moon; month; monthly

strokes 4
strokes after radical 0
阿月浑子实 阿月渾子實 a1 yue4 hun2 zi3 shi2
pistachio nut

阿月浑子树 阿月渾子樹 a1 yue4 hun2 zi3 shu4
pistachio tree

阿月浑子 阿月渾子 a1 yue4 hun2 zi5

按月 按月 an4 yue4
monthly; per mensem

八月 八月 ba1 yue4
August; eighth month (of the lunar year)

八月份 八月份 ba1 yue4 fen4

八月之光 八月之光 ba1 yue4 zhi1 guang1
Light in August (novel by William Faulkner 威廉·福克納|威廉·福克纳)

半月 半月 ban4 yue4
half-moon; fortnight

半月板 半月板 ban4 yue4 ban3
meniscus (anatomy)

半月瓣 半月瓣 ban4 yue4 ban4
semilunar valve (anatomy)

半月刊 半月刊 ban4 yue4 kan1
fortnightly; twice a month

包月 包月 bao1 yue4
to make monthly payments; monthly payment

本月 本月 ben3 yue4
this month; the current month

奔月 奔月 ben4 yue4
to fly to the moon

闭月羞花 閉月羞花 bi4 yue4 xiu1 hua1
lit. hiding the moon, shaming the flowers (idiom); fig. female beauty exceeding even that of the natural world

冰壶秋月 冰壺秋月 bing1 hu2 qiu1 yue4
jade ice jug and autumn moon (idiom, from poem by Song writer Su Dongpo 蘇東坡|苏东坡); fig. spotless white and pure; flawless person

冰皮月饼 冰皮月餅 bing1 pi2 yue4 bing3
snow skin mooncake (with a soft casing which is not baked, instead of the traditional baked pastry casing)

步月 步月 bu4 yue4
to stroll beneath the moon

不足月 不足月 bu4 zu2 yue4
premature (birth, child)

残冬腊月 殘冬臘月 can2 dong1 la4 yue4
final days of the lunar year

残月 殘月 can2 yue4
waning moon

常年累月 常年累月 chang2 nian2 lei3 yue4
variant of 長年累月|长年累月

长年累月 長年累月 chang2 nian2 lei3 yue4
year in, year out (idiom); (over) many years

成年累月 成年累月 cheng2 nian2 lei3 yue4
year in, year out (idiom)

出月 出月 chu1 yue4
next month; after this month

出月子 出月子 chu1 yue4 zi5
to complete the month of confinement following childbirth; cf 坐月子

春江花月夜 春江花月夜 chun1 jiang1 hua1 yue4 ye4
River on a spring night, long yuefu poem by 張若虛|张若虚

大月 大月 da4 yue4
solar month of 31 days; a lunar month of 30 days

大月支 大月支 da4 yue4 zhi1
Tokhara; Tokharians (historic people of central Asia)

大月氏 大月氏 da4 yue4 zhi1
Tokhara; Tokharians (historic people of central Asia)

戴月披星 戴月披星 dai4 yue4 pi1 xing1
see 披星戴月

单月 單月 dan1 yue4
monthly; in a single month

当月 當月 dang1 yue4
on that month

当月 當月 dang4 yue4
the same month

登陆月球 登陸月球 deng1 lu4 yue4 qiu2
moon landing; to land on the moon

登月 登月 deng1 yue4
to go (up) to the moon

冬月 冬月 dong1 yue4
eleventh lunar month

杜月笙 杜月笙 du4 yue4 sheng1
Du Yuesheng (1888-1951), Shanghai secret-society leader, banker, industrialist

二月 二月 er4 yue4
February; second month (of the lunar year)

二月份 二月份 er4 yue4 fen4

风花雪月 風花雪月 feng1 hua1 xue3 yue4
wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject (idiom); effete language without substance; love affair; romance is in the air; dissipated life

风月 風月 feng1 yue4
romance; beautiful scenery; small or petty (of talk etc)

光风霁月 光風霽月 guang1 feng1 ji4 yue4
lit. light breeze and clear moon (idiom); period of peace and prosperity; noble and benevolent character

海底捞月 海底撈月 hai3 di3 lao1 yue4
to fetch the moon from the seabed (idiom); a hopeless illusion

害月子 害月子 hai4 yue4 zi5
morning sickness (in pregnancy)

烘云托月 烘雲托月 hong1 yun2 tuo1 yue4
lit. to shade in the clouds to offset the moon (idiom); fig. a foil; a contrasting character to a main hero

