inclined; slanting; oblique; tilting

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
背斜 背斜 bei4 xie2
anticline (geology)

比萨斜塔 比薩斜塔 bi3 sa4 xie2 ta3
Leaning Tower of Pisa

不偏斜 不偏斜 bu4 pian1 xie2
not leaning to one side; impartial; even-handed

反斜杠 反斜杠 fan3 xie2 gang4
backslash (computing)

反斜线 反斜線 fan3 xie2 xian4
backslash (computing); reversed diagonal

横斜 橫斜 heng2 xie2
oblique; slanting

横斜钩 橫斜鉤 heng2 xie2 gou1
⺄ stroke in Chinese characters

口眼歪斜 口眼歪斜 kou3 yan3 wai1 xie2
facial nerve paralysis

哩溜歪斜 哩溜歪斜 li1 liu1 wai1 xie2
crooked; deformed; twisted

乜斜 乜斜 mie1 xie5
to squint

目不斜视 目不斜視 mu4 bu4 xie2 shi4
not to glance sideways (idiom); to gaze fixedly; to be fully concentrated; to preserve a correct attitude

内斜视 內斜視 nei4 xie2 shi4
(medicine) esotropia; cross-eye

偏斜 偏斜 pian1 xie2
crooked; not upright; diverging from straight line; improper; dishonest

倾斜 傾斜 qing1 xie2
to incline; to lean; to slant; to slope; to tilt

倾斜度 傾斜度 qing1 xie2 du4
inclination (from the horizontal or vertical); slope; obliquity

歪歪斜斜 歪歪斜斜 wai1 wai1 xie2 xie2
shuddering; trembling; a trembling scrawl (of handwriting)

歪斜 歪斜 wai1 xie2
crooked; askew; oblique; slanting; out of plumb

外斜肌 外斜肌 wai4 xie2 ji1
external oblique muscle (sides of the chest)

向斜 向斜 xiang4 xie2
syncline (geology)

斜边 斜邊 xie2 bian1
sloping side; hypotenuse (of a right-angled triangle)

斜长石 斜長石 xie2 chang2 shi2
plagioclase (rock-forming mineral, type of feldspar)

斜度 斜度 xie2 du4
slope; gradient; inclination

斜对 斜對 xie2 dui4
catty-corner; to be diagonally opposite to

斜方肌 斜方肌 xie2 fang1 ji1
trapezius muscle (of the upper back and neck)

斜方型 斜方型 xie2 fang1 xing2
trapezium (geometry)

斜杠 斜槓 xie2 gang4
oblique bar; slash (computing)

斜钩 斜鉤 xie2 gou1
(downwards-right concave hooked character stroke)

斜管面 斜管麵 xie2 guan3 mian4
penne pasta

斜肌 斜肌 xie2 ji1
diagonal muscle

斜交 斜交 xie2 jiao1
bevel; oblique

斜角 斜角 xie2 jiao3
bevel angle; oblique angle

斜径 斜徑 xie2 jing4
sloping path

斜靠 斜靠 xie2 kao4
to recline

斜愣眼 斜愣眼 xie2 leng5 yan3
to squint

斜愣眼儿 斜愣眼兒 xie2 leng5 yan3 er5
erhua variant of 斜愣眼

斜率 斜率 xie2 lv4

斜面 斜面 xie2 mian4
inclined plane

斜睨 斜睨 xie2 ni4
to cast sidelong glances at sb

斜坡 斜坡 xie2 po1
slope; incline

斜切锯 斜切鋸 xie2 qie1 ju4
miter saw

斜射球 斜射球 xie2 she4 qiu2
a sliced ball (tennis or table tennis)

斜视 斜視 xie2 shi4
a squint; sideways glance; to look askance

斜塔 斜塔 xie2 ta3
leaning tower

斜躺 斜躺 xie2 tang3
to recline

斜体 斜體 xie2 ti3
italics; slanting typeface

斜体字 斜體字 xie2 ti3 zi4
italic letter; slanting typeface

斜投影 斜投影 xie2 tou2 ying3
oblique projection

斜纹软呢 斜紋軟呢 xie2 wen2 ruan3 ni2

斜纹织 斜紋織 xie2 wen2 zhi1
twill weave

斜线 斜線 xie2 xian4
diagonal line; slanting line; slash (punct.); forward slash (computing)

斜线号 斜線號 xie2 xian4 hao4
slash (punct.); forward slash (computing); virgule; slanting line; oblique line

斜眼 斜眼 xie2 yan3
to look askance; cross or wall-eyed

斜眼看 斜眼看 xie2 yan3 kan4
from the side of the eye; askance

斜阳 斜陽 xie2 yang2
setting sun

斜倚 斜倚 xie2 yi3
to recline

斜轴 斜軸 xie2 zhou2
oblique axes (math.)