this; these

strokes 6
strokes after radical 2
彼倡此和 彼倡此和 bi3 chang4 ci3 he2
to chorus sb else's lead (idiom); to chime in in agreement

彼唱此和 彼唱此和 bi3 chang4 ci3 he2
to chorus sb else's lead (idiom); to chime in in agreement

彼此 彼此 bi3 ci3
each other; one another

彼此彼此 彼此彼此 bi3 ci3 bi3 ci3
no better (or worse) than each other; both in the same boat

彼一时此一时 彼一時此一時 bi3 yi1 shi2 ci3 yi1 shi2
that was one thing, and this is another; times have changed

不分彼此 不分彼此 bu4 fen1 bi3 ci3
to make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's (idiom); to share everything; to be on very intimate terms

不仅如此 不僅如此 bu4 jin3 ru2 ci3
not only that, but ...

不虚此行 不虛此行 bu4 xu1 ci3 xing2
the trip has not been made in vain; the trip has been well worthwhile; it's been a worthwhile trip

成败在此一举 成敗在此一舉 cheng2 bai4 zai4 ci3 yi1 ju3
win or lose, it all ends here; this is the moment to shine

除此之外 除此之外 chu2 ci3 zhi1 wai4
apart from this; in addition to this

此处 此處 ci3 chu4
this place; here (literary)

此次 此次 ci3 ci4
this time

此道 此道 ci3 dao4
such matters; things like this; this line of work; this pursuit; this hobby; this endeavor

此地 此地 ci3 di4
here; this place

此地无银三百两 此地無銀三百兩 ci3 di4 wu2 yin2 san1 bai3 liang3
lit. 300 silver taels not hidden here (idiom); fig. to reveal what one intends to hide

此伏彼起 此伏彼起 ci3 fu2 bi3 qi3
see 此起彼伏

此后 此後 ci3 hou4
after this; afterwards; hereafter

此际 此際 ci3 ji4
then; as a result

此间 此間 ci3 jian1
here; this place

此刻 此刻 ci3 ke4
this moment; now; at present

此类 此類 ci3 lei4
this kind; these kinds; such

此路不通 此路不通 ci3 lu4 bu4 tong1
this road is blocked; fig. This method does not work.; Doing this is no good.

此起彼伏 此起彼伏 ci3 qi3 bi3 fu2
up here, down there (idiom); to rise and fall in succession; no sooner one subsides, the next arises; repeating continuously; occurring again and again (of applause, fires, waves, protests, conflicts, uprisings etc)

此起彼落 此起彼落 ci3 qi3 bi3 luo4
to rise and fall in succession (idiom); repeating continuously

此前 此前 ci3 qian2
before this; before then; previously

此时 此時 ci3 shi2
now; this moment

此时此地 此時此地 ci3 shi2 ci3 di4
here and now; as things stand

此时此刻 此時此刻 ci3 shi2 ci3 ke4
at this very moment

此时以前 此時以前 ci3 shi2 yi3 qian2

此事体大 此事體大 ci3 shi4 ti3 da4
see 茲事體大|兹事体大

此外 此外 ci3 wai4
besides; in addition; moreover; furthermore

此致 此致 ci3 zhi4
(used at the end of a letter to introduce a polite salutation)

此致敬礼 此致敬禮 ci3 zhi4 jing4 li3
respectfully yours (at the end of a letter)

从此 從此 cong2 ci3
from now on; since then; henceforth

从此往后 從此往後 cong2 ci3 wang3 hou4
from here on

但愿如此 但願如此 dan4 yuan4 ru2 ci3
if only it were so; I hope so (idiom)

到此 到此 dao4 ci3
hereto; hereunto

到此为止 到此為止 dao4 ci3 wei2 zhi3
to stop at this point; to end here; to call it a day

到此一游 到此一遊 dao4 ci3 yi1 you2
to travel (somewhere); (vandalism) "was here"

等因奉此 等因奉此 deng3 yin1 feng4 ci3
officialese; official routine; (old) (conventional phrase used in response to one's superior) in view of the above, we therefore...