红泥月亮 紅泥月亮 hong2 ni2 yue4 liang5

红新月 紅新月 hong2 xin1 yue4
Red Crescent

猴年马月 猴年馬月 hou2 nian2 ma3 yue4
long time off; time that will never come

花好月圆 花好月圓 hua1 hao3 yue4 yuan2
lit. lovely flowers, round moon (idiom); fig. everything is wonderful; perfect happiness; conjugal bliss

花前月下 花前月下 hua1 qian2 yue4 xia4
see 月下花前

花容月貌 花容月貌 hua1 rong2 yue4 mao4
lit. countenance of a flower, face like the moon (idiom); fig. (of a woman) beautiful

花朝月夕 花朝月夕 hua1 zhao1 yue4 xi1
a beautiful day; cf Birthday of the Flowers on lunar 15th February and Mid-autumn Festival on lunar 15th August

积年累月 積年累月 ji1 nian2 lei3 yue4
year in, year out (idiom); (over) many years

皎月 皎月 jiao3 yue4
the bright moon

近水楼台先得月 近水樓臺先得月 jin4 shui3 lou2 tai2 xian1 de2 yue4
the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first (idiom); to benefit from intimacy with an influential person

经年累月 經年累月 jing1 nian2 lei3 yue4
for years; over the years

镜花水月 鏡花水月 jing4 hua1 shui3 yue4
lit. flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected in the lake (idiom); fig. an unrealistic rosy view; viewing things through rose-tinted spectacles; also written 水月鏡花|水月镜花

九天揽月 九天攬月 jiu3 tian1 lan3 yue4
to reach for the stars (idiom)

九月 九月 jiu3 yue4
September; ninth month (of the lunar year)

九月份 九月份 jiu3 yue4 fen4
September; ninth month

腊月 臘月 la4 yue4
twelfth lunar month

猎杀红色十月号 獵殺紅色十月號 lie4 sha1 hong2 se4 shi2 yue4 hao4
"The Hunt for Red October", a novel by Tom Clancy

临月儿 臨月兒 lin2 yue4 er5
the month childbirth is due

流星赶月 流星趕月 liu2 xing1 gan3 yue4
lit. a meteor catching up with the moon; swift action (idiom)

六月 六月 liu4 yue4
June; sixth month (of the lunar year)

六月份 六月份 liu4 yue4 fen4

驴年马月 驢年馬月 lv2 nian2 ma3 yue4
see 猴年馬月|猴年马月

满月 滿月 man3 yue4
full moon; whole month; baby's one-month old birthday

眉月 眉月 mei2 yue4
waxing crescent (moon)

每月 每月 mei3 yue4
each month

弥月 彌月 mi2 yue4
full moon; first full moon after birth (i.e. entering the second month)

蜜月 蜜月 mi4 yue4

蜜月假期 蜜月假期 mi4 yue4 jia4 qi1

明月 明月 ming2 yue4
bright moon; refers to 夜明珠, a legendary pearl that can glow in the dark

明月清风 明月清風 ming2 yue4 qing1 feng1
see 清風明月|清风明月

年月 年月 nian2 yue4
months and year; time; days of one's life

牛年马月 牛年馬月 niu2 nian2 ma3 yue4
see 猴年馬月|猴年马月

盼星星盼月亮 盼星星盼月亮 pan4 xing1 xing1 pan4 yue4 liang4
to wish for the stars and the moon; to have unreal expectations

披星带月 披星帶月 pi1 xing1 dai4 yue4
variant of 披星戴月

披星戴月 披星戴月 pi1 xing1 dai4 yue4
to travel or work through night and day; to toil away for long hours

品月 品月 pin3 yue4
light blue

平月 平月 ping2 yue4
February of a common year

七月 七月 qi1 yue4
July; seventh month (of the lunar year)

七月份 七月份 qi1 yue4 fen4

清风明月 清風明月 qing1 feng1 ming2 yue4
lit. cool breeze and bright moon (idiom); fig. peaceful and clear night; (allusively) living a solitary and quiet life

日积月累 日積月累 ri4 ji1 yue4 lei3
to accumulate over a long period of time

日新月异 日新月異 ri4 xin1 yue4 yi4
daily renewal, monthly change (idiom); every day sees new developments; rapid progress

日月 日月 ri4 yue4
the sun and moon; day and month; every day and every month; season; life and livelihood

日月重光 日月重光 ri4 yue4 chong2 guang1
the sun and moon shine once more; fig. things get back to normal after an upheaval

日月蹉跎 日月蹉跎 ri4 yue4 cuo1 tuo2
days and months slip away; fig. the inexorable passage of time

日月如梭 日月如梭 ri4 yue4 ru2 suo1
the sun and moon like a shuttle (idiom); How time flies!

