to have; there is; there are; to exist; to be

strokes 6
strokes after radical 2
爱美之心,人皆有之 愛美之心,人皆有之 ai4 mei3 zhi1 xin1 - ren2 jie1 you3 zhi1
everyone loves beauty (idiom)

版权所有 版權所有 ban3 quan2 suo3 you3
all rights reserved (copyright statement)

伴有 伴有 ban4 you3
to be accompanied by

包子有肉不在褶上 包子有肉不在褶上 bao1 zi5 you3 rou4 bu4 zai4 zhe3 shang4
a book is not judged by its cover (idiom)

保利科技有限公司 保利科技有限公司 bao3 li4 ke1 ji4 you3 xian4 gong1 si1
Poly Technologies (defense manufacturing company)

保有 保有 bao3 you3
to keep; to retain

抱有 抱有 bao4 you3
have; possess

北京汽车制造厂有限公司 北京汽車製造廠有限公司 bei3 jing1 qi4 che1 zhi4 zao4 chang3 you3 xian4 gong1 si1
Beijing Automobile Works (BAW)

比上不足比下有余 比上不足比下有餘 bi3 shang4 bu4 zu2 bi3 xia4 you3 yu2
to fall short of the best but be better than the worst; can pass muster

必有重谢 必有重謝 bi4 you3 zhong4 xie4
(we) will be very grateful (if …)

别有 別有 bie2 you3
to have other...; to have a special ...

别有洞天 別有洞天 bie2 you3 dong4 tian1
place of charm and beauty; scenery of exceptional charm; completely different world

别有天地 別有天地 bie2 you3 tian1 di4
enchanting scenery; beautiful surroundings; world of its own

别有用心 別有用心 bie2 you3 yong4 xin1
to have an ulterior motive (idiom); a hidden agenda

别有韵味 別有韻味 bie2 you3 yun4 wei4
to have quite a lasting charm

彬彬有礼 彬彬有禮 bin1 bin1 you3 li3
refined and courteous; urbane

不求有功,但求无过 不求有功,但求無過 bu4 qiu2 you3 gong1 - dan4 qiu2 wu2 guo4
lit. not aiming to achieve the best possible result, but rather trying to avoid making mistakes (idiom); fig. to take a risk-averse approach

不孝有三,无后为大 不孝有三,無後為大 bu4 xiao4 you3 san1 - wu2 hou4 wei2 da4
There are three ways to be unfilial; having no sons is the worst. (citation from Mencius 孟子)

车到山前必有路 車到山前必有路 che1 dao4 shan1 qian2 bi4 you3 lu4
lit. When we get to the mountain, there'll be a way through. (idiom); fig. Everything will turn out for the best.; Let's worry about it when it happens.; It will be all right on the night.; cf couplet 車到山前必有路,船到橋頭自然直|车到山前必有路,船到桥头自然直

车到山前必有路,船到桥头自然直 車到山前必有路,船到橋頭自然直 che1 dao4 shan1 qian2 bi4 you3 lu4 - chuan2 dao4 qiao2 tou2 zi4 ran2 zhi2
lit. When we get to the mountain, there'll be a way through and when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current. (idiom); fig. Everything will turn out for the best.; Let's worry about it when it happens.; It will be all right on

车到山前自有路 車到山前自有路 che1 dao4 shan1 qian2 zi4 you3 lu4
lit. When we get to the mountain, there'll be a way through. (idiom); fig. Everything will turn out for the best.; Let's worry about it when it happens.; It will be all right on the night.; cf couplet 車到山前必有路,船到橋頭自然直|车到山前必有路,船到桥头自然直

成事不足,败事有余 成事不足,敗事有餘 cheng2 shi4 bu4 zu2 - bai4 shi4 you3 yu2
unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything (idiom); unable to do anything right; never make, but always mar

持有 持有 chi2 you3
to hold (passport, views etc)

持有人 持有人 chi2 you3 ren2

尺有所短,寸有所长 尺有所短,寸有所長 chi3 you3 suo3 duan3 - cun4 you3 suo3 chang2
lit. for some things a foot may be too short, and for the other an inch will suffice (proverb); fig. everyone has their strong and weak points; everything has its advantages and disadvantages

除另有约定 除另有約定 chu2 ling4 you3 yue1 ding4
unless otherwise agreed

绰绰有余 綽綽有餘 chuo4 chuo4 you3 yu2
enough and to spare (idiom)

从来没有 從來沒有 cong2 lai2 mei2 you3
have never; never before

存有 存有 cun2 you3
to hold in storage; to retain; to harbor (feelings); to entertain (sentiments); (of abstract things) to exist; there is

错落有致 錯落有致 cuo4 luo4 you3 zhi4
in picturesque disorder (idiom); irregular arrangement with charming effect

大难不死,必有后福 大難不死,必有後福 da4 nan4 bu4 si3 - bi4 you3 hou4 fu2
one is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster (proverb)

大有 大有 da4 you3
there is much; (literary) abundance

大有裨益 大有裨益 da4 you3 bi4 yi4
bringing great benefits (idiom); very useful; of great service; to help greatly; to serve one well

大有可为 大有可為 da4 you3 ke3 wei2
with great prospects for the future (idiom); well worth doing

大有人在 大有人在 da4 you3 ren2 zai4
there are plenty of such people

大有文章 大有文章 da4 you3 wen2 zhang1
some deeper meaning in this; more to it than meets the eye; there's sth behind all this

大有希望 大有希望 da4 you3 xi1 wang4
to stand a good chance; to have great hopes; to be promising

大有作为 大有作為 da4 you3 zuo4 wei2
to accomplish much; to have good prospects; to have a promising future

带有 帶有 dai4 you3
to have; to involve

戴有色眼镜 戴有色眼鏡 dai4 you3 se4 yan3 jing4
to wear colored glasses; to have a prejudiced viewpoint

当之有愧 當之有愧 dang1 zhi1 you3 kui4
to feel undeserving of the praise or the honor

底栖有孔虫 底棲有孔蟲 di3 qi1 you3 kong3 chong2
benthic foraminifera

独有 獨有 du2 you3
to own exclusively; unique to; specific; there is only

多少有些 多少有些 duo1 shao3 you3 xie1
somewhat; more or less

恶有恶报 惡有惡報 e4 you3 e4 bao4
evil has its retribution (idiom); to suffer the consequences of one's bad deeds; sow the wind and reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7)

儿孙自有儿孙福 兒孫自有兒孫福 er2 sun1 zi4 you3 er2 sun1 fu2
younger generations will do all right on their own (idiom)

发奋有为 發奮有為 fa1 fen4 you3 wei2
to prove one's worth through firm resolve (idiom)

返还占有 返還占有 fan3 huan2 zhan4 you3

否有效 否有效 fou3 you3 xiao4

富富有余 富富有餘 fu4 fu4 you3 yu2
richly provided for; having enough and to spare

富有 富有 fu4 you3
rich; full of

负有 負有 fu4 you3
to be responsible for

负有责任 負有責任 fu4 you3 ze2 ren4
at fault; blamed for; responsible (for a blunder or crime)

隔壁有耳 隔壁有耳 ge2 bi4 you3 er3
walls have ears

隔墙有耳 隔牆有耳 ge2 qiang2 you3 er3
the walls have ears (idiom)

各有千秋 各有千秋 ge4 you3 qian1 qiu1
each has its own merits (idiom)

各有所好 各有所好 ge4 you3 suo3 hao4
Each has his likes and dislikes (idiom). There is no accounting for tastes.; chacun son gout

亘古未有 亙古未有 gen4 gu3 wei4 you3
unprecedented; never seen since ancient times

更有甚者 更有甚者 geng4 you3 shen4 zhe3
furthermore (idiom)

耕者有其田 耕者有其田 geng4 zhe3 you3 qi2 tian2
"land to the tiller", post-Liberation land reform movement instigated by the CCP

公说公有理,婆说婆有理 公說公有理,婆說婆有理 gong1 shuo1 gong1 you3 li3 - po2 shuo1 po2 you3 li3
both sides claim they're right (idiom)

公有 公有 gong1 you3
publicly owned; communal; held in common

公有化 公有化 gong1 you3 hua4
to nationalize; to take over as communal property

公有制 公有制 gong1 you3 zhi4
public ownership

共有 共有 gong4 you3
to have altogether; in all

股份有限公司 股份有限公司 gu3 fen4 you3 xian4 gong1 si1
joint-stock limited company; corporation

固有 固有 gu4 you3
intrinsic to sth; inherent; native

固有词 固有詞 gu4 you3 ci2
native words (i.e. not derived from Chinese, in Korean and Japanese etc)

固有名词 固有名詞 gu4 you3 ming2 ci2
proper noun

国家兴亡,匹夫有责 國家興亡,匹夫有責 guo2 jia1 xing1 wang2 - pi3 fu1 you3 ze2
The rise and fall of the nation concerns everyone (idiom). Everyone bears responsibility for the prosperity of society.

