variant of 期; period; cycle

a period of time; phase; stage; classifier for issues of a periodical, courses of study; time; term; period; to hope; Taiwan pr.

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
安全期 安全期 an1 quan2 qi1
safe period; safe days of a woman's menstrual cycle (low risk of conception)

按期 按期 an4 qi1
on schedule; on time

拔节期 拔節期 ba2 jie2 qi1
elongation stage; jointing stage (agriculture)

班期 班期 ban1 qi1
schedule (for flight, voyage etc)

半排出期 半排出期 ban4 pai2 chu1 qi1

半衰期 半衰期 ban4 shuai1 qi1

保鲜期 保鮮期 bao3 xian1 qi1
shelf life; freshness date

保修期 保修期 bao3 xiu1 qi1
guarantee period; warranty period

保质期 保質期 bao3 zhi4 qi1
date of use (on foodstuffs); best before date

本期 本期 ben3 qi1
the current period; this term (usually in finance)

本星期 本星期 ben3 xing1 qi1
this week

闭锁期 閉鎖期 bi4 suo3 qi1
lock-up period (on stock options)

冰川期 冰川期 bing1 chuan1 qi1
ice age

冰河期 冰河期 bing1 he2 qi1
ice age

冰河时期 冰河時期 bing1 he2 shi2 qi1
ice age

冰期 冰期 bing1 qi1
glacial epoch; ice age

不定期 不定期 bu4 ding4 qi1
non-scheduled; irregularly

不期 不期 bu4 qi1
unexpectedly; to one's surprise

不期而遇 不期而遇 bu4 qi1 er2 yu4
meet by chance; have a chance encounter

不期然而然 不期然而然 bu4 qi1 ran2 er2 ran2
happen unexpectedly; turn out contrary to one's expectations

不应期 不應期 bu4 ying4 qi1
refractory period (physiology)

产期 產期 chan3 qi1
time of birth; period of labor; lying-in

产褥期 產褥期 chan3 ru4 qi1
postnatal period; puerperium (period of six weeks after childbirth)

长期 長期 chang2 qi1
long term; long time; long range (of a forecast)

长期饭票 長期飯票 chang2 qi1 fan4 piao4
(fig.) guarantee of financial support for the rest of one's life

长期共存 長期共存 chang2 qi1 gong4 cun2
long-term coexistence

长期稳定性 長期穩定性 chang2 qi1 wen3 ding4 xing4
long-term stability

长期性 長期性 chang2 qi1 xing4

长期以来 長期以來 chang2 qi1 yi3 lai2
ever since a long time ago

初期 初期 chu1 qi1
initial stage; beginning period

出生日期 出生日期 chu1 sheng1 ri4 qi1
date of birth

大斋期 大齋期 da4 zhai1 qi1
Lent (Christian period of forty days before Easter)

档期 檔期 dang4 qi1
slot within a schedule; timeslot (for a TV program, a session with a photographer etc); range of dates in which an event is to be held (film screening, exhibition etc)

导入期 導入期 dao3 ru4 qi1
introductory phase or period

到期 到期 dao4 qi1
to fall due (loan etc); to expire (visa etc); to mature (investment bond etc)

到期日 到期日 dao4 qi1 ri4
closing date (of contract); maturity (of an investment bond)

到期收益率 到期收益率 dao4 qi1 shou1 yi4 lv4
(finance) yield to maturity (YTM)

掉期 掉期 diao4 qi1
swap (finance)

鼎盛期 鼎盛期 ding3 sheng4 qi1
flourishing age (of the ceremonial tripod); golden age

鼎盛时期 鼎盛時期 ding3 sheng4 shi2 qi1
flourishing period; golden age

定期 定期 ding4 qi1
at set dates; at regular intervals; periodic; limited to a fixed period of time; fixed term

定期储蓄 定期儲蓄 ding4 qi1 chu3 xu4
fixed deposit (banking)

定期存款 定期存款 ding4 qi1 cun2 kuan3
fixed deposit; time deposit; certificate of deposit (banking)

