branch; stem; stalk; to block; to hinder; (Tw) interesting, fresh, or amusing subject matter or scenario

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
斗牛梗 鬥牛梗 dou4 niu2 geng3
bull terrier

梗概 梗概 geng3 gai4
synopsis; outline (of story)

梗犬 梗犬 geng3 quan3

梗塞 梗塞 geng3 se4
to clog; to block; to obstruct

梗死 梗死 geng3 si3
blockage; obstruction; infarction

梗咽 梗咽 geng3 ye4
variant of 哽咽

梗直 梗直 geng3 zhi2
variant of 耿直

梗阻 梗阻 geng3 zu3
to hamper; to obstruct

花梗 花梗 hua1 geng3
stem of flower

桔梗 桔梗 jie2 geng3
Chinese bellflower

老梗 老梗 lao3 geng3
(Tw) unoriginal; hackneyed; (of a joke) old

牛头梗 牛頭梗 niu2 tou2 geng3
bull terrier

破梗 破梗 po4 geng3
(Tw) to mention sth meant to be kept as a surprise; spoiler

凄梗 凄梗 qi1 geng3
(literary) wailing; choking with sobs

脐梗 臍梗 qi2 geng3
umbilical cord

顽梗 頑梗 wan2 geng3
obstinate; persistent

万能梗 萬能梗 wan4 neng2 geng3
Airedale terrier

万能梗犬 萬能梗犬 wan4 neng2 geng3 quan3
Airedale terrier

心梗 心梗 xin1 geng3
abbr. for 心肌梗塞, myocardial infarction; heart attack

心肌梗塞 心肌梗塞 xin1 ji1 geng3 se4
myocardial infarction; heart attack

心肌梗死 心肌梗死 xin1 ji1 geng3 si3
myocardial infarction; heart attack