divergent; side road

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
分歧 分歧 fen1 qi2
divergent; difference (of opinion, position); disagreement; bifurcation (math.)

分歧点 分歧點 fen1 qi2 dian3
branch point; division point

歧见 歧見 qi2 jian4
disagreement; differing interpretations

歧路 歧路 qi2 lu4
to diverge from the main road, also figuratively

歧路灯 歧路燈 qi2 lu4 deng1
Lamp in the Side Street, novel by Qing dynasty writer Li Lüyuan 李綠園|李绿园; also written 岐路燈|岐路灯

歧视 歧視 qi2 shi4
to discriminate against; discrimination

歧途 歧途 qi2 tu2
fork in a road; wrong road

歧异 歧異 qi2 yi4
difference; discrepancy

歧义 歧義 qi2 yi4
ambiguity; several possible meanings

误入歧途 誤入歧途 wu4 ru4 qi2 tu2
to take a wrong step in life (idiom); to go astray

误入歧途效应 誤入歧途效應 wu4 ru4 qi2 tu2 xiao4 ying4
garden path effect

消除对妇女一切形式歧视公约 消除對婦女一切形式歧視公約 xiao1 chu2 dui4 fu4 nv3 yi1 qie4 xing2 shi4 qi2 shi4 gong1 yue1
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

消除歧义 消除歧義 xiao1 chu2 qi2 yi4
to disambiguate

消歧义 消歧義 xiao1 qi2 yi4
to remove ambiguity; disambiguation (in Wikipedia)

性别歧视 性別歧視 xing4 bie2 qi2 shi4
sex discrimination; sexism

种族歧视 種族歧視 zhong3 zu2 qi2 shi4
racial discrimination; racism