动情期 動情期 dong4 qing2 qi1
estrus; the rutting season; on heat

短期 短期 duan3 qi1
short term; short-term

短期融资 短期融資 duan3 qi1 rong2 zi1
short-term financing

俄狄浦斯期 俄狄浦斯期 e2 di2 pu3 si1 qi1
oedipal phase (psychology)

俄期 俄期 e2 qi1
abbr. for 俄狄浦斯期, oedipal phase

发情期 發情期 fa1 qing2 qi1
the breeding season (zool.); oestrus (period of sexual receptivity of female mammals)

发育期 發育期 fa1 yu4 qi1
puberty; period of development

分期 分期 fen1 qi1
by stages; staggered; step by step; in installments

分期付款 分期付款 fen1 qi1 fu4 kuan3
to pay in installments; payment in installments

封河期 封河期 feng1 he2 qi1
freezing over of river in winter

孵化期 孵化期 fu1 hua4 qi1
incubation period; time for sth to develop

改期 改期 gai3 qi1
to reschedule; to rearrange (e.g. a meeting); to postpone

肛欲期 肛欲期 gang1 yu4 qi1
anal stage (psychology)

高峰期 高峰期 gao1 feng1 qi1
peak period; rush hour

更年期 更年期 geng1 nian2 qi1
menopause; andropause

公共假期 公共假期 gong1 gong4 jia4 qi1
public holiday

工期 工期 gong1 qi1
time allocated for a project; completion date

国际日期变更线 國際日期變更線 guo2 ji4 ri4 qi1 bian4 geng1 xian4
international date line

果期 果期 guo3 qi1
the fruiting season

过渡时期 過渡時期 guo4 du4 shi2 qi1

过期 過期 guo4 qi1
to be overdue; to exceed the time limit; to expire (as in expiration date)

洪水期 洪水期 hong2 shui3 qi1
flood season

洪汛期 洪汛期 hong2 xun4 qi1
flood season

后会无期 後會無期 hou4 hui4 wu2 qi1
to meet again at unspecified date; meeting postponed indefinitely

后会有期 後會有期 hou4 hui4 you3 qi1
I'm sure we'll meet again some day. (idiom); Hope to see you again.

后期 後期 hou4 qi1
late stage; later period

花期 花期 hua1 qi1
the flowering season

缓期 緩期 huan3 qi1
to defer; to put off (until later); to postpone

缓期付款 緩期付款 huan3 qi1 fu4 kuan3
to defer payment

患晚期 患晚期 huan4 wan3 qi1
terminal stage (of illness)

黄体期 黃體期 huang2 ti3 qi1
luteal phase (period in the menstrual cycle when an embryo can implant in the womb)

恢复期 恢復期 hui1 fu4 qi1

会期 會期 hui4 qi1
the duration of a conference; the period over which a conference (or expo etc) is held; session; the date of a meeting

婚期 婚期 hun1 qi1
wedding day

活期 活期 huo2 qi1
(banking) current (account); checking (account); demand (deposit etc)

活期存款 活期存款 huo2 qi1 cun2 kuan3
demand deposit

活期贷款 活期貸款 huo2 qi1 dai4 kuan3
demand loan (i.e. loan that the borrower can demanded back at any time)

活期帐户 活期帳戶 huo2 qi1 zhang4 hu4
current account (in bank)

活期资金 活期資金 huo2 qi1 zi1 jin1
funds on call; invested sum that can be cashed

极盛时期 極盛時期 ji2 sheng4 shi2 qi1
most flourishing period; Golden Age

既得期间 既得期間 ji4 de2 qi1 jian1
vesting period (in finance)

佳期 佳期 jia1 qi1
wedding day; day of tryst

假期 假期 jia4 qi1

交货期 交貨期 jiao1 huo4 qi1
delivery time (time between ordering goods and receiving the delivery); date of delivery

节期 節期 jie2 qi1
festival season

近期 近期 jin4 qi1
near in time; in the near future; very soon; recent

经济周期 經濟週期 jing1 ji4 zhou1 qi1
economic cycle

经期 經期 jing1 qi1
menstrual period

开发周期 開發周期 kai1 fa1 zhou1 qi1
development cycle; development period; also written 開發週期|开发周期