国务院国有资产监督管理委员会 國務院國有資產監督管理委員會 guo2 wu4 yuan4 guo2 you3 zi1 chan3 jian1 du1 guan3 li3 wei3 yuan2 hui4
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of State Council (SASAC); abbr. to 國資委|国资委

国有 國有 guo2 you3
nationalized; public; government owned; state-owned

国有公司 國有公司 guo2 you3 gong1 si1
state enterprise

国有化 國有化 guo2 you3 hua4

国有企业 國有企業 guo2 you3 qi3 ye4
nationalized business; state-owned business

国有资产监督管理委员会 國有資產監督管理委員會 guo2 you3 zi1 chan3 jian1 du1 guan3 li3 wei3 yuan2 hui4
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission SASAC

还有 還有 hai2 you3
furthermore; in addition; still; also

害人之心不可有,防人之心不可无 害人之心不可有,防人之心不可無 hai4 ren2 zhi1 xin1 bu4 ke3 you3 - fang2 ren2 zhi1 xin1 bu4 ke3 wu2
refrain from hurting others, yet guard against those trying to hurt you (proverb)

含有 含有 han2 you3
to contain; including

罕有 罕有 han3 you3
to rarely have; rare

后会有期 後會有期 hou4 hui4 you3 qi1
I'm sure we'll meet again some day. (idiom); Hope to see you again.

后继有人 後繼有人 hou4 ji4 you3 ren2
to have qualified successors to carry on one's undertaking

互通有无 互通有無 hu4 tong1 you3 wu2
mutual exchange of assistance (idiom); to benefit from each other's strengths and make up each other's shortfalls; to reciprocate with material assistance; scratch each other's back

花有重开日,人无再少年 花有重開日,人無再少年 hua1 you3 chong2 kai1 ri4 - ren2 wu2 zai4 shao4 nian2
a flower may blossom again, but a person cannot get young again (proverb)

话里有话 話裡有話 hua4 li3 you3 hua4
to have hidden meaning; implication; more than just the apparent meaning; something hinted

化为乌有 化為烏有 hua4 wei2 wu1 you3
to go up in smoke; to vanish

话中有刺 話中有刺 hua4 zhong1 you3 ci4
hidden barbs in one's words; hostile subtext

话中有话 話中有話 hua4 zhong1 you3 hua4
overtones in conversation; things indirectly implied from what is said

怀有 懷有 huai2 you3
to have in one's person (feelings, talent etc)

患有 患有 huan4 you3
to contract (an illness); to be afflicted with; to suffer from

恢恢有余 恢恢有餘 hui1 hui1 you3 yu2
lit. to have an abundance of space; room to maneuver (idiom)

吉人自有天相 吉人自有天相 ji2 ren2 zi4 you3 tian1 xiang4
Heaven helps the worthy (idiom)

极有可能 極有可能 ji2 you3 ke3 neng2
extremely possible; probable

既有 既有 ji4 you3

既有今日何必当初 既有今日何必當初 ji4 you3 jin1 ri4 he2 bi4 dang1 chu1
see 早知今日何必當初|早知今日何必当初

家家有本难念的经 家家有本難念的經 jia1 jia1 you3 ben3 nan2 nian4 de5 jing1
Every family goes through its problems. (idiom)

兼而有之 兼而有之 jian1 er2 you3 zhi1
to have both (at the same time)

兼有 兼有 jian1 you3
to combine; to have both

见闻有限 見聞有限 jian4 wen2 you3 xian4
to possess limited experience and knowledge (idiom)

津津有味 津津有味 jin1 jin1 you3 wei4
with keen interest pleasure (idiom); with gusto; to relish; eagerly; with great interest

今朝有酒今朝醉 今朝有酒今朝醉 jin1 zhao1 you3 jiu3 jin1 zhao1 zui4
to live in the moment (idiom); to live every day as if it were one's last; to enjoy while one can

进退有常 進退有常 jin4 tui4 you3 chang2
to advance or retreat, each has its rules (idiom from Zhuangzi); many translations are possible

经济有效 經濟有效 jing1 ji4 you3 xiao4

井井有条 井井有條 jing3 jing3 you3 tiao2
everything clear and orderly (idiom); neat and tidy

井然有序 井然有序 jing3 ran2 you3 xu4
everything clear and in good order (idiom); neat and tidy

炯炯有神 炯炯有神 jiong3 jiong3 you3 shen2
eyes bright and full of expression

咎有应得 咎有應得 jiu4 you3 ying1 de2
to deserve what one gets (punishment, mishap etc) (idiom)

据为己有 據為己有 ju4 wei2 ji3 you3
to take for one's own; to expropriate

具有 具有 ju4 you3
to have; to possess

据有 據有 ju4 you3
to occupy; to hold; to possess

具有主权 具有主權 ju4 you3 zhu3 quan2

绝无仅有 絕無僅有 jue2 wu2 jin3 you3
one and only (idiom); rarely seen; unique of its kind

开弓没有回头箭 開弓沒有回頭箭 kai1 gong1 mei2 you3 hui2 tou2 jian4
lit. once you've shot the arrow, there's no getting it back (idiom); fig. once you started sth, there's no turning back; to have to finish what one started; to be determined to reach one's goals in spite of setbacks

开卷有益 開卷有益 kai1 juan4 you3 yi4
lit. opening a book is profitable (idiom); the benefits of education

康有为 康有為 kang1 you3 wei2
Kang Youwei (1858-1927), Confucian intellectual, educator and would-be reformer, main leader of the failed reform movement of 1898

可望有成 可望有成 ke3 wang4 you3 cheng2
can be expected to be a success

可有可无 可有可無 ke3 you3 ke3 wu2
not essential; dispensable

空无所有 空無所有 kong1 wu2 suo3 you3
having nothing (idiom); utterly destitute; without two sticks to rub together

孔武有力 孔武有力 kong3 wu3 you3 li4
courageous and strong (idiom); Herculean (physique etc)

旷古未有 曠古未有 kuang4 gu3 wei4 you3
never before in the whole of history (idiom); unprecedented

离奇有趣 離奇有趣 li2 qi2 you3 qu4

力有未逮 力有未逮 li4 you3 wei4 dai4
beyond one's reach or power (to do sth)

两虎相斗,必有一伤 兩虎相鬥,必有一傷 liang3 hu3 xiang1 dou4 - bi4 you3 yi1 shang1
when two tigers fight, one will get injured (idiom); if it comes to a fight, someone will get hurt.

两虎相争,必有一伤 兩虎相爭,必有一傷 liang3 hu3 xiang1 zheng1 - bi4 you3 yi1 shang1
if two tigers fight, one will get injured (idiom); if you start a war, someone is bound to get hurt

领有 領有 ling3 you3
to possess; to own

另有 另有 ling4 you3
to have some other (reason etc)

另有企图 另有企圖 ling4 you3 qi3 tu2
to have an axe to grind (idiom)

留有余地 留有餘地 liu2 you3 yu2 di4
to leave some leeway; to allow for the unpredictable

路上比终点更有意义 路上比終點更有意義 lu4 shang5 bi3 zhong1 dian3 geng4 you3 yi4 yi4
The road means more than the destination.; It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.

萝卜白菜,各有所爱 蘿蔔白菜,各有所愛 luo2 bo5 bai2 cai4 - ge4 you3 suo3 ai4
one man's meat is another man's poison (idiom); to each his own

萝卜青菜,各有所爱 蘿蔔青菜,各有所愛 luo2 bo5 qing1 cai4 - ge4 you3 suo3 ai4
see 蘿蔔白菜,各有所愛|萝卜白菜,各有所爱

落花有意,流水无情 落花有意,流水無情 luo4 hua1 you3 yi4 - liu2 shui3 wu2 qing2
lit. the falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on (idiom); fig. one side is willing, yet the other one remains indifferent (usually of unrequited love)

满有谱 滿有譜 man3 you3 pu3
to have a clearcut idea; to have firm guidelines; to have confidence; to be sure; to be certain

忙中有错 忙中有錯 mang2 zhong1 you3 cuo4
Rushed work lead to errors (idiom). Mistakes are likely at times of stress.

忙中有失 忙中有失 mang2 zhong1 you3 shi1
Rushed work lead to slip-ups (idiom). Mistakes are likely at times of stress.