日月食 日月食 ri4 yue4 shi2
eclipsis (of the moon or sun)

日月潭 日月潭 ri4 yue4 tan2
Sun Moon Lake (Dalian, Taiwan etc)

日月五星 日月五星 ri4 yue4 wu3 xing1
sun, moon and the five visible planets

日月晕 日月暈 ri4 yue4 yun4
halo; ring of light around the sun or moon

入月 入月 ru4 yue4
(of women) beginning of menstrual cycle; full-term gestation

闰月 閏月 run4 yue4
intercalary month in the lunar calendar; leap month

三月 三月 san1 yue4
March; third month (of the lunar year)

三月份 三月份 san1 yue4 fen4

三月街 三月街 san1 yue4 jie1
Third Month Fair, traditional festival of the Bai Nationality 白族

赏月 賞月 shang3 yue4
to admire the full moon

上个月 上個月 shang4 ge4 yue4
last month

上弦月 上弦月 shang4 xian2 yue4
first quarter moon

上月 上月 shang4 yue4
last month

生卒年月 生卒年月 sheng1 zu2 nian2 yue4
dates of birth and death (of historical figure)

十二月 十二月 shi2 er4 yue4
December; twelfth month (of the lunar year)

十二月份 十二月份 shi2 er4 yue4 fen4

十几个月 十幾個月 shi2 ji3 ge4 yue4
ten months or so; about ten months

十一月 十一月 shi2 yi1 yue4
November; eleventh month (of the lunar year)

十一月份 十一月份 shi2 yi1 yue4 fen4

十月 十月 shi2 yue4
October; tenth month (of the lunar year)

十月份 十月份 shi2 yue4 fen4

十月革命 十月革命 shi2 yue4 ge2 ming4
October Revolution

数月 數月 shu4 yue4
several months

双月刊 雙月刊 shuang1 yue4 kan1
bimonthly publication

水中捞月 水中撈月 shui3 zhong1 lao1 yue4
to fetch the moon out of the sea (idiom); a hopeless illusion

朔月 朔月 shuo4 yue4
new moon; first day of the lunar month

四月 四月 si4 yue4
April; fourth month (of the lunar year)

四月份 四月份 si4 yue4 fen4

岁月 歲月 sui4 yue4
years; time

岁月流逝 歲月流逝 sui4 yue4 liu2 shi4
as time goes by (idiom)

岁月如流 歲月如流 sui4 yue4 ru2 liu2
the passage of the years; the flow of time

岁月如梭 歲月如梭 sui4 yue4 ru2 suo1
time flies (idiom)

岁月峥嵘 歲月崢嶸 sui4 yue4 zheng1 rong2
eventful years; momentous times

踏月 踏月 ta4 yue4
to go for a walk in the moonlight

探月 探月 tan4 yue4
lunar exploration

弯月形透镜 彎月形透鏡 wan1 yue4 xing2 tou4 jing4
meniscus lens

旺月 旺月 wang4 yue4
busy (business) month

望月 望月 wang4 yue4
full moon

吴牛见月 吳牛見月 wu2 niu2 jian4 yue4
cow from Wu is terrified by the moon, mistaking it for the sun

五月 五月 wu3 yue4
May; fifth month (of the lunar year)

五月份 五月份 wu3 yue4 fen4

五月节 五月節 wu3 yue4 jie2
Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of the 5th lunar month)

下个月 下個月 xia4 ge4 yue4
next month

下弦月 下弦月 xia4 xian2 yue4
third quarter or waning moon

下月 下月 xia4 yue4
next month

弦月 弦月 xian2 yue4
half-moon; the 7th and 8th and 22nd and 23rd of the lunar month

弦月窗 弦月窗 xian2 yue4 chuang1
a narrow slit window; a lunette

新月 新月 xin1 yue4
new moon; crescent

星月 星月 xing1 yue4
the moon and the stars

旬输月送 旬輸月送 xun2 shu1 yue4 song4
pay every ten days, give tribute every month (idiom); incessant and ever more complicated demands

烟花风月 煙花風月 yan1 hua1 feng1 yue4
refers to lovemaking (idiom)

杨月清 楊月清 yang2 yue4 qing1
Yang Yueqing, Chinese-Canadian woman documentary film director

一月 一月 yi1 yue4
January; first month (of the lunar year)

