to stop; to prohibit; until; only

strokes 4
strokes after radical 0
不止 不止 bu4 zhi3
incessantly; without end; more than; not limited to

不止一次 不止一次 bu4 zhi3 yi1 ci4
many times; on more than one occasion

充饥止渴 充飢止渴 chong1 ji1 zhi3 ke3
to allay one's hunger and slake one's thirst (idiom)

辍止 輟止 chuo4 zhi3
to stop; to leave off

到此为止 到此為止 dao4 ci3 wei2 zhi3
to stop at this point; to end here; to call it a day

到目前为止 到目前為止 dao4 mu4 qian2 wei2 zhi3
until now; so far

底止 底止 di3 zhi3
(literary) end; limit

点到即止 點到即止 dian3 dao4 ji2 zhi3
to touch on sth and leave it there; to take care not to overdo sth

顶风停止 頂風停止 ding3 feng1 ting2 zhi3
to lie to (facing the wind)

遏止 遏止 e4 zhi3
to hold back; to check (i.e. to stop sb's advance); to resist; esp. with negative, irresistible, unstoppable etc

防止 防止 fang2 zhi3
to prevent; to guard against; to take precautions

废止 廢止 fei4 zhi3
to repeal (a law); to put an end to; abolition; annulled

古文观止 古文觀止 gu3 wen2 guan1 zhi3
Guwen Guanzhi, an anthology of essays written in Literary Chinese, compiled and edited by Wu Chucai and Wu Diaohou of Qing dynasty

观止 觀止 guan1 zhi3
incomparably good

喝止 喝止 he4 zhi3
to shout at sb to stop

活血止痛 活血止痛 huo2 xue4 zhi3 tong4
to invigorate blood circulation and alleviate pain (idiom)

戛然而止 戛然而止 jia2 ran2 er2 zhi3
with a grunting sound it stops (idiom); to come to an end spontaneously (esp. of sound)

截止 截止 jie2 zhi3
to close; to stop; to put a stop to sth; cut-off point; stopping point; deadline

禁止 禁止 jin4 zhi3
to prohibit; to forbid; to ban

禁止核武器试验条约 禁止核武器試驗條約 jin4 zhi3 he2 wu3 qi4 shi4 yan4 tiao2 yue1
nuclear test ban treaty

禁止令行 禁止令行 jin4 zhi3 ling4 xing2
see 令行禁止

禁止驶入 禁止駛入 jin4 zhi3 shi3 ru4
Do not enter! (road sign)

禁止外出 禁止外出 jin4 zhi3 wai4 chu1
to forbid sb to go out; to curfew; to ground (as disciplinary measure)

禁止吸烟 禁止吸煙 jin4 zhi3 xi1 yan1
No smoking!

静止 靜止 jing4 zhi3
still; immobile; static; stationary

静止锋 靜止鋒 jing4 zhi3 feng1
stationary front (meteorology)

举止 舉止 ju3 zhi3
bearing; manner; mien

莅止 蒞止 li4 zhi3
to approach; to come close

令人叹为观止 令人嘆為觀止 ling4 ren2 tan4 wei2 guan1 zhi3
(set expression) astonishing to see

令行禁止 令行禁止 ling4 xing2 jin4 zhi3
lit. if he orders you go, he forbids you stop (idiom); fig. to demand exact compliance with instructions; to ensure strictly obedience

屡禁不止 屢禁不止 lv3 jin4 bu4 zhi3
to continue despite repeated prohibition (idiom)

岂止 豈止 qi3 zhi3
not only; far from; more than

迄今为止 迄今為止 qi4 jin1 wei2 zhi3
so far; up to now; still (not)

浅尝辄止 淺嚐輒止 qian3 chang2 zhe2 zhi3
to dabble and stop (idiom); to dip into; to attempt half-heartedly; content with a smattering of knowledge; also written 淺嘗輒止|浅尝辄止

浅尝辄止 淺嘗輒止 qian3 chang2 zhe2 zhi3
to dabble and stop (idiom); to dip into; to attempt half-heartedly; content with a smattering of knowledge

全面禁止 全面禁止 quan2 mian4 jin4 zhi3
complete prohibition; total ban

全面禁止核试验条约 全面禁止核試驗條約 quan2 mian4 jin4 zhi3 he2 shi4 yan4 tiao2 yue1
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