开发周期 開發週期 kai1 fa1 zhou1 qi1
development cycle; development period

开河期 開河期 kai1 he2 qi1
thawing and opening up of frozen river in spring

考期 考期 kao3 qi1
the exam period; the exam date

克期 克期 ke4 qi1
to set a date; to set a time frame; within a certain time limit

刻期 刻期 ke4 qi1
variant of 克期

空窗期 空窗期 kong1 chuang1 qi1
window period (time between infection and the appearance of detectable antibodies); period during which sth is lacking (boyfriend or girlfriend, work, revenue, production of a commodity etc); lull; hiatus

口欲期 口欲期 kou3 yu4 qi1
oral stage (psychology)

枯水期 枯水期 ku1 shui3 qi1
period of low water level (winter in north China)

快速动眼期 快速動眼期 kuai4 su4 dong4 yan3 qi1
REM sleep

宽限期 寬限期 kuan1 xian4 qi1
grace period; period of grace

老年期 老年期 lao3 nian2 qi1
old age

冷静期 冷靜期 leng3 jing4 qi1
cooling-off period (divorces, purchases, surgeries)

历史时期 歷史時期 li4 shi3 shi2 qi1
historical period

两星期 兩星期 liang3 xing1 qi1

伦敦国际金融期货交易所 倫敦國際金融期貨交易所 lun2 dun1 guo2 ji4 jin1 rong2 qi1 huo4 jiao1 yi4 suo3
London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE)

满期 滿期 man3 qi1
to fall due; to come to the end of a term; to expire

旄期 旄期 mao4 qi1
variant of 耄期

耄期 耄期 mao4 qi1
to have reached the age of eighty or ninety

蜜月假期 蜜月假期 mi4 yue4 jia4 qi1

苗期 苗期 miao2 qi1
(agriculture) seedling stage

末期 末期 mo4 qi1
end (of a period); last part; final phase

期待 期待 qi1 dai4
to look forward to; to await; expectation

期房 期房 qi1 fang2
forward delivery apartment; unfinished housing to be paid for in advance by the buyer and then completed within certain time frame

期货 期貨 qi1 huo4
abbr. for 期貨合約|期货合约, futures contract (finance)

期货合约 期貨合約 qi1 huo4 he2 yue1
futures contract (finance)

期冀 期冀 qi1 ji4
(literary) to hope for; to wish

期间 期間 qi1 jian1
period of time; time; time period; period

期刊 期刊 qi1 kan1

期考 期考 qi1 kao3
end of term examination

期满 期滿 qi1 man3
to expire; to run out; to come to an end

期末 期末 qi1 mo4
end of term

期末考 期末考 qi1 mo4 kao3
final exam

期盼 期盼 qi1 pan4
hope and expectation; to anticipate; to look forward to; to await expectantly

期票 期票 qi1 piao4
promissory note; IOU

期期艾艾 期期艾艾 qi1 qi1 ai4 ai4
stammering (idiom)

期权 期權 qi1 quan2

期望 期望 qi1 wang4
to have expectations; to earnestly hope; expectation; hope

期望值 期望值 qi1 wang4 zhi2
(math) expected value

期限 期限 qi1 xian4
time limit; deadline; allotted time

期许 期許 qi1 xu3
to hope; to expect; expectation(s)

期终 期終 qi1 zhong1
end of a fixed term

期中 期中 qi1 zhong1
interim; midterm

期中考 期中考 qi1 zhong1 kao3
mid-term exam

签发日期 簽發日期 qian1 fa1 ri4 qi1
date of issue (of document)

愆期 愆期 qian1 qi1
(formal) to delay; to miss a deadline; to fail to do sth at the appointed time

潜伏期 潛伏期 qian2 fu2 qi1
incubation period (of disease)

前景可期 前景可期 qian2 jing3 ke3 qi1
to have a promising future; to have bright prospects