多此一举 多此一舉 duo1 ci3 yi1 ju3
to do more than is required (idiom); superfluous; gilding the lily

非此即彼 非此即彼 fei1 ci3 ji2 bi3
either this or that; one or the other

故此 故此 gu4 ci3

顾此失彼 顧此失彼 gu4 ci3 shi1 bi3
lit. to attend to one thing and lose sight of another (idiom); fig. to be unable to manage two or more things at once; cannot pay attention to one thing without neglecting the other

何出此言 何出此言 he2 chu1 ci3 yan2
where do these words stem from?; why do you (he, etc) say such a thing?

厚此薄彼 厚此薄彼 hou4 ci3 bo2 bi3
to favour one and discriminate against the other

话虽如此 話雖如此 hua4 sui1 ru2 ci3
be that as it may

借此 藉此 jie4 ci3
using this as a pretext; thereby

仅此而已 僅此而已 jin3 ci3 er2 yi3
that's all; just this and nothing more

精于此道 精於此道 jing1 yu2 ci3 dao4
to be proficient in the area of; skilled in this field

就此 就此 jiu4 ci3
at this point; thus; from then on

据此 據此 ju4 ci3
according to this; on the ground of the above; (formally introduces reported speech in writing)

乐此不疲 樂此不疲 le4 ci3 bu4 pi2
to enjoy sth and never tire of it (idiom)

了却此生 了卻此生 liao3 que4 ci3 sheng1
to die; to be done with this world

灭此朝食 滅此朝食 mie4 ci3 zhao1 shi2
lit. not to have breakfast until the enemy is destroyed; anxious to do battle (idiom)

岂有此理 豈有此理 qi3 you3 ci3 li3
how can this be so? (idiom); preposterous; ridiculous; absurd

前此 前此 qian2 ci3
before today

如此 如此 ru2 ci3
in this way; so

如此这般 如此這般 ru2 ci3 zhe4 ban1
thus and so; such and such

倘能如此 倘能如此 tang3 neng2 ru2 ci3
if it is possible (idiom)

特此 特此 te4 ci3

为此 為此 wei4 ci3
for this reason; with regards to this; in this respect; in order to do this; to this end

以此 以此 yi3 ci3
with this; thereby; thus; because of this

以此类推 以此類推 yi3 ci3 lei4 tui1
and so on; in a similar fashion

以此为 以此為 yi3 ci3 wei2
to regard as; to treat as

因此 因此 yin1 ci3
thus; consequently; as a result

因如此 因如此 yin1 ru2 ci3
because of this

由此 由此 you2 ci3
hereby; from this

由此可见 由此可見 you2 ci3 ke3 jian4
from this, it can be seen that...

有鉴于此 有鑒於此 you3 jian4 yu2 ci3
in view of this; to this end

与此同时 與此同時 yu3 ci3 tong2 shi2
at the same time; meanwhile

远非如此 遠非如此 yuan3 fei1 ru2 ci3
far from it being so (idiom)

在此 在此 zai4 ci3
hereto; here

在此后 在此後 zai4 ci3 hou4
after this; from then on

在此之后 在此之後 zai4 ci3 zhi1 hou4
after this; afterwards; next

在此之际 在此之際 zai4 ci3 zhi1 ji4
meanwhile; at the same time

在此之前 在此之前 zai4 ci3 zhi1 qian2
before that; beforehand; previously

志不在此 志不在此 zhi4 bu4 zai4 ci3
to have one's ambitions elsewhere (idiom)

至此 至此 zhi4 ci3
up until now; so far

诸如此类 諸如此類 zhu1 ru2 ci3 lei4
things like this (idiom); and so on; and the rest; etc

自此 自此 zi4 ci3
since then; henceforth