容止 容止 rong2 zhi3
looks and demeanor

生命不息,战斗不止 生命不息,戰鬥不止 sheng1 ming4 bu4 xi1 - zhan4 dou4 bu4 zhi3
while there is life, the fight continues (idiom); to fight to the last

适可而止 適可而止 shi4 ke3 er2 zhi3
to stop before going too far (idiom); to stop while one can; don't overdo it; stop while you're ahead

售完即止 售完即止 shou4 wan2 ji2 zhi3
while stocks last; subject to availability

树欲静而风不止 樹欲靜而風不止 shu4 yu4 jing4 er2 feng1 bu4 zhi3
lit. the trees long for peace but the wind will never cease (idiom); fig. the world changes, whether you want it or not

叹为观止 嘆為觀止 tan4 wei2 guan1 zhi3
to gasp in amazement; to acclaim as the peak of perfection

停止 停止 ting2 zhi3
to stop; to halt; to cease

望梅止渴 望梅止渴 wang4 mei2 zhi3 ke3
lit. to quench one's thirst by thinking of plums (idiom); fig. to console oneself with illusions

为止 為止 wei2 zhi3
until; (used in combination with words like 到 or 至 in constructs of the form 到...為止|到...为止)

无休无止 無休無止 wu2 xiu1 wu2 zhi3
ceaseless; endless (idiom)

汐止 汐止 xi1 zhi3
Xizhi or Hsichih city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan

汐止市 汐止市 xi1 zhi3 shi4
Xizhi or Hsichih city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan

心如止水 心如止水 xin1 ru2 zhi3 shui3
to be at peace with oneself

行止 行止 xing2 zhi3
movements; attitude; behavior; whereabouts; tracks

休止 休止 xiu1 zhi3
to stop

休止符 休止符 xiu1 zhi3 fu2
rest (music)

学无止境 學無止境 xue2 wu2 zhi3 jing4
no end to learning (idiom); There's always something new to study.; You live and learn.

抑止 抑止 yi4 zhi3
to supress; to restrain

饮鸩止渴 飲鴆止渴 yin3 zhen4 zhi3 ke3
lit. drinking poison in the hope of quenching one's thirst (idiom); fig. a supposed remedy that only makes matters worse

永无止境 永無止境 yong3 wu2 zhi3 jing4
without end; never-ending

游客止步 游客止步 you2 ke4 zhi3 bu4
visitors are not admitted (idiom)

欲言又止 欲言又止 yu4 yan2 you4 zhi3
to want to say sth but then hesitate

止步 止步 zhi3 bu4
to halt; to stop; to go no farther

止汗剂 止汗劑 zhi3 han4 ji4

止境 止境 zhi3 jing4
limit; boundary; end

止咳 止咳 zhi3 ke2
to suppress coughing

止咳糖浆 止咳糖漿 zhi3 ke2 tang2 jiang1
cough suppressant syrup; cough mixture

止闹按钮 止鬧按鈕 zhi3 nao4 an4 niu3
snooze button

止损点 止損點 zhi3 sun3 dian3
stop-loss point, a point at which you make a small loss to limit your losses

止疼片 止疼片 zhi3 teng2 pian1
painkiller; analgesic

止痛 止痛 zhi3 tong4
to relieve pain; to stop pain; analgesic

止痛法 止痛法 zhi3 tong4 fa3
method of relieving pain

止痛剂 止痛劑 zhi3 tong4 ji4
an analgesic; pain killer

止痛片 止痛片 zhi3 tong4 pian4

止痛药 止痛藥 zhi3 tong4 yao4
painkiller; analgesic; anodyne

止血 止血 zhi3 xue4
to staunch (bleeding); hemostatic (drug)

止血垫 止血墊 zhi3 xue4 dian4
dressing; pad to stop bleeding

止血栓 止血栓 zhi3 xue4 shuan1
plug to stop bleeding; tampon (medicine)

止血贴 止血貼 zhi3 xue4 tie1
Band-Aid; plaster

制止 制止 zhi4 zhi3
to curb; to put a stop to; to stop; to check; to limit

终止 終止 zhong1 zhi3
to stop; to terminate (law)

中止 中止 zhong1 zhi3
to cease; to suspend; to break off; to stop; to discontinue

阻止 阻止 zu3 zhi3
to prevent; to block