一月份 一月份 yi1 yue4 fen4

倚栏望月 倚欄望月 yi3 lan2 wang4 yue4
to lean against the railings and look at the moon (idiom)

吟风弄月 吟風弄月 yin2 feng1 nong4 yue4
lit. singing of the wind and the moon; fig. vacuous and sentimental (of poetry or art)

盈凸月 盈凸月 ying2 tu1 yue4
full moon; waxing gibbous moon

余月 余月 yu2 yue4
alternative term for fourth lunar month

圆月 圓月 yuan2 yue4
full moon

元月 元月 yuan2 yue4
first month (of either lunar or Western calendars)

月半 月半 yue4 ban4
15th of the month

月报 月報 yue4 bao4
monthly (used in names of publications); monthly bulletin

月孛 月孛 yue4 bei4
lunar apogee (point in the moon's orbit furthest from earth); imaginary heavenly body occupying the second focus of the moon's elliptic orbit; dark moon; Lilith

月饼 月餅 yue4 bing3
mooncake (esp. for the Mid-Autumn Festival)

月城 月城 yue4 cheng2
semicircular defensive enclosure around city gates; crescent-shaped barbican

月初 月初 yue4 chu1
start of month; early in the month

月底 月底 yue4 di3
end of the month

月度 月度 yue4 du4

月分 月分 yue4 fen4
month; also written 月份

月份 月份 yue4 fen4

月份会议 月份會議 yue4 fen4 hui4 yi4
monthly meeting; monthly conference

月份牌 月份牌 yue4 fen4 pai2
calendar (esp. illustrated)

月俸 月俸 yue4 feng4
monthly salary

月宫 月宮 yue4 gong1
Palace in the Moon (in folk tales)

月工 月工 yue4 gong1
worker employed by the month

月供 月供 yue4 gong1
monthly loan repayment; mortgage payment

月光 月光 yue4 guang1

月光石 月光石 yue4 guang1 shi2

月光隐遁 月光隱遁 yue4 guang1 yin3 dun4
to live in hiding; living as a recluse; to hide from the world

月光族 月光族 yue4 guang1 zu2
lit. moonlight group; fig. those who spend their monthly income even before they earn their next salary (slang)

月桂 月桂 yue4 gui4
laurel (Laurus nobilis); bay tree; bay leaf

月桂冠 月桂冠 yue4 gui4 guan1
laurel crown; victory garland (in Greek and Western culture)

月桂树 月桂樹 yue4 gui4 shu4
laurel tree (Laurus nobilis); bay tree

月桂树叶 月桂樹葉 yue4 gui4 shu4 ye4
laurel leaf; bay leaf

月桂叶 月桂葉 yue4 gui4 ye4
bay leaf; laurel leaf

月海 月海 yue4 hai3
lunar mare

月黑 月黑 yue4 hei1
moonless (night)

月黑天 月黑天 yue4 hei1 tian1
the dark; night

月湖 月湖 yue4 hu2
Yuehu district of Yingtan city 鷹潭市|鹰潭市, Jiangxi

月湖区 月湖區 yue4 hu2 qu1
Yuehu district of Yingtan city 鷹潭市|鹰潭市, Jiangxi

月华 月華 yue4 hua2

月季 月季 yue4 ji4
Chinese rose (Rosa sinensis)

月经 月經 yue4 jing1
menstruation; a woman's period

月经垫 月經墊 yue4 jing1 dian4
sanitary towel; menopad

月经棉栓 月經棉栓 yue4 jing1 mian2 shuan1

月径 月徑 yue4 jing4
moonlit path; diameter of the moon; diameter of the moon's orbit

月刊 月刊 yue4 kan1
monthly magazine

月坑 月坑 yue4 keng1
lunar crater

月亏 月虧 yue4 kui1
waning moon; to wane

月阑 月闌 yue4 lan2
the halo of the moon

月蓝 月藍 yue4 lan2
light blue

月老 月老 yue4 lao3
matchmaker; go-between; same as 月下老人

月鳢 月鱧 yue4 li3
snakehead mullet; Channa asiatica

月历 月曆 yue4 li4
monthly calendar

月利 月利 yue4 li4
monthly interest

月亮 月亮 yue4 liang5
the moon

月亮女神号 月亮女神號 yue4 liang5 nv3 shen2 hao4
SELENE, Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft, launched in 2007