前期 前期 qian2 qi1
preceding period; early stage

青春期 青春期 qing1 chun1 qi1
puberty; adolescence

青年期 青年期 qing1 nian2 qi1

任期 任期 ren4 qi1
term of office

任职期间 任職期間 ren4 zhi2 qi1 jian1
term of office; while holding a post

日期 日期 ri4 qi1

日治时期 日治時期 ri4 zhi4 shi2 qi1
the period of Japanese rule

如期 如期 ru2 qi1
as scheduled; on time; punctual

上个星期 上個星期 shang4 ge4 xing1 qi1
last week

上星期 上星期 shang4 xing1 qi1
last week; previous week

生命周期 生命週期 sheng1 ming4 zhou1 qi1
life cycle

失期 失期 shi1 qi1
late (for an appointed time)

失效日期 失效日期 shi1 xiao4 ri4 qi1
expiry date (of document)

时期 時期 shi2 qi1
period; phase

适婚期 適婚期 shi4 hun1 qi1
ages suitable for getting married

试用期 試用期 shi4 yong4 qi1
trial period; probation

暑期 暑期 shu3 qi1
summer vacation time

暑期学校 暑期學校 shu3 qi1 xue2 xiao4
summer school

衰退期 衰退期 shuai1 tui4 qi1
recession (in economics)

双周期性 雙週期性 shuang1 zhou1 qi1 xing4
(math.) double periodicity

思春期 思春期 si1 chun1 qi1
age when girls start to develop feelings for the opposite sex; puberty

死期 死期 si3 qi1
time of death; limited to a fixed period of time; fixed term

死刑缓期执行 死刑緩期執行 si3 xing2 huan3 qi1 zhi2 xing2
deferred death sentence; abbr. to 死緩|死缓

套期保值 套期保值 tao4 qi1 bao3 zhi2
to hedge (one's bets); to defend against risk

同期 同期 tong2 qi1
the corresponding time period (in a different year etc); concurrent; synchronous

同时期 同時期 tong2 shi2 qi1
at the same time; contemporary

头期款 頭期款 tou2 qi1 kuan3
down payment

脱期 脫期 tuo1 qi1
to fail to come out on time; to miss a deadline

晚期 晚期 wan3 qi1
later period; end stage; terminal

晚期癌症 晚期癌症 wan3 qi1 ai2 zheng4
terminal cancer

为期 為期 wei2 qi1
(to be done) by (a certain date); lasting (a certain time)

尾期 尾期 wei3 qi1
final period; the end (of a term); the close

无期 無期 wu2 qi1
unspecified period; in the indefinite future; no fixed time; indefinite sentence (i.e. life imprisonment)

无期别 無期別 wu2 qi1 bie2
to part for an unspecified period; to take leave from indefinitely

无期徒刑 無期徒刑 wu2 qi1 tu2 xing2
life imprisonment

无霜期 無霜期 wu2 shuang1 qi1
frost-free period

无限期 無限期 wu2 xian4 qi1
unlimited (time) duration

务期 務期 wu4 qi1
it is essential to (complete a project on time, be thorough etc)

细胞周期 細胞周期 xi4 bao1 zhou1 qi1
cell cycle

下个星期 下個星期 xia4 ge4 xing1 qi1
next week

下星期 下星期 xia4 xing1 qi1
next week

先期 先期 xian1 qi1
in advance; beforehand; premature; front-end

先期录音 先期錄音 xian1 qi1 lu4 yin1
prerecording; to prerecord

限期 限期 xian4 qi1
to set a time limit; time limit; deadline

信贷违约掉期 信貸違約掉期 xin4 dai4 wei2 yue1 diao4 qi1
credit default swap (finance)

星期 星期 xing1 qi1
week; day of the week; Sunday

星期二 星期二 xing1 qi1 er4

星期几 星期幾 xing1 qi1 ji3
which day of the week

星期六 星期六 xing1 qi1 liu4

星期日 星期日 xing1 qi1 ri4

星期三 星期三 xing1 qi1 san1

星期四 星期四 xing1 qi1 si4

星期天 星期天 xing1 qi1 tian1

星期五 星期五 xing1 qi1 wu3

星期一 星期一 xing1 qi1 yi1

刑期 刑期 xing2 qi1
prison term

行期 行期 xing2 qi1
departure date; time to leave

性蕾期 性蕾期 xing4 lei3 qi1
phallic stage (psychology)

性器期 性器期 xing4 qi4 qi1
phallic stage (psychology)

