horizontal; across; (horizontal character stroke)

harsh and unreasonable; unexpected

strokes 16
strokes after radical 12
才华横溢 才華橫溢 cai2 hua2 heng2 yi4
brimming over with talent (esp. literary); brilliant

打横炮 打橫炮 da3 heng2 pao4
to butt in; to interfere; to make things difficult

发横财 發橫財 fa1 heng4 cai2
to make easy money; to make a fortune; to line one's pockets

飞来横祸 飛來橫禍 fei1 lai2 heng4 huo4
sudden and unexpected disaster (idiom)

合纵连横 合縱連橫 he2 zong4 lian2 heng2
Vertical and Horizontal Alliance, opposing stratagems devised by the School of Diplomacy 縱橫家|纵横家 during the Warring States Period (425-221 BC)

横斑腹小鸮 橫斑腹小鴞 heng2 ban1 fu4 xiao3 xiao1
(bird species of China) spotted owlet (Athene brama)

横斑林莺 橫斑林鶯 heng2 ban1 lin2 ying1
(bird species of China) barred warbler (Sylvia nisoria)

横笔 橫筆 heng2 bi3
bristles lying down (brush movement in painting)

横匾 橫匾 heng2 bian3
horizontal tablet (for an inscription)

横标 橫標 heng2 biao1
banner; horizontal slogan or advertisement

横滨 橫濱 heng2 bin1
Yokohama, Japan

横滨市 橫濱市 heng2 bin1 shi4
Yokohama, major port city in Kanagawa prefecture 神奈川縣|神奈川县, Japan

横波 橫波 heng2 bo1
transverse wave

横步 橫步 heng2 bu4
sidestep (in dance); step sideways

横陈 橫陳 heng2 chen2
to lie in disarray; to cut across; to traverse

横冲直撞 橫衝直撞 heng2 chong1 zhi2 zhuang4
lit. bashing sideways and colliding straight on (idiom); to push through shoving and bumping; to barge; to charge around violently

横穿 橫穿 heng2 chuan1
to cross; to traverse

横刀夺爱 橫刀奪愛 heng2 dao1 duo2 ai4
to rob sb of sth they cherish (idiom)

横渡 橫渡 heng2 du4
to cross (a body of water)

横断 橫斷 heng2 duan4
to cross (a road, an ocean etc); to cut across

横断步道 橫斷步道 heng2 duan4 bu4 dao4
pedestrian crossing

横断面 橫斷面 heng2 duan4 mian4
horizontal section

横段山脉 橫段山脈 heng2 duan4 shan1 mai4
Hengduan mountains dividing Sichuan from Tibet

横断山脉 橫斷山脈 heng2 duan4 shan1 mai4
Hengduan mountains, several parallel mountain ranges on the border between west Yunnan and Sichuan and east Tibet

横断物 橫斷物 heng2 duan4 wu4
transverse object

横队 橫隊 heng2 dui4
row; horizontal troop formation

横额 橫額 heng2 e2
horizontal tablet (for an inscription)

横飞 橫飛 heng2 fei1
to splash across; to splatter

横峰 橫峰 heng2 feng1
Hengfeng county in Shangrao 上饒|上饶, Jiangxi

横峰县 橫峰縣 heng2 feng1 xian4
Hengfeng county in Shangrao 上饒|上饶, Jiangxi

横幅 橫幅 heng2 fu2
horizontal scroll; banner; streamer

横幅标语 橫幅標語 heng2 fu2 biao1 yu3
slogan banner

横纲 橫綱 heng2 gang1

横杠 橫槓 heng2 gang4
bar; horizontal bar

横膈 橫膈 heng2 ge2

横隔 橫隔 heng2 ge2
tabula (horizontal floor of polyp)

横隔膜 橫隔膜 heng2 ge2 mo2

横膈膜 橫膈膜 heng2 ge2 mo2
diaphragm; also written 橫隔膜|横隔膜

横钩 橫鉤 heng2 gou1
horizontal stroke with a hook at the end (in Chinese characters)

横骨 橫骨 heng2 gu3
pubic bone

横贯 橫貫 heng2 guan4
horizontal traverse; to cut across; to cross transversally

横过 橫過 heng2 guo4
to traverse

横桁帆 橫桁帆 heng2 heng2 fan1
boom sail

横加 橫加 heng2 jia1
violently; flagrantly

横加指责 橫加指責 heng2 jia1 zhi3 ze2
to blame unscrupulously

横街 橫街 heng2 jie1
side street; road branching from the main street

横截 橫截 heng2 jie2
to cut across; cross-sectional; transverse

横结肠 橫結腸 heng2 jie2 chang2
transverse colon (anatomy); second section of large intestine