没有 沒有 mei2 you3
haven't; hasn't; doesn't exist; to not have; to not be

没有差别 沒有差別 mei2 you3 cha1 bie2
there is no difference; it makes no difference

没有法 沒有法 mei2 you3 fa3
at a loss; unable to do anything about it; to have no choice

没有关系 沒有關係 mei2 you3 guan1 xi5
see 沒關係|没关系

没有规矩,不成方圆 沒有規矩,不成方圓 mei2 you3 gui1 ju5 - bu4 cheng2 fang1 yuan2
without rules, nothing can be done (idiom); one must follow some rules

没有规矩,何以成方圆 沒有規矩,何以成方圓 mei2 you3 gui1 ju5 - he2 yi3 cheng2 fang1 yuan2
without rules, how can anything be done (idiom); one must follow some rules

没有劲头 沒有勁頭 mei2 you3 jin4 tou2
to have no strength; to feel weak; feeling listless

没有劲头儿 沒有勁頭兒 mei2 you3 jin4 tou2 er5
erhua variant of 沒有勁頭|没有劲头

没有脸皮 沒有臉皮 mei2 you3 lian3 pi2
ashamed; embarrassed; not having the face (to meet people); not daring (out of shame)

没有品味 沒有品味 mei2 you3 pin3 wei4

没有人烟 沒有人煙 mei2 you3 ren2 yan1

没有什么 沒有甚麼 mei2 you3 shen2 me5
it is nothing; there's nothing ... about it

没有什么不可能 沒有甚麼不可能 mei2 you3 shen2 me5 bu4 ke3 neng2
nothing is impossible; there's nothing impossible about it

没有生育能力 沒有生育能力 mei2 you3 sheng1 yu4 neng2 li4
infertile; unable to have children

没有事 沒有事 mei2 you3 shi4
not a bit; nothing is up; nothing alarming is happening

没有形状 沒有形狀 mei2 you3 xing2 zhuang4

没有意思 沒有意思 mei2 you3 yi4 si5
boring; of no interest

没有意义 沒有意義 mei2 you3 yi4 yi4
not to have any meaning; meaningless

美国有线新闻网 美國有線新聞網 mei3 guo2 you3 xian4 xin1 wen2 wang3
Cable Network News (CNN)

靡不有初,鲜克有终 靡不有初,鮮克有終 mi3 bu4 you3 chu1 - xian3 ke4 you3 zhong1
almost everything has a start, but not many things have an end (idiom); don't start sth you can't handle

靡有孑遗 靡有孑遺 mi3 you3 jie2 yi2
all dead and no survivors

面有菜色 面有菜色 mian4 you3 cai4 se4
to look famished

面有难色 面有難色 mian4 you3 nan2 se4
to show signs of reluctance or embarrassment

名花有主 名花有主 ming2 hua1 you3 zhu3
the girl is already taken (idiom)

明知山有虎,偏向虎山行 明知山有虎,偏向虎山行 ming2 zhi1 shan1 you3 hu3 - pian1 xiang4 hu3 shan1 xing2
lit. to willfully go towards the mountain although knowing that it has tigers (idiom); fig. to take a risk despite knowing the dangers

莫须有 莫須有 mo4 xu1 you3
groundless; baseless

目怆有天 目愴有天 mu4 chuang4 you3 tian1
to look at the sky in sorrow

男儿有泪不轻弹 男兒有淚不輕彈 nan2 er2 you3 lei4 bu4 qing1 tan2
real men do not easily cry (idiom)

男人膝下有黄金 男人膝下有黃金 nan2 ren2 xi1 xia4 you3 huang2 jin1
lit. the man has gold under his knees; fig. a man who does not easily kneel in front of others (owing to pride or moral integrity)

脑子有泡 腦子有泡 nao3 zi5 you3 pao4
soft in the head; brainless; dumb

年年有余 年年有餘 nian2 nian2 you3 yu2
lit. (may you) have abundance year after year; (an auspicious saying for the Lunar New Year)

年轻有为 年輕有為 nian2 qing1 you3 wei2
young and promising

念念有词 念念有詞 nian4 nian4 you3 ci2
to mumble; to mutter to oneself

念念有词 唸唸有詞 nian4 nian4 you3 ci2
variant of 念念有詞|念念有词

其来有自 其來有自 qi2 lai2 you3 zi4
there is a reason for it; (of sth) not incidental

岂有此理 豈有此理 qi3 you3 ci3 li3
how can this be so? (idiom); preposterous; ridiculous; absurd

汽车夏利股份有限公司 汽車夏利股份有限公司 qi4 che1 xia4 li4 gu3 fen4 you3 xian4 gong1 si1
Tianjin FAW Xiali Motor Company, Ltd., established 1997

千里搭长棚,没有不散的宴席 千里搭長棚,沒有不散的宴席 qian1 li3 da1 chang2 peng2 - mei2 you3 bu4 san4 de5 yan4 xi2
even if you build a thousand-league awning for it, every banquet must come to an end (idiom)

千里马常有,而伯乐不常有 千里馬常有,而伯樂不常有 qian1 li3 ma3 chang2 you3 - er2 bo2 le4 bu4 chang2 you3
lit. there are many swift horses, but very few who can spot them (idiom); fig. many have talent, but few can recognize talent when they see it

前所未有 前所未有 qian2 suo3 wei4 you3

强有力 強有力 qiang2 you3 li4
strong; forceful

强中更有强中手 強中更有強中手 qiang2 zhong1 geng4 you3 qiang2 zhong1 shou3
see 強中自有強中手|强中自有强中手

强中自有强中手 強中自有強中手 qiang2 zhong1 zi4 you3 qiang2 zhong1 shou3
however strong you are, there is always someone stronger (idiom); there is always sth more to learn; never be satisfied to rest on your laurels; there is no room for complacency

情人眼里有西施 情人眼裡有西施 qing2 ren2 yan3 li3 you3 xi1 shi1
In the eyes of the lover, a famous beauty (idiom). Beauty in the eye of the beholder

情有独钟 情有獨鍾 qing2 you3 du2 zhong1
to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc)

情有独钟 情有獨鐘 qing2 you3 du2 zhong1
to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc)

情有可原 情有可原 qing2 you3 ke3 yuan2
pardonable (of interruption, misunderstanding etc)

穷在闹市无人问,富在深山有远亲 窮在鬧市無人問,富在深山有遠親 qiong2 zai4 nao4 shi4 wu2 ren2 wen4 - fu4 zai4 shen1 shan1 you3 yuan3 qin1
the poor are ignored in the busiest city; the rich will find relatives in the deepest mountain

确有其事 確有其事 que4 you3 qi2 shi4
(confirm to be) true; authentic

饶有 饒有 rao2 you3
full of (interest, humor, sentiment etc)

饶有风趣 饒有風趣 rao2 you3 feng1 qu4
bubbling with humor (idiom); witty and interesting

饶有兴趣 饒有興趣 rao2 you3 xing4 qu4

人各有所好 人各有所好 ren2 ge4 you3 suo3 hao4
everyone has their likes and dislikes; there is no accounting for taste; chacun son goût

人人有责 人人有責 ren2 ren2 you3 ze2
it is everyone's duty

人外有人,天外有天 人外有人,天外有天 ren2 wai4 you3 ren2 - tian1 wai4 you3 tian1
in the wider world there are people more talented than oneself (idiom)

人无远虑,必有近忧 人無遠慮,必有近憂 ren2 wu2 yuan3 lv4 - bi4 you3 jin4 you1
He who gives no thought to far-flung problems soon finds suffering nearby (idiom, from Analects).; Smug concentration on the here and now will lead to future sorrow.

人有三急 人有三急 ren2 you3 san1 ji2
(jocularly) to need to answer the call of nature

人有失手,马有失蹄 人有失手,馬有失蹄 ren2 you3 shi1 shou3 - ma3 you3 shi1 ti2
lit. just as humans make mistakes, so can a horse stumble (idiom); fig. everyone makes mistakes; even the best fall down sometimes

如有所失 如有所失 ru2 you3 suo3 shi1
to seem as if something is amiss (idiom)

若有若无 若有若無 ruo4 you3 ruo4 wu2
indistinct; faintly discernable

若有所丧 若有所喪 ruo4 you3 suo3 sang1
see 若有所失

若有所失 若有所失 ruo4 you3 suo3 shi1
as if one had lost something (idiom); to look or feel unsettled or distracted; to feel empty

若有所思 若有所思 ruo4 you3 suo3 si1
looking pensive; thoughtfully

若有所亡 若有所亡 ruo4 you3 suo3 wang2
see 若有所失

三人行,必有我师 三人行,必有我師 san1 ren2 xing2 - bi4 you3 wo3 shi1
lit. if three walk together, one can be my teacher (idiom, from the Analects of Confucius); you have sth to learn from everyone

三人行,则必有我师 三人行,則必有我師 san1 ren2 xing2 - ze2 bi4 you3 wo3 shi1
If three walk together, one of them can teach me sth (Confucius)

三生有幸 三生有幸 san1 sheng1 you3 xing4
the blessing of three lifetimes (idiom); (courteous language) it's my good fortune...