学期 學期 xue2 qi1
term; semester

旬期 旬期 xun2 qi1
ten days

汛期 汛期 xun4 qi1
flood season

延期 延期 yan2 qi1
to delay; to extend; to postpone; to defer

延期付款 延期付款 yan2 qi1 fu4 kuan3
to defer payment; to pay back over long term

遥遥无期 遙遙無期 yao2 yao2 wu2 qi1
far in the indefinite future (idiom); so far away it seems forever

耶稣基督后期圣徒教会 耶穌基督後期聖徒教會 ye1 su1 ji1 du1 hou4 qi1 sheng4 tu2 jiao4 hui4
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

一年期 一年期 yi1 nian2 qi1
one year period (in a contract or budget)

以期 以期 yi3 qi1
in order to; hoping to; attempting to; waiting for

印支期 印支期 yin4 zhi1 qi1
Indo-Chinese epoch (geology); Indosinian orogeny

婴儿期 嬰兒期 ying1 er2 qi1

有期徒刑 有期徒刑 you3 qi1 tu2 xing2
limited term of imprisonment (i.e. anything less than life imprisonment)

有效期 有效期 you3 xiao4 qi1
period of validity; sell-by date

有效期内 有效期內 you3 xiao4 qi1 nei4
within the period of validity; before the sell-by date

逾期 逾期 yu2 qi1
to be overdue; to fail to meet a deadline; to be behind in doing sth

鱼汛期 魚汛期 yu2 xun4 qi1
variant of 漁汛期|渔汛期

渔汛期 漁汛期 yu2 xun4 qi1
fishing season

育龄期 育齡期 yu4 ling2 qi1
childbearing age

预期 預期 yu4 qi1
to expect; to anticipate

预期收入票据 預期收入票據 yu4 qi1 shou1 ru4 piao4 ju4
revenue anticipation note (RAN, financing)

预期推理 預期推理 yu4 qi1 tui1 li3
predictive inference

预期用途 預期用途 yu4 qi1 yong4 tu2
intended use

元素周期表 元素週期表 yuan2 su4 zhou1 qi1 biao3
periodic table of the elements (chemistry)

远期 遠期 yuan3 qi1
long-term (loan); at a fixed date in the future (e.g. for repayment); abbr. for 遠期合約|远期合约, forward contract (finance)

远期合约 遠期合約 yuan3 qi1 he2 yue1
forward contract (finance)

孕期 孕期 yun4 qi1
gestation; duration of pregnancy

在诉讼期间 在訴訟期間 zai4 su4 song4 qi1 jian1
pendente lite; during litigation

在这期间 在這期間 zai4 zhe4 qi1 jian1
during time; in this time

早期 早期 zao3 qi1
early period; early phase; early stage

早期效应 早期效應 zao3 qi1 xiao4 ying4
early effect

斋期 齋期 zhai1 qi1
fasting days; a fast

展期 展期 zhan3 qi1
to extend the period; to reschedule (a debt)

指数期权 指數期權 zhi3 shu4 qi1 quan2
index options

滞期费 滯期費 zhi4 qi1 fei4
demurrage charge (shipping) (currency)

终期 終期 zhong1 qi1
terminal; final

中期 中期 zhong1 qi1
middle (of a period of time); medium-term (plan, forecast etc)

终期癌 終期癌 zhong1 qi1 ai2
terminal cancer

周期 週期 zhou1 qi1
period; cycle

周期表 週期表 zhou1 qi1 biao3
periodic table (chemistry); abbr. of 元素週期表|元素周期表, periodic table of the elements

周期函数 周期函數 zhou1 qi1 han2 shu4
periodic function

周期解 週期解 zhou1 qi1 jie3
periodic solution (math.)

周期数 週期數 zhou1 qi1 shu4
periodic number

周期系 週期系 zhou1 qi1 xi4
periodic system; periodicity (chemistry)

周期性 週期性 zhou1 qi1 xing4
periodic; periodicity (math); cyclicity

总统任期 總統任期 zong3 tong3 ren4 qi1
presidency; term of office

最后期限 最後期限 zui4 hou4 qi1 xian4
deadline; final time limit (for project)