横截面 橫截面 heng2 jie2 mian4

横截线 橫截線 heng2 jie2 xian4
transversal line

横筋斗 橫筋斗 heng2 jin1 dou3

横空 橫空 heng2 kong1
filling the atmosphere; covering the sky

横跨 橫跨 heng2 kua4
to span; to stretch across; to travel across

横棱纹 橫稜紋 heng2 leng2 wen2
crosswise pattern

横梁 橫梁 heng2 liang2

横流 橫流 heng2 liu2
to overflow; transverse flow; to flow over; cross flow

横路 橫路 heng2 lu4
side street; crossroad

横眉 橫眉 heng2 mei2
to concentrate one's eyebrows; to frown; to scowl

横楣 橫楣 heng2 mei2

横眉冷对千夫指 橫眉冷對千夫指 heng2 mei2 leng3 dui4 qian1 fu1 zhi3
to face a thousand pointing fingers with a cool scowl (citation from Lu Xun); to treat with disdain; to defy

横眉立目 橫眉立目 heng2 mei2 li4 mu4
to scowl and stare down; to defy

横眉怒目 橫眉怒目 heng2 mei2 nu4 mu4
lit. furrowed brows and blazing eyes; to dart looks of hate at sb (idiom)

横眉竖眼 橫眉豎眼 heng2 mei2 shu4 yan3
to scowl fiercely; to glare

横楣子 橫楣子 heng2 mei2 zi5

横木 橫木 heng2 mu4
horizontal beam; wooden crossbar; thwart

横爬行 橫爬行 heng2 pa2 xing2
to walk sideways; crab-wise

横批 橫批 heng2 pi1
horizontal scroll (for inscription)

横剖面 橫剖面 heng2 pou1 mian4
horizontal section

横七竖八 橫七豎八 heng2 qi1 shu4 ba1
in disorder; at sixes and sevens (idiom)

横切 橫切 heng2 qie1
to cut across; a horizontal cut

横肉 橫肉 heng2 rou4

横三竖四 橫三豎四 heng2 san1 shu4 si4
in disorder; in a tremendous mess

横扫 橫掃 heng2 sao3
to sweep away; to sweep across

横扫千军 橫掃千軍 heng2 sao3 qian1 jun1
total annihilation

横山 橫山 heng2 shan1
Hengshan County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi; Hengshan township in Hsinchu County 新竹縣|新竹县, northwest Taiwan; Yokoyama (Japanese surname)

横山县 橫山縣 heng2 shan1 xian4
Hengshan County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi

横山乡 橫山鄉 heng2 shan1 xiang1
Hengshan township in Hsinchu County 新竹縣|新竹县, northwest Taiwan

横神经 橫神經 heng2 shen2 jing1
transverse commissure

横生 橫生 heng2 sheng1
to grow without restraint; overflowing with; to happen unexpectedly

横生枝节 橫生枝節 heng2 sheng1 zhi1 jie2
to deliberately complicate an issue (idiom)

横尸遍野 橫屍遍野 heng2 shi1 bian4 ye3
corpses strew the field; deadly (conflict)

横是 橫是 heng2 shi5
probably; most likely

横竖劲儿 橫豎勁兒 heng2 shu4 jin4 er5
firmness of determination

横竖 橫豎 heng2 shu5

横说竖说 橫說豎說 heng2 shuo1 shu4 shuo1
to explain sth over and over again; to repeat

横躺 橫躺 heng2 tang3
to lie flat

横躺竖卧 橫躺豎臥 heng2 tang3 shu4 wo4
to lie down all over the place; exhausted and in disarray

横挑鼻子竖挑眼 橫挑鼻子豎挑眼 heng2 tiao1 bi2 zi5 shu4 tiao1 yan3
to pick on sth incessantly (idiom); to criticize right and left

横头横脑 橫頭橫腦 heng2 tou2 heng2 nao3
coarse and arrogant; always in the right

横纹 橫紋 heng2 wen2
horizontal stripe; striation

横纹肌 橫紋肌 heng2 wen2 ji1
striated muscle

横卧 橫臥 heng2 wo4
to recline

横线 橫線 heng2 xian4
horizontal line; horizontal coordinate line

横县 橫縣 heng2 xian4
Heng county in Nanning 南寧|南宁, Guangxi

横向 橫向 heng2 xiang4
horizontal; orthogonal; perpendicular; lateral; crosswise

横斜 橫斜 heng2 xie2
oblique; slanting

横斜钩 橫斜鉤 heng2 xie2 gou1
⺄ stroke in Chinese characters

横心 橫心 heng2 xin1
to steel oneself; to harden one's heart

横行 橫行 heng2 xing2
to go on the rampage; to riot; to run amuck

横行霸道 橫行霸道 heng2 xing2 ba4 dao4
to oppress; to rule as a despot; to tyrannize

横须贺 橫須賀 heng2 xu1 he4
Yokosuka (port and navy base in the Tokyo bay)

