table; desk; classifier for tables of guests at a banquet etc

old variant of 桌

strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
八仙桌 八仙桌 ba1 xian1 zhuo1
old fashioned square table to seat eight people

办公桌轮用 辦公桌輪用 ban4 gong1 zhuo1 lun2 yong4

餐桌 餐桌 can1 zhuo1
dining table; dinner table

餐桌盐 餐桌鹽 can1 zhuo1 yan2
table salt

餐桌转盘 餐桌轉盤 can1 zhuo1 zhuan4 pan2
revolving tray on a dining table; lazy Susan

搭桌 搭桌 da1 zhuo1
charity performance (theater in former times)

饭桌 飯桌 fan4 zhuo1
dining table

活动桌面 活動桌面 huo2 dong4 zhuo1 mian4
active desktop

讲桌 講桌 jiang3 zhuo1
lectern; podium

课桌 課桌 ke4 zhuo1
school desk

拼桌 拼桌 pin1 zhuo1
to sit at a table with others with whom one is unacquainted

三屉桌 三屜桌 san1 ti2 zhuo1
three-drawer desk (traditional Chinese piece of furniture)

史前石桌 史前石桌 shi3 qian2 shi2 zhuo1
menhir; prehistoric stone table

书桌 書桌 shu1 zhuo1

台球桌 台球桌 tai2 qiu2 zhuo1
billiards table

谈判桌 談判桌 tan2 pan4 zhuo1
conference table

同桌 同桌 tong2 zhuo1
desk-mate; seat-mate

圆桌 圓桌 yuan2 zhuo1
round table

圆桌会议 圓桌會議 yuan2 zhuo1 hui4 yi4
round table conference

桌案 桌案 zhuo1 an4

桌布 桌布 zhuo1 bu4
tablecloth; (computing) desktop background; wallpaper

桌灯 桌燈 zhuo1 deng1
desk lamp

桌机 桌機 zhuo1 ji1
desktop computer

桌巾 桌巾 zhuo1 jin1

桌面 桌面 zhuo1 mian4
desktop; tabletop

桌面儿 桌面兒 zhuo1 mian4 er5
erhua variant of 桌面

桌面儿上 桌面兒上 zhuo1 mian4 er5 shang4
on the table; fig. everything open and above board

桌面系统 桌面系統 zhuo1 mian4 xi4 tong3
desktop system

桌球 桌球 zhuo1 qiu2
table tennis; table tennis ball (Tw); billiards; pool; snooker (HK, Singapore, Malaysia)

桌上型 桌上型 zhuo1 shang4 xing2

桌上型电脑 桌上型電腦 zhuo1 shang4 xing2 dian4 nao3
desktop computer

桌椅板凳 桌椅板凳 zhuo1 yi3 ban3 deng4
chairs and tables; household furniture

桌游 桌遊 zhuo1 you2
board game

桌子 桌子 zhuo1 zi5
table; desk