classifier for years (of age); year; year (of crop harvests)

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
百岁老人 百歲老人 bai3 sui4 lao3 ren2

恶岁 惡歲 e4 sui4
lean year; year of bad harvest

二十六岁 二十六歲 er4 shi2 liu4 sui4
26 years old

贺岁 賀歲 he4 sui4
to extend New Year's greetings; to pay a New Year's visit

几岁 幾歲 ji3 sui4
some years; How many years?; How old are you? (familiar, or to child, equivalent to 多大 for older person)

今岁 今歲 jin1 sui4
(literary) this year

年岁 年歲 nian2 sui4
years of age; age

绮岁 綺歲 qi3 sui4
youthful age

去岁 去歲 qu4 sui4
last year

日久岁深 日久歲深 ri4 jiu3 sui4 shen1
to last for an eternity (idiom)

实岁 實歲 shi2 sui4
method of calculating a person's age in years from birth; see also 虛歲|虚岁; see also 足歲|足岁

守岁 守歲 shou3 sui4
to see in the New Year

嗣岁 嗣歲 si4 sui4
the following year; next year

岁不我与 歲不我與 sui4 bu4 wo3 yu3
Time and tide wait for no man (idiom)

岁差 歲差 sui4 cha4
the precession of the equinoxes

岁出 歲出 sui4 chu1
annual expenditure

岁俸 歲俸 sui4 feng4
annual salary

岁计 歲計 sui4 ji4
annual budget

岁计余绌 歲計餘絀 sui4 ji4 yu2 chu4
annual budgetary surplus or deficit (accountancy)

岁阑 歲闌 sui4 lan2
late season of a year

岁末 歲末 sui4 mo4
end of the year

岁暮 歲暮 sui4 mu4
end of the year

岁入 歲入 sui4 ru4
annual revenue