横须贺市 橫須賀市 heng2 xu1 he4 shi4
Yokosuka city and US naval base to the west of Yokohama, Japan

横眼 橫眼 heng2 yan3
from the side of the eye; askance

横摇 橫搖 heng2 yao2
rolling motion (of a boat)

横溢 橫溢 heng2 yi4
to overflow; brimming with

横越 橫越 heng2 yue4
to cross; to pass over; to traverse; trans-

横摺 橫摺 heng2 zhe2
horizontal fold or tuck

横折 橫折 heng2 zhe2
(horizontal-starting right angle character stroke)

横振动 橫振動 heng2 zhen4 dong4
transverse vibration

横征暴敛 橫征暴斂 heng2 zheng1 bao4 lian3
to tax by force and extort levies (idiom); to screw taxes out of the people by force

横正暴敛 橫正暴斂 heng2 zheng4 bao4 lian3
to levy exorbitant taxes (idiom)

横直 橫直 heng2 zhi2
(colloquial) whatever; come what may

横坐标 橫座標 heng2 zuo4 biao1
horizontal coordinate; abscissa

横暴 橫暴 heng4 bao4
brutal; violent

横财 橫財 heng4 cai2
easy money; windfall; ill-gotten gains; undeserved fortune; illegal profit

横祸 橫禍 heng4 huo4
unexpected calamity

横蛮 橫蠻 heng4 man2
see 蠻橫|蛮横

横死 橫死 heng4 si3
to die by violence

骄横 驕橫 jiao1 heng4
arrogant; overbearing

老气横秋 老氣橫秋 lao3 qi4 heng2 qiu1
old and decrepit; proud of one's age and experience (idiom)

连横 連橫 lian2 heng2
Horizontal Alliance, clique of the School of Diplomacy 縱橫家|纵横家 during the Warring States Period (425-221 BC)

蛮横 蠻橫 man2 heng4
rude and unreasonable

蛮横无理 蠻橫無理 man2 heng4 wu2 li3
rude and unreasonable

妙趣横生 妙趣橫生 miao4 qu4 heng2 sheng1
endlessly interesting (idiom); very witty

妙语横生 妙語橫生 miao4 yu3 heng2 sheng1
to be full of wit and humor

强横 強橫 qiang2 heng4
surly and unreasoning; bullying; tyrannical

人行横道 人行橫道 ren2 xing2 heng2 dao4
pedestrian crossing

人行横道线 人行橫道線 ren2 xing2 heng2 dao4 xian4
crosswalk; pedestrian crossing with zebra stripes

水横枝 水橫枝 shui3 heng2 zhi1
cape jasmine (Gardenia jasminoides), esp. grown as bonsai

涕泗横流 涕泗橫流 ti4 si4 heng2 liu2
tears and mucus flowing profusely; sniveling; in a tragic state

涕泗纵横 涕泗縱橫 ti4 si4 zong4 heng2
tears and mucus flowing profusely; sniveling; in a tragic state

窝里横 窩裡橫 wo1 li5 heng4
(coll.) meek and civil in public, but a tyrant at home

血肉横飞 血肉橫飛 xue4 rou4 heng2 fei1
flesh and blood flying (idiom); carnage; people blown to pieces

眼泪横流 眼淚橫流 yan3 lei4 heng4 liu2
to be overflowing with tears (idiom)

枝节横生 枝節橫生 zhi1 jie2 heng2 sheng1
side issues keep arising (idiom)

专横 專橫 zhuan1 heng4
imperious; peremptory

纵横 縱橫 zong4 heng2
lit. warp and weft in weaving; vertically and horizontal; length and breadth; criss-crossed; able to move unhindered; abbr. for 合縱連橫|合纵连横, School of Diplomacy during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)

纵横驰骋 縱橫馳騁 zong4 heng2 chi2 cheng3
to criss-cross; to run unhindered across the whole country

纵横家 縱橫家 zong4 heng2 jia1
School of Diplomacy of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) whose leading advocates were Su Qin 蘇秦|苏秦 and Zhang Yi 張儀|张仪

纵横交错 縱橫交錯 zong4 heng2 jiao1 cuo4
criss-crossed (idiom)

纵横字谜 縱橫字謎 zong4 heng2 zi4 mi2