傻人有傻福 傻人有傻福 sha3 ren2 you3 sha3 fu2
fortune favors fools (idiom); fool's luck

煞有介事 煞有介事 sha4 you3 jie4 shi4
to make a show of being very much in earnest (idiom); to act as if one is taking things very seriously

煞有其事 煞有其事 sha4 you3 qi2 shi4
see 煞有介事

善有善报 善有善報 shan4 you3 shan4 bao4
virtue has its rewards (idiom); one good turn deserves another

善有善报,恶有恶报 善有善報,惡有惡報 shan4 you3 shan4 bao4 - e4 you3 e4 bao4
virtue has its reward, evil its retribution

善有善报,恶有恶报,若然不报时晨未到 善有善報,惡有惡報,若然不報時晨未到 shan4 you3 shan4 bao4 - e4 you3 e4 bao4 - ruo4 ran2 bu4 bao4 shi2 chen2 wei4 dao4
Good has its reward and evil has its recompense. The payback is just a matter of time

上有老下有小 上有老下有小 shang4 you3 lao3 xia4 you3 xiao3
lit. above are the elderly, below are the young (idiom); fig. to have to take care of both one's aging parents and one's children; sandwich generation

上有天堂,下有苏杭 上有天堂,下有蘇杭 shang4 you3 tian1 tang2 - xia4 you3 su1 hang2
lit. there is heaven above, and there is 蘇杭|苏杭 below (idiom); fig. the beauty and affluence of Suzhou and Hangzhou is comparable with heaven

上有政策,下有对策 上有政策,下有對策 shang4 you3 zheng4 ce4 - xia4 you3 dui4 ce4
The higher ups have policies while the lower downs have their own ways of getting around them. (idiom)

少有 少有 shao3 you3
rare; infrequent

设有 設有 she4 you3
to have; to incorporate; to feature

神女有心,襄王无梦 神女有心,襄王無夢 shen2 nv3 you3 xin1 - xiang1 wang2 wu2 meng4
lit. the fairy is willing, but King Xiang doesn't dream (idiom); (said of a woman's unrequited love)

生财有道 生財有道 sheng1 cai2 you3 dao4
lit. there are principles behind making money (idiom); fig. to have a knack for good business; knowing how to accumulate wealth; good at feathering one's own nest

生死有命 生死有命 sheng1 si3 you3 ming4
life and death are ruled by fate (idiom)

生有权 生有權 sheng1 you3 quan2

师出有名 師出有名 shi1 chu1 you3 ming2
lit. to have sufficient reason to send troops (idiom); to do something with good reason; to have just cause

十有八九 十有八九 shi2 you3 ba1 jiu3
most likely; mostly (in 8 or 9 cases out of 10); vast majority

时有所闻 時有所聞 shi2 you3 suo3 wen2
heard from time to time; one keeps hearing that...

市场占有率 市場佔有率 shi4 chang3 zhan4 you3 lv4
market share

是非自有公论 是非自有公論 shi4 fei1 zi4 you3 gong1 lun4
to determine right and wrong based on public opinion (idiom); Public opinion will judge what's right and wrong.

事业有成 事業有成 shi4 ye4 you3 cheng2
to be successful in business; professional success

守土有责 守土有責 shou3 tu3 you3 ze2
duty to defend the country (idiom)

书中自有黄金屋,书中自有颜如玉 書中自有黃金屋,書中自有顏如玉 shu1 zhong1 zi4 you3 huang2 jin1 wu1 - shu1 zhong1 zi4 you3 yan2 ru2 yu4
lit. in books are sumptuous houses and graceful ladies (proverb); fig. be diligent in your studies, success and glory will follow

私有 私有 si1 you3
private; privately-owned

私有化 私有化 si1 you3 hua4
privatization; to privatize

私有制 私有制 si1 you3 zhi4
private ownership of property

死有余辜 死有餘辜 si3 you3 yu2 gu1
death cannot wipe out the crimes (idiom); dreadful crimes that rankled even after the perpetrator is dead

素有 素有 su4 you3
to have; to have always had

所有 所有 suo3 you3
all; to have; to possess; to own

所有格 所有格 suo3 you3 ge2
possessive case (grammar)

所有权 所有權 suo3 you3 quan2
ownership; possession; property rights; title (to property)

所有物 所有物 suo3 you3 wu4
a possession; belongings

所有者 所有者 suo3 you3 zhe3
proprietor; owner

所有制 所有制 suo3 you3 zhi4
ownership of the means of production (in Marxism); system of ownership

所有主 所有主 suo3 you3 zhu3
owner; proprietor

特有 特有 te4 you3
specific (to); characteristic (of); distinctive

腾讯控股有限公司 騰訊控股有限公司 teng2 xun4 kong4 gu3 you3 xian4 gong1 si1
Tencent Holdings Limited (developers of the QQ instant messaging platform)

天外有天,人外有人 天外有天,人外有人 tian1 wai4 you3 tian1 - ren2 wai4 you3 ren2
see 人外有人,天外有天

天下没有不散的筵席 天下沒有不散的筵席 tian1 xia4 mei2 you3 bu4 san4 de5 yan2 xi2
all good things must come to an end (idiom)

天下没有不散的宴席 天下沒有不散的宴席 tian1 xia4 mei2 you3 bu4 san4 de5 yan4 xi2
see 天下沒有不散的筵席|天下没有不散的筵席

天下无难事,只怕有心人 天下無難事,只怕有心人 tian1 xia4 wu2 nan2 shi4 - zhi3 pa4 you3 xin1 ren2
lit. nothing is difficult on this earth, if your mind is set (idiom)

天下兴亡,匹夫有责 天下興亡,匹夫有責 tian1 xia4 xing1 wang2 - pi3 fu1 you3 ze2
The rise and fall of the nation concerns everyone (idiom). Everyone bears responsibility for the prosperity of society.

天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福 天有不測風雲,人有旦夕禍福 tian1 you3 bu4 ce4 feng1 yun2 - ren2 you3 dan4 xi1 huo4 fu2
fortune as unpredictable as the weather, every day may bring fortune or calamity (idiom); sth unexpected may happen at any moment

徒有其名 徒有其名 tu2 you3 qi2 ming2
with an undeserved reputation (idiom); unwarranted fame; nowhere near as good as he's made out to be

徒有虚名 徒有虛名 tu2 you3 xu1 ming2
with an undeserved reputation (idiom); unwarranted fame; nowhere near as good as he's made out to be

万有 萬有 wan4 you3

万有引力 萬有引力 wan4 you3 yin3 li4

惟有 惟有 wei2 you3
variant of 唯有

唯有 唯有 wei2 you3

未有 未有 wei4 you3
is not; has never been; never occurring; unprecedented

问心有愧 問心有愧 wen4 xin1 you3 kui4
to have a guilty conscience

握有 握有 wo4 you3
to grasp and own; to hold (power)

乌有 烏有 wu1 you3
not to exist; nonexistent; illusory

无独有偶 無獨有偶 wu2 du2 you3 ou3
not alone but in pairs (idiom, usually derog.); not a unique occurrence; it's not the only case

无奇不有 無奇不有 wu2 qi2 bu4 you3
nothing is too bizarre; full of extraordinary things

吾生也有涯,而知也无涯 吾生也有涯,而知也無涯 wu2 sheng1 ye3 you3 ya2 - er2 zhi1 ye3 wu2 ya2
Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis

无中生有 無中生有 wu2 zhong1 sheng1 you3
to create something from nothing (idiom)

物各有主 物各有主 wu4 ge4 you3 zhu3
everything has a rightful owner (idiom)

稀有 稀有 xi1 you3

稀有气体 稀有氣體 xi1 you3 qi4 ti3
rare gas; noble gas (chemistry)

稀有元素 稀有元素 xi1 you3 yuan2 su4
trace element (nutrition)

先有 先有 xian1 you3
prior; preexisting

先有后婚 先有後婚 xian1 you3 hou4 hun1
marriage arranged following a pregnancy; marriage necessitated by an unplanned pregnancy

现有 現有 xian4 you3
currently existing; currently available

享有 享有 xiang3 you3
to enjoy (rights, privileges etc)

心里有谱 心裡有譜 xin1 li3 you3 pu3
to have a plan in mind

心里有数 心裡有數 xin1 li3 you3 shu4
to know the score (idiom); to be well aware of the situation

心里有鬼 心裡有鬼 xin1 li5 you3 gui3
to have secret motives; to have a guilty conscience

心有灵犀一点通 心有靈犀一點通 xin1 you3 ling2 xi1 yi1 dian3 tong1
hearts linked as one, just as the proverbial rhinoceros communicates emotion telepathically through his single horn (idiom); fig. two hearts beat as one

