to die; to shoot dead; to reject; to fall forward; (suffix) to death

strokes 17
strokes after radical 14
暴毙 暴斃 bao4 bi4
to die suddenly

毙命 斃命 bi4 ming4
to meet violent death; to get killed

待毙 待斃 dai4 bi4
to await death; to be a sitting duck

倒毙 倒斃 dao3 bi4
to fall dead

多行不义必自毙 多行不義必自斃 duo1 xing2 bu4 yi4 bi4 zi4 bi4
persisting in evil brings about self-destruction (idiom)

击毙 擊斃 ji1 bi4
to kill; to shoot dead

酷毙 酷斃 ku4 bi4
(slang) awesome; cool; righteous

勒毙 勒斃 lei1 bi4
to strangle or throttle to death

枪毙 槍斃 qiang1 bi4
to execute by firing squad; to shoot dead; fig. to discard; to get rid of

束手待毙 束手待斃 shu4 shou3 dai4 bi4
to wait helplessly for death (idiom); to resign oneself to extinction

束手就毙 束手就斃 shu4 shou3 jiu4 bi4
hands tied and expecting the worst

坐以待毙 坐以待斃 zuo4 yi3 dai4 bi4
to sit and wait for death (idiom); resigned to one's fate