to rest; to take a break; to stop; to halt; (dialect) to sleep; a moment; a short while

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
安歇 安歇 an1 xie1
to go to bed; to retire for the night

关店歇业 關店歇業 guan1 dian4 xie1 ye4
to close up shop and cease business temporarily; closed for business

间歇 間歇 jian4 xie1
to stop in the middle of sth; intermittent; intermittence

间歇训练 間歇訓練 jian4 xie1 xun4 lian4
interval training

马歇尔 馬歇爾 ma3 xie1 er3
Marshall (name); George Catlett Marshall (1880-1959), US general in WWII and Secretary of State 1947-1949, author of the postwar Marshall plan for Europe and Nobel peace laureate

米歇尔 米歇爾 mi3 xie1 er3
Michel or Mitchell (name); George Mitchell (1933-), US Democratic party politician and diplomat, influential in brokering Northern Ireland peace deal in 1990s, US Middle East special envoy from 2009

密歇根 密歇根 mi4 xie1 gen1
Michigan, US state

密歇根大学 密歇根大學 mi4 xie1 gen1 da4 xue2
University of Michigan

密歇根湖 密歇根湖 mi4 xie1 gen1 hu2
Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes 五大湖

密歇根州 密歇根州 mi4 xie1 gen1 zhou1
Michigan, US state

停歇 停歇 ting2 xie1
to stop for a rest

歇菜 歇菜 xie1 cai4
Stop it! (Beijing and Internet slang); Game over!; You're dead!

歇顶 歇頂 xie1 ding3
to be balding; to be thinning on top

歇后语 歇後語 xie1 hou4 yu3
saying in which the second part, uttered after a pause or totally left out, is the intended meaning of the allegory presented in the first part

歇艎 歇艎 xie1 huang2
large warship

歇脚 歇腳 xie1 jiao3
to stop on the way for a rest

歇了吧 歇了吧 xie1 le5 ba5
(dialect) give me a break!; forget about it!

歇洛克·福尔摩斯 歇洛克·福爾摩斯 xie1 luo4 ke4 - fu2 er3 mo2 si1
Sherlock Holmes

歇气 歇氣 xie1 qi4
to have a break; to rest

歇手 歇手 xie1 shou3
to rest; to take a break

歇斯底里 歇斯底里 xie1 si1 di3 li3
hysteria (loanword); hysterical

歇宿 歇宿 xie1 su4
to lodge; to stay (for the night)

歇息 歇息 xie1 xi5
to have a rest; to stay for the night; to go to bed; to sleep

歇心 歇心 xie1 xin1
to drop the matter; to stop worrying

歇业 歇業 xie1 ye4
to close down (temporarily or permanently); to go out of business