心有余,力不足 心有餘,力不足 xin1 you3 yu2 - li4 bu4 zu2
The will is there, but not the strength (idiom, from Confucian Analects).; I really want to do it, but don't have the resources.; The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

心有余而力不足 心有餘而力不足 xin1 you3 yu2 er2 li4 bu4 zu2
the will is there, but not the strength (idiom); the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

心有余悸 心有餘悸 xin1 you3 yu2 ji4
to have lingering fears; trepidation remaining after a trauma (idiom)

心中有鬼 心中有鬼 xin1 zhong1 you3 gui3
to harbor ulterior motives (idiom)

心中有数 心中有數 xin1 zhong1 you3 shu4
to know what's going on

行有余力 行有餘力 xing2 you3 yu2 li4
after that, any remaining energy (idiom from Analects); time for extracurricular activities

行之有效 行之有效 xing2 zhi1 you3 xiao4
to be effective (idiom)

胸有城府 胸有城府 xiong1 you3 cheng2 fu3
subtle way of thinking (idiom); hard to fathom; deep and shrewd

胸有成略 胸有成略 xiong1 you3 cheng2 lve4
the hero has plans already laid (idiom); to have plans ready in advance; forewarned is forearmed

胸有成算 胸有成算 xiong1 you3 cheng2 suan4
the hero has plans already laid (idiom); to have plans ready in advance; forewarned is forearmed

胸有成竹 胸有成竹 xiong1 you3 cheng2 zhu2
to plan in advance (idiom); a card up one's sleeve; forewarned is forearmed

胸有丘壑 胸有丘壑 xiong1 you3 qiu1 he4
far-sighted; astute

虚有其表 虛有其表 xu1 you3 qi2 biao3
looks impressive but is worthless (idiom); not as good as it looks; a reputation with no substance

学业有成 學業有成 xue2 ye4 you3 cheng2
to be successful in one's studies; academic success

哑巴吃黄连,有苦说不出 啞巴吃黃連,有苦說不出 ya3 ba5 chi1 huang2 lian2 - you3 ku3 shuo1 bu5 chu1
to be forced to suffer in silence (idiom); unable to speak of one's bitter suffering; sometimes written 啞子吃黃連,有苦說不出|哑子吃黄连,有苦说不出

言而有信 言而有信 yan2 er2 you3 xin4
to speak and keep one's promise (idiom); as good as one's word

颜厚有忸怩 顏厚有忸怩 yan2 hou4 you3 niu3 ni2
even the most brazen person will sometimes feel shame (idiom)

言者无意,听者有心 言者無意,聽者有心 yan2 zhe3 wu2 yi4 - ting1 zhe3 you3 xin1
to take a casual remark to heart (idiom)

言之有物 言之有物 yan2 zhi1 you3 wu4
(of one's words) to have substance

要有 要有 yao4 you3
to need; to require; must have

也有今天 也有今天 ye3 you3 jin1 tian1
(coll.) to get one's just deserts; to serve sb right; to get one's share of (good or bad things); every dog has its day

一无所有 一無所有 yi1 wu2 suo3 you3
not having anything at all (idiom); utterly lacking; without two sticks to rub together

阴德必有阳报 陰德必有陽報 yin1 de2 bi4 you3 yang2 bao4
hidden merits will have visible rewards (idiom)

应有 應有 ying1 you3

应有尽有 應有盡有 ying1 you3 jin4 you3
everything that should be here is here (idiom); all one can think of is on hand; to have all one needs

拥有 擁有 yong1 you3
to have; to possess

拥有权 擁有權 yong1 you3 quan2
right of ownership

游刃有余 遊刃有餘 you2 ren4 you3 yu2
handling a butcher's cleaver with ease (idiom); to do sth skillfully and easily

有百害而无一利 有百害而無一利 you3 bai3 hai4 er2 wu2 yi1 li4
having no advantage whatsoever

有百利而无一弊 有百利而無一弊 you3 bai3 li4 er2 wu2 yi1 bi4
to have many advantages and no disadvantages

有百利而无一害 有百利而無一害 you3 bai3 li4 er2 wu2 yi1 hai4
to have many advantages and no disadvantages

有板有眼 有板有眼 you3 ban3 you3 yan3
orderly; methodical; rhythmical

有办法 有辦法 you3 ban4 fa3
can find methods; resourceful; creative

有帮助 有幫助 you3 bang1 zhu4

有宝何必人前夸 有寶何必人前誇 you3 bao3 he2 bi4 ren2 qian2 kua1
There is no need to boast about one's treasures. (idiom)

有备而来 有備而來 you3 bei4 er2 lai2
to come prepared

有备无患 有備無患 you3 bei4 wu2 huan4
Preparedness averts peril.; to be prepared, just in case (idiom)

有悖于 有悖於 you3 bei4 yu2
to go against

有本钱 有本錢 you3 ben3 qian2
to be in a position to (take on a challenge, etc)

有边儿 有邊兒 you3 bian1 er5
to be likely or possible; to begin to take shape; to be likely to succeed

有编制 有編制 you3 bian1 zhi4
having a permanent post; part of the official staff

有别 有別 you3 bie2
different; distinct; unequal; variable

有不少名堂 有不少名堂 you3 bu4 shao3 ming2 tang5
there is a lot to it; not a straightforward matter

有才干 有才幹 you3 cai2 gan4

有产者 有產者 you3 chan3 zhe3
property owner; the wealthy

有偿 有償 you3 chang2
paying; paid (not free)

有沉有浮 有沉有浮 you3 chen2 you3 fu2
to have one's ups and downs

有成 有成 you3 cheng2
to succeed; successful

有创造力 有創造力 you3 chuang4 zao4 li4
ingenious; creative

有次序 有次序 you3 ci4 xu4

有待 有待 you3 dai4
not yet (done); pending

有袋类 有袋類 you3 dai4 lei4
(zoology) marsupial

有胆量 有膽量 you3 dan3 liang4

有道 有道 you3 dao4
to have attained the Way; (of a government or a ruler) enlightened; wise and just

有道理 有道理 you3 dao4 li5
to make sense; reasonable

有道是 有道是 you3 dao4 shi4
as they say, ...; as the saying goes, ...

有德行 有德行 you3 de2 xing2

有得一比 有得一比 you3 de2 yi1 bi3
can be compared; to be very similar

有得有失 有得有失 you3 de2 you3 shi1
you win some, you lose some (idiom); gains and losses; trade-off

有的 有的 you3 de5
(there are) some (who are...); some (exist)

有的没的 有的沒的 you3 de5 mei2 de5
trivial (matters); triviality; nonsense; rubbish

有的没有的 有的沒有的 you3 de5 mei2 you3 de5
see 有的沒的|有的没的

有的时候 有的時候 you3 de5 shi2 hou4
sometimes; at times

有的是 有的是 you3 de5 shi4
have plenty of; there's no lack of

有点 有點 you3 dian3
a little

有点儿 有點兒 you3 dian3 er5
slightly; a little; somewhat

有电 有電 you3 dian4
electric (apparatus); electrified; having electricity supply (of a house)

有毒 有毒 you3 du2

有方 有方 you3 fang1
to do things right; to use the correct method

有份 有份 you3 fen4
to have a share of (responsibility etc); to be concerned; to be involved

有风 有風 you3 feng1

有夫之妇 有夫之婦 you3 fu1 zhi1 fu4
married woman

有福 有福 you3 fu2
to be blessed

有福同享,有祸同当 有福同享,有禍同當 you3 fu2 tong2 xiang3 - you3 huo4 tong2 dang1
To enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together (idiom); for better or for worse

有福同享,有难同当 有福同享,有難同當 you3 fu2 tong2 xiang3 - you3 nan4 tong2 dang1
To enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together (idiom); for better or for worse

有攻击性 有攻擊性 you3 gong1 ji1 xing4

有钩绦虫 有鉤絛蟲 you3 gou1 tao1 chong2
tapeworm (Taenia solium)

有够 有夠 you3 gou4
very; extremely

有关 有關 you3 guan1
to have sth to do with; to relate to; related to; to concern; concerning

有关各方 有關各方 you3 guan1 ge4 fang1
all parties involved

有关联 有關聯 you3 guan1 lian2
related to; concerning; to be correlated

有轨 有軌 you3 gui3
tracked (tramcar)

有轨电车 有軌電車 you3 gui3 dian4 che1
streetcar; tramcar; tram

有过之而无不及 有過之而無不及 you3 guo4 zhi1 er2 wu2 bu4 ji2
not to be inferior in any aspects (idiom); to surpass; to outdo; (derog.) to be even worse

有害 有害 you3 hai4
destructive; harmful; damaging

有害无利 有害無利 you3 hai4 wu2 li4
harmful and without benefit (idiom); more harm than good

有害无益 有害無益 you3 hai4 wu2 yi4
harmful and without benefit (idiom); more harm than good

有好奇心 有好奇心 you3 hao4 qi2 xin1

有颌 有頜 you3 he2
jawed (fish)

有何贵干 有何貴幹 you3 he2 gui4 gan4
What (noble errand) brings you here?; May I help you?; What can I do for you?

