strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
茨欣瓦利 茨欣瓦利 ci2 xin1 wa3 li4
Tskhinvali, capital of South Osetia

欢欣 歡欣 huan1 xin1

欢欣鼓舞 歡欣鼓舞 huan1 xin1 gu3 wu3
elated and excited (idiom); overjoyed

欢欣雀跃 歡欣雀躍 huan1 xin1 que4 yue4
elated; overjoyed

李嘉欣 李嘉欣 li3 jia1 xin1
Michele Monique Reis (1970-) actress, model and former Miss Hong Kong & Miss Chinese International

刘慈欣 劉慈欣 liu2 ci2 xin1
Liu Cixin (1963-), Chinese science fiction writer

欣逢 欣逢 xin1 feng2
on the happy occasion of

欣弗 欣弗 xin1 fu2
brand name of a glucose injection that caused medical scandal

欣然 欣然 xin1 ran2
gladly; cheerfully

欣赏 欣賞 xin1 shang3
to appreciate; to enjoy; to admire

欣慰 欣慰 xin1 wei4
to be gratified

欣喜 欣喜 xin1 xi3

欣喜若狂 欣喜若狂 xin1 xi3 ruo4 kuang2
to be wild with joy (idiom)

欣欣向荣 欣欣向榮 xin1 xin1 xiang4 rong2
luxuriant growth (idiom); flourishing; thriving

欣幸 欣幸 xin1 xing4
delighted; overjoyed