月令 月令 yue4 ling4
typical weather in a given season

月轮 月輪 yue4 lun2
full moon

月盲症 月盲症 yue4 mang2 zheng4
moon blindness; equine recurrent uveitis

月杪 月杪 yue4 miao3
last few days of the month

月末 月末 yue4 mo4
end of month; late in the month

月女神 月女神 yue4 nv3 shen2
Moon Goddess

月偏食 月偏食 yue4 pian1 shi2
partial eclipse of the moon

月票 月票 yue4 piao4
monthly ticket

月婆子 月婆子 yue4 po2 zi5
woman in late pregnancy (colloquial)

月钱 月錢 yue4 qian2
monthly payment

月琴 月琴 yue4 qin2
yueqin, a lute with oval or octagonal sound box

月球 月球 yue4 qiu2
the moon

月球车 月球車 yue4 qiu2 che1
moon buggy

月全食 月全食 yue4 quan2 shi2
total lunar eclipse

月嫂 月嫂 yue4 sao3
woman hired to take care of a newborn child and its mother in the month after childbirth

月色 月色 yue4 se4

月食 月食 yue4 shi2
lunar eclipse; eclipse of the moon

月蚀 月蝕 yue4 shi2
variant of 月食

月事 月事 yue4 shi4
menses; menstruation; a woman's periods

月收入 月收入 yue4 shou1 ru4
monthly income

月朔 月朔 yue4 shuo4
the first day of each month

月台 月臺 yue4 tai2
railway platform

月台幕门 月台幕門 yue4 tai2 mu4 men2
(railway) platform screen doors; platform-edge doors

月台票 月臺票 yue4 tai2 piao4
platform ticket

月头儿 月頭兒 yue4 tou2 er5
start of the month (colloquial)

月尾 月尾 yue4 wei3
end of the month

月息 月息 yue4 xi1
monthly interest

月夕 月夕 yue4 xi1
Mid-autumn Festival on lunar 15th August

月下花前 月下花前 yue4 xia4 hua1 qian2
lit. amidst the flowers under the moonlight (idiom); fig. romantic surroundings

月下老人 月下老人 yue4 xia4 lao3 ren2
minor divinity concerned with marriage; matchmaker; go-between

月相 月相 yue4 xiang4
phases of moon, namely: new moon 朔, first quarter or waxing moon 上弦, full moon 望 and last quarter or waning moon 下弦

月薪 月薪 yue4 xin1
monthly income (in kind)

月牙 月牙 yue4 ya2
crescent moon

月芽 月芽 yue4 ya2
variant of 月牙

月牙形 月牙形 yue4 ya2 xing2

月岩 月岩 yue4 yan2
moon rock

月曜日 月曜日 yue4 yao4 ri4
Monday (used in ancient Chinese astronomy)

月夜 月夜 yue4 ye4
moonlit night

月月 月月 yue4 yue4
every month

月晕 月暈 yue4 yun4
ring around the moon; lunar halo

月支 月支 yue4 zhi1
Tokhara; Tokharians (historic people of central Asia)

月氏 月氏 yue4 zhi1
Tokhara; Tokharians, historic Indo-European people of central Asia; same as 吐火羅人|吐火罗人

月氏人 月氏人 yue4 zhi1 ren2
Tokharian Indo-European people of central Asia; same as 吐火羅人|吐火罗人

月中 月中 yue4 zhong1
middle of month

月子 月子 yue4 zi5
traditional one-month confinement period following childbirth; puerperium

月子病 月子病 yue4 zi5 bing4
puerperal fever

匝月 匝月 za1 yue4
(formal) a full month

斋月 齋月 zhai1 yue4
Ramadan (Islam)

正月 正月 zheng1 yue4
first month of the lunar year

正月初一 正月初一 zheng1 yue4 chu1 yi1
New Year's Day in the lunar calendar

整年累月 整年累月 zheng3 nian2 lei3 yue4
all year round; over a long period

众星攒月 眾星攢月 zhong4 xing1 cuan2 yue4
see 眾星捧月|众星捧月

众星拱月 眾星拱月 zhong4 xing1 gong3 yue4
see 眾星捧月|众星捧月

众星捧月 眾星捧月 zhong4 xing1 peng3 yue4
lit. all the stars cup themselves around the moon (idiom, from Analects); fig. to view sb as core figure; to group around a revered leader; to revolve around sb

逐月 逐月 zhu2 yue4
month-by-month; monthly; on a monthly basis

足月 足月 zu2 yue4
full-term (gestation)

做满月 做滿月 zuo4 man3 yue4
to celebrate a child reaching the age of one month

坐月 坐月 zuo4 yue4
see 坐月子

坐月子 坐月子 zuo4 yue4 zi5
to convalesce for a month following childbirth, following a special diet, and observing various taboos to protect the body from exposure to the "wind"