有核国家 有核國家 you3 he2 guo2 jia1
nuclear weapon states

有话快说 有話快說 you3 hua4 kuai4 shuo1
spit it out!

有话要说 有話要說 you3 hua4 yao4 shuo1
to speak one's mind

有活力 有活力 you3 huo2 li4
energetic; vital

有机 有機 you3 ji1

有机玻璃 有機玻璃 you3 ji1 bo1 li5

有机氮 有機氮 you3 ji1 dan4
organic nitrogen

有机分子 有機分子 you3 ji1 fen1 zi3
organic molecule

有机化合物 有機化合物 you3 ji1 hua4 he2 wu4
organic compound

有机化学 有機化學 you3 ji1 hua4 xue2
organic chemistry

有机可乘 有機可乘 you3 ji1 ke3 cheng2
to have an opportunity that one can exploit (idiom)

有机磷 有機磷 you3 ji1 lin2
organic phosphate

有机磷毒剂 有機磷毒劑 you3 ji1 lin2 du2 ji4
organophosphorus agent

有机磷酸酯类 有機磷酸酯類 you3 ji1 lin2 suan1 zhi3 lei4

有机体 有機體 you3 ji1 ti3

有机土 有機土 you3 ji1 tu3
Histosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)

有机物 有機物 you3 ji1 wu4
organic substance; organic matter

有加 有加 you3 jia1
extremely (placed after verb or adjective)

有价证券 有價證券 you3 jia4 zheng4 quan4
securities; collateral (for loan)

有价值 有價值 you3 jia4 zhi2

有肩膀 有肩膀 you3 jian1 bang3
responsible; reliable

有鉴于此 有鑒於此 you3 jian4 yu2 ci3
in view of this; to this end

有教无类 有教無類 you3 jiao4 wu2 lei4
education for everyone, irrespective of background

有教无类法 有教無類法 you3 jiao4 wu2 lei4 fa3
No Child Left Behind Act, USA 2001

有节 有節 you3 jie2

有结果 有結果 you3 jie2 guo3

有节制 有節制 you3 jie2 zhi4

有界 有界 you3 jie4

有借有还,再借不难 有借有還,再借不難 you3 jie4 you3 huan2 - zai4 jie4 bu4 nan2
return what you borrowed on time, you may borrow again next time (idiom)

有进取心 有進取心 you3 jin4 qu3 xin1
aggressive; go-getter

有精神病 有精神病 you3 jing1 shen2 bing4

有惊无险 有驚無險 you3 jing1 wu2 xian3
to be more scared than hurt (idiom); to get through a daunting experience without mishap

有局 有局 you3 ju2
vulnerable (in bridge)

有决心 有決心 you3 jue2 xin1

有可能 有可能 you3 ke3 neng2
possible; probable; possibly; probably; may; might

有孔虫 有孔蟲 you3 kong3 chong2

有空 有空 you3 kong4
to have time (to do sth)

有口皆碑 有口皆碑 you3 kou3 jie1 bei1
every voice gives praise (idiom); with an extensive public reputation

有口无心 有口無心 you3 kou3 wu2 xin1
to speak harshly but without any bad intent (idiom)

有苦说不出 有苦說不出 you3 ku3 shuo1 bu5 chu1
having unspeakable bitter suffering; (often used after 啞巴吃黃連|哑巴吃黄连)

有亏职守 有虧職守 you3 kui1 zhi2 shou3
(to be guilty of) dereliction of duty

有赖于 有賴於 you3 lai4 yu2
to rely on; to depend on

有劳 有勞 you3 lao2
(polite) thank you for your trouble (used when asking a favor or after having received one)

有劳得奖 有勞得獎 you3 lao2 de2 jiang3
a good dog deserves a bone (idiom)

有了 有了 you3 le5
I've got a solution!; to have a bun in the oven (abbr. for 有了胎)

有了胎 有了胎 you3 le5 tai1
pregnant; to carry a child

有棱有角 有稜有角 you3 leng2 you3 jiao3
(of a shape) sharp and clearcut; (of a person) definite in his opinion

有理 有理 you3 li3
reasonable; justified; right; (math.) rational

有礼貌 有禮貌 you3 li3 mao4
courteous; polite

有理式 有理式 you3 li3 shi4
rational expression (math.)

有理数 有理數 you3 li3 shu4
rational number (i.e. fraction of two integers, math)

有理数集 有理數集 you3 li3 shu4 ji2
set of rational numbers (math.)

有理数域 有理數域 you3 li3 shu4 yu4
field of rational numbers (math.), usually denoted by Q

有利 有利 you3 li4
advantageous; to have advantages; favorable

有力 有力 you3 li4
powerful; forceful; vigorous

有利可图 有利可圖 you3 li4 ke3 tu2

有联系 有聯繫 you3 lian2 xi4
to be connected; to be related

有脸 有臉 you3 lian3
lit. having face; to have prestige; to command respect; to have the nerve (e.g. to ask sth outrageous); to have the gall; not ashamed to

有良心 有良心 you3 liang2 xin1

有两下子 有兩下子 you3 liang3 xia4 zi5
to have real skill; to know one's stuff

有料 有料 you3 liao4

有码 有碼 you3 ma3
pixelated or censored (of video)

有眉目 有眉目 you3 mei2 mu4
to begin to take shape; to be about to materialize

有魅力 有魅力 you3 mei4 li4
attractive; charming

有名 有名 you3 ming2
famous; well-known

有名亡实 有名亡實 you3 ming2 wang2 shi2
lit. has a name but no reality (idiom); exists only in name; nominal

有名无实 有名無實 you3 ming2 wu2 shi2
lit. has a name but no reality (idiom); exists only in name; nominal

有目共睹 有目共睹 you3 mu4 gong4 du3
anyone with eyes can see it (idiom); obvious to all; sth speaks for itself; is there for all to see

有目共见 有目共見 you3 mu4 gong4 jian4
anyone with eyes can see it (idiom); obvious to all; sth speaks for itself; is there for all to see

有目共赏 有目共賞 you3 mu4 gong4 shang3
as everyone can appreciate (idiom); clear to all; unarguable

有目无睹 有目無睹 you3 mu4 wu2 du3
has eyes but can't see (idiom); unable or unwilling to see the importance of sth; blind (to sth great)

有木有 有木有 you3 mu4 you3
(slang) come on, you can't deny it!; don't you think so?!; (melodramatic form of 有沒有|有没有)

有奶便是娘 有奶便是娘 you3 nai3 bian4 shi4 niang2
lit. whoever provides milk is your mother (idiom); fig. to follow whoever is feeding you; to put one's loyalties where one's interests lie

有奶就是娘 有奶就是娘 you3 nai3 jiu4 shi4 niang2
see 有奶便是娘

有耐久力 有耐久力 you3 nai4 jiu3 li4

有能力 有能力 you3 neng2 li4

有年 有年 you3 nian2
for years

有年头 有年頭 you3 nian2 tou5
for donkey's years; for ages

有粘性 有粘性 you3 nian2 xing4
viscous; glutinous

有屁快放 有屁快放 you3 pi4 kuai4 fang4
spit it out!; out with it!

有谱 有譜 you3 pu3
to have a plan; to know what one is doing

有谱儿 有譜兒 you3 pu3 er5
erhua variant of 有譜|有谱

有期徒刑 有期徒刑 you3 qi1 tu2 xing2
limited term of imprisonment (i.e. anything less than life imprisonment)

有其父必有其子 有其父必有其子 you3 qi2 fu4 bi4 you3 qi2 zi3
like father, like son (idiom)

有其师,必有其徒 有其師,必有其徒 you3 qi2 shi1 - bi4 you3 qi2 tu2
As the teacher, so the pupil. (idiom)

有气派 有氣派 you3 qi4 pai4

有气无力 有氣無力 you3 qi4 wu2 li4
weakly and without strength (idiom); dispirited

有气音 有氣音 you3 qi4 yin1
aspirated consonant (in phonetics)

有气质 有氣質 you3 qi4 zhi4
to have class; classy

有钱 有錢 you3 qian2
well-off; wealthy

有潜力 有潛力 you3 qian2 li4
promising; showing potential

有钱能使鬼推磨 有錢能使鬼推磨 you3 qian2 neng2 shi3 gui3 tui1 mo4
lit. money will make the Devil turn millstones (idiom); fig. with money, you can do anything you like

有钱人 有錢人 you3 qian2 ren2
the rich; the wealthy

有钱有势 有錢有勢 you3 qian2 you3 shi4
rich and powerful (idiom)

