variant of 榨; to press; to extract (juice)

to press; to extract (juice); device for extracting juice, oils etc

strokes 14
strokes after radical 10
敲榨 敲榨 qiao1 zha4
to press (fruit); variant of 敲詐|敲诈

压榨 壓榨 ya1 zha4
to press; to squeeze; to extract juice, oil etc by squeezing

榨菜 榨菜 zha4 cai4
hot pickled mustard tuber

榨酒池 榨酒池 zha4 jiu3 chi2

榨取 榨取 zha4 qu3
to extract; to squeeze out (juice etc); (fig.) to exploit

榨油 榨油 zha4 you2
to extract oil from vegetables; to press

榨汁机 榨汁機 zha4 zhi1 ji1
juicer; blender