on a theme); to expound (the meaning of the classics)

敷衍 敷衍 fu1 yan3
to elaborate (on a theme); to expound (the classics); perfunctory; to skimp; to botch; to do sth half-heartedly or just for show; barely enough to get by

敷衍了事 敷衍了事 fu1 yan3 liao3 shi4
to skimp; to work half-heartedly; not to bother

敷衍塞责 敷衍塞責 fu1 yan3 se4 ze2
to skimp on the job; to work half-heartedly; not to take the job seriously

冷敷 冷敷 leng3 fu1
cold compress

热敷 熱敷 re4 fu1
hot compress

入不敷出 入不敷出 ru4 bu4 fu1 chu1
income does not cover expenditure; unable to make ends meet

涂敷 塗敷 tu2 fu1
to smear; to daub; to plaster; to apply (ointment)

外敷 外敷 wai4 fu1
to apply externally