有钱有闲 有錢有閑 you3 qian2 you3 xian2
to have money and time; to be part of the leisure class; the idle rich

有情 有情 you3 qing2
to be in love; sentient beings (Buddhism)

有情人 有情人 you3 qing2 ren2

有情人终成眷属 有情人終成眷屬 you3 qing2 ren2 zhong1 cheng2 juan4 shu3
love will find a way (idiom)

有情有义 有情有義 you3 qing2 you3 yi4
affectionate and true; loyal (idiom)

有请 有請 you3 qing3
to request the pleasure of seeing sb; to ask sb in; to ask sb to do sth (e.g. make a speech)

有顷 有頃 you3 qing3
shortly thereafter; for a moment

有求必应 有求必應 you3 qiu2 bi4 ying4
to grant whatever is asked for; to accede to every plea

有趣 有趣 you3 qu4
interesting; fascinating; amusing

有去无回 有去無回 you3 qu4 wu2 hui2
gone forever (idiom)

有权 有權 you3 quan2
to have the right to; to be entitled to; to have authority; powerful

有权势者 有權勢者 you3 quan2 shi4 zhe3
person in power; the one with authority; the guy in charge

有权威 有權威 you3 quan2 wei1

有染 有染 you3 ran3
to have an affair with sb

有人 有人 you3 ren2
someone; people; anyone; there is someone there; occupied (as in restroom)

有人情 有人情 you3 ren2 qing2

有人想你 有人想你 you3 ren2 xiang3 ni3
Bless you! (after a sneeze)

有如 有如 you3 ru2
to be like sth; similar to; alike

有色 有色 you3 se4
colored; non-white; non-ferrous (metals)

有色金属 有色金屬 you3 se4 jin1 shu3
non-ferrous metals (all metals excluding iron, chromium, manganese and their alloys)

有色人种 有色人種 you3 se4 ren2 zhong3
colored races

有色无胆 有色無膽 you3 se4 wu2 dan3
to be perverse and suggestive towards the opposite sex, but shrinking back when provoked to act on it; to have perverted thoughts but no guts to actually do it; to be all talk and no action

有商有量 有商有量 you3 shang1 you3 liang4
to talk things through (idiom); to have an exchange of views

有神论 有神論 you3 shen2 lun4
theism (the belief in the existence of God)

有神论者 有神論者 you3 shen2 lun4 zhe3
theist (believer in one or more Deities)

有声读物 有聲讀物 you3 sheng1 du2 wu4
audiobook; recording of a person reading the text of a book

有声书 有聲書 you3 sheng1 shu1

有生以来 有生以來 you3 sheng1 yi3 lai2
since birth; for one's whole life

有声有色 有聲有色 you3 sheng1 you3 se4
having sound and color (idiom); vivid; dazzling

有失 有失 you3 shi1
to fail or lose (used in fixed expressions)

有失厚道 有失厚道 you3 shi1 hou4 dao5
to be ungenerous

有失身份 有失身份 you3 shi1 shen1 fen4
to be beneath one's dignity

有失远迎 有失遠迎 you3 shi1 yuan3 ying2
(polite) excuse me for not going out to meet you

有时 有時 you3 shi2
sometimes; now and then

有时候 有時候 you3 shi2 hou5

有识之士 有識之士 you3 shi2 zhi1 shi4
a person with knowledge and experience (idiom)

有始无终 有始無終 you3 shi3 wu2 zhong1
to start but not finish (idiom); to fail to carry things through; lack of sticking power; short attention span

有史以来 有史以來 you3 shi3 yi3 lai2
since the beginning of history

有始有终 有始有終 you3 shi3 you3 zhong1
where there's a start, there's a finish (idiom); to finish once one starts sth; to carry things through; I started, so I'll finish.

有事 有事 you3 shi4
to be occupied with sth; to have sth on one's mind; there is something the matter

有恃无恐 有恃無恐 you3 shi4 wu2 kong3
secure in the knowledge that one has backing

有手有脚 有手有腳 you3 shou3 you3 jiao3
lit. have hands have feet; to be able bodied (idiom); to have the ability to work

有水 有水 you3 shui3
supplied with water (of a house)

有说服力 有說服力 you3 shuo1 fu2 li4

有说有笑 有說有笑 you3 shuo1 you3 xiao4
talking and laughing; to jest; cheerful and lively

有丝分裂 有絲分裂 you3 si1 fen1 lie4

有损 有損 you3 sun3
to be harmful (to)

有损压缩 有損壓縮 you3 sun3 ya1 suo1
compression loss (in digital technology)

有所 有所 you3 suo3
somewhat; to some extent

有所不同 有所不同 you3 suo3 bu4 tong2
to differ to some extent (idiom)

有所得必有所失 有所得必有所失 you3 suo3 de2 bi4 you3 suo3 shi1
there is no gain without a loss (idiom); there is no such thing as a free meal

有弹性 有彈性 you3 tan2 xing4

有蹄动物 有蹄動物 you3 ti2 dong4 wu4
ungulates (animals with hooves)

有条不紊 有條不紊 you3 tiao2 bu4 wen3
regular and thorough (idiom); methodically arranged

有条纹 有條紋 you3 tiao2 wen2

有条有理 有條有理 you3 tiao2 you3 li3
everything clear and orderly (idiom); neat and tidy

有条有理地 有條有理地 you3 tiao2 you3 li3 de5
methodically; systematically

有同情心 有同情心 you3 tong2 qing2 xin1

有统计学意义 有統計學意義 you3 tong3 ji4 xue2 yi4 yi4
statistically significant

有头无尾 有頭無尾 you3 tou2 wu2 wei3
to start but not finish (idiom); to fail to carry things through; lack of sticking power; short attention span

有头有尾 有頭有尾 you3 tou2 you3 wei3
where there's a start, there's a finish (idiom); to finish once one starts sth; to carry things through; I started, so I'll finish.

有望 有望 you3 wang4
hopeful; promising

有为 有為 you3 wei2
promising; to show promise

有为有守 有為有守 you3 wei2 you3 shou3
able to act while maintaining one's integrity (idiom); also written 有守有為|有守有为

有味 有味 you3 wei4

有无 有無 you3 wu2
to have or have not; surplus and shortfall; tangible and intangible; corporeal and incorporeal

有无相通 有無相通 you3 wu2 xiang1 tong1
mutual exchange of assistance (idiom); to reciprocate with material assistance

有息 有息 you3 xi1
interest-bearing (bank account)

有希望 有希望 you3 xi1 wang4
hopeful; promising; prospective

有喜 有喜 you3 xi3
to be expecting; to be with child

有系统 有系統 you3 xi4 tong3

有夏 有夏 you3 xia4

有限 有限 you3 xian4
limited; finite

有线 有線 you3 xian4
wired; cable (television)

有限单元 有限單元 you3 xian4 dan1 yuan2
finite element (method)

有线电视 有線電視 you3 xian4 dian4 shi4
cable television

有限公司 有限公司 you3 xian4 gong1 si1
limited company; corporation

有限集 有限集 you3 xian4 ji2
finite set

有限群 有限群 you3 xian4 qun2
finite group (math.)

有线新闻网 有線新聞網 you3 xian4 xin1 wen2 wang3
Cable Network News (CNN)

有限元 有限元 you3 xian4 yuan2
finite element (method)

有限元法 有限元法 you3 xian4 yuan2 fa3
finite element method

有效 有效 you3 xiao4
effective; in effect; valid

有效措施 有效措施 you3 xiao4 cuo4 shi1
effective action

有效负载 有效負載 you3 xiao4 fu4 zai4

有效期 有效期 you3 xiao4 qi1
period of validity; sell-by date

有效期内 有效期內 you3 xiao4 qi1 nei4
within the period of validity; before the sell-by date

有效性 有效性 you3 xiao4 xing4

有些 有些 you3 xie1
some; somewhat

有些人 有些人 you3 xie1 ren2
some people

有心 有心 you3 xin1
to have a mind to; to intend to; deliberately; considerate

有心人 有心人 you3 xin1 ren2
resolute person; person with aspirations; people who feel; people who use their heads

有心眼 有心眼 you3 xin1 yan3
clever; sharp

有新意 有新意 you3 xin1 yi4
modern; up-to-date

有型 有型 you3 xing2

有形 有形 you3 xing2
material; tangible; visible; shapely

有幸 有幸 you3 xing4

有兴趣 有興趣 you3 xing4 qu4
interested; interesting

有性生殖 有性生殖 you3 xing4 sheng1 zhi2
sexual reproduction

有雄心 有雄心 you3 xiong2 xin1

有序 有序 you3 xu4
regular; orderly; successive; in order

有序化 有序化 you3 xu4 hua4
ordering (of a list, encyclopedia etc)

有选举权 有選舉權 you3 xuan3 ju3 quan2

有学问 有學問 you3 xue2 wen4
erudite; learned; informed; scholarly

有烟煤 有煙煤 you3 yan1 mei2
smokey coal

有眼不识泰山 有眼不識泰山 you3 yan3 bu4 shi2 tai4 shan1
lit. to have eyes but fail to recognize Mt Tai (idiom); fig. to fail to recognize sb important or sb's great talent; to be blind to the fact

有眼光 有眼光 you3 yan3 guang1
to have good taste

有眼力见儿 有眼力見兒 you3 yan3 li4 jian4 er5
(dialect) alert; attentive; observant

有氧操 有氧操 you3 yang3 cao1

有氧健身操 有氧健身操 you3 yang3 jian4 shen1 cao1

有氧运动 有氧運動 you3 yang3 yun4 dong4

有药瘾者 有藥癮者 you3 yao4 yin3 zhe3

有一次 有一次 you3 yi1 ci4
once; once upon a time

有一搭没一搭 有一搭沒一搭 you3 yi1 da1 mei2 yi1 da1
unimportant; perfunctory; indifferent; (of conversation) idly

有一搭无一搭 有一搭無一搭 you3 yi1 da1 wu2 yi1 da1
see 有一搭沒一搭|有一搭没一搭

有一点儿 有一點兒 you3 yi1 dian3 er5
a bit; a little

有一句没一句 有一句沒一句 you3 yi1 ju4 mei2 yi1 ju4
to speak one minute and be quiet the next

有一手 有一手 you3 yi1 shou3
to have a skill; to have a lot on the ball; to have an affair

有一套 有一套 you3 yi1 tao4
to have a skill; to be savvy; to know how to do sth

有一腿 有一腿 you3 yi1 tui3
(coll.) to have an affair

有一些 有一些 you3 yi1 xie1
somewhat; rather; some

有益 有益 you3 yi4
useful; profitable

有意 有意 you3 yi4
to intend; intentionally; interested in

有益处 有益處 you3 yi4 chu5

有毅力 有毅力 you3 yi4 li4
persevering; unwavering

有意识 有意識 you3 yi4 shi2

有意思 有意思 you3 yi4 si5
interesting; meaningful; enjoyable; fun

有意无意 有意無意 you3 yi4 wu2 yi4
intentionally or otherwise

有意义 有意義 you3 yi4 yi4
to make sense; to have meaning; to have significance; meaningful; significant; worthwhile; important; interesting

有意栽花花不发,无心插柳柳成阴 有意栽花花不發,無心插柳柳成陰 you3 yi4 zai1 hua1 hua1 bu4 fa1 - wu2 xin1 cha1 liu3 liu3 cheng2 yin1
lit. you plant a garden and the flowers do not bloom, you poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree; fig. things do not always turn out as one would expect; well-laid plans may fail, and success may come where you least expect it

有意志 有意志 you3 yi4 zhi4
conscious; having a will

有阴影 有陰影 you3 yin1 ying3

有影响 有影響 you3 ying3 xiang3

有勇无谋 有勇無謀 you3 yong3 wu2 mou2
bold but not very astute (idiom)

有用 有用 you3 yong4

有余 有餘 you3 yu2
to have an abundance

有预谋 有預謀 you3 yu4 mou2

有缘 有緣 you3 yuan2
related; brought together by fate

有缘无分 有緣無分 you3 yuan2 wu2 fen4
destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)

有约在先 有約在先 you3 yue1 zai4 xian1
to have a prior engagement

有则改之,无则加勉 有則改之,無則加勉 you3 ze2 gai3 zhi1 - wu2 ze2 jia1 mian3
correct any mistakes you made, but maintain your good record if you did not make them (idiom)

有责任 有責任 you3 ze2 ren4
liable; responsible

有增无减 有增無減 you3 zeng1 wu2 jian3
to increase without letup; to get worse and worse (idiom)

有增无已 有增無已 you3 zeng1 wu2 yi3
constantly increasing without limit (idiom); rapid progress in all directions

有朝 有朝 you3 zhao1
one day; sometime in the future

有朝一日 有朝一日 you3 zhao1 yi1 ri4
one day; sometime in the future

有着 有著 you3 zhe5
to have; to possess

有征无战 有征無戰 you3 zheng1 wu2 zhan4
to win without a fight (idiom)

有枝有叶 有枝有葉 you3 zhi1 you3 ye4
to become bogged down in the details (idiom)

有志 有志 you3 zhi4
to be ambitious

有志竟成 有志竟成 you3 zhi4 jing4 cheng2
persevere and you will succeed (idiom); where there's a will, there's a way

有志气 有志氣 you3 zhi4 qi4

有志者事竟成 有志者事竟成 you3 zhi4 zhe3 shi4 jing4 cheng2
a really determined person will find a solution (idiom); where there's a will, there's a way

有种 有種 you3 zhong3
to have guts; to have courage; to be brave

有主见 有主見 you3 zhu3 jian4
opinionated; having one's own strong views

有助 有助 you3 zhu4
helpful; beneficial; to help; conducive to

有助于 有助於 you3 zhu4 yu2
to contribute to; to promote

有资格 有資格 you3 zi1 ge2
to be entitled; to qualify; to be qualified

有子存焉 有子存焉 you3 zi3 cun2 yan1
I still have sons, don't I?; fig. future generations will continue the work

有嘴没舌 有嘴沒舌 you3 zui3 mo4 she2
struck dumb; speechless

有嘴无心 有嘴無心 you3 zui3 wu2 xin1
to talk without any intention of acting on it; empty prattle

有罪 有罪 you3 zui4

有罪不罚 有罪不罰 you3 zui4 bu4 fa2

有作用 有作用 you3 zuo4 yong4
effective; to have impact

冤有头,债有主 冤有頭,債有主 yuan1 you3 tou2 - zhai4 you3 zhu3
for every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor (idiom); when settling disputes one should not involve third parties

原有 原有 yuan2 you3
original; former

责有攸归 責有攸歸 ze2 you3 you1 gui1
responsibility must lie where it belongs (idiom)

占为己有 佔為己有 zhan4 wei2 ji3 you3
to appropriate to oneself (what rightfully belongs to others)

占有 佔有 zhan4 you3
to have; to own; to hold; to occupy; to possess; to account for (a high proportion etc)

真有你的 真有你的 zhen1 you3 ni3 de5
You're really quite something!; You're just amazing!

振振有词 振振有詞 zhen4 zhen4 you3 ci2
to speak forcefully and with justice (idiom); to argue with the courage of one's convictions

振振有辞 振振有辭 zhen4 zhen4 you3 ci2
to speak forcefully and with justice (idiom); to argue with the courage of one's convictions; also written 振振有詞|振振有词

指挥有方,人人乐从 指揮有方,人人樂從 zhi3 hui1 you3 fang1 - ren2 ren2 le4 cong2
Command right and you will be obeyed cheerfully. (idiom)

掷地有声 擲地有聲 zhi4 di4 you3 sheng1
lit. if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound (idiom); fig. (of one's words) powerful and resonating; to have substance

智者千虑,必有一失 智者千慮,必有一失 zhi4 zhe3 qian1 lv4 - bi4 you3 yi1 shi1
lit. a wise person reflecting a thousand times can still make a mistake (idiom); fig. nobody is infallible

中国石油化工股份有限公司 中國石油化工股份有限公司 zhong1 guo2 shi2 you2 hua4 gong1 gu3 fen4 you3 xian4 gong1 si1
China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, Sinopec; abbr. to 中石化

中航技进出口有限责任公司 中航技進出口有限責任公司 zhong1 hang2 ji4 jin4 chu1 kou3 you3 xian4 ze2 ren4 gong1 si1
China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC)

中远太平洋有限公司 中遠太平洋有限公司 zhong1 yuan3 tai4 ping2 yang2 you3 xian4 gong1 si1
COSCO Pacific Limited, major freight company

周有光 周有光 zhou1 you3 guang1
Zhou Youguang (1906-2017), PRC linguist, considered the father of Hanyu Pinyin 漢語拼音|汉语拼音

专有 專有 zhuan1 you3
exclusive; proprietary

专有名词 專有名詞 zhuan1 you3 ming2 ci2
proper noun

装有 裝有 zhuang1 you3
fitted with

卓有成效 卓有成效 zhuo2 you3 cheng2 xiao4
highly effective; fruitful

自有 自有 zi4 you3
to possess; to own; to have

自有品牌 自有品牌 zi4 you3 pin3 pai2
private brand

总有 總有 zong3 you3
inevitably there will be

罪有应得 罪有應得 zui4 you3 ying1 de2
guilty and deserves to be punished (idiom); entirely appropriate chastisement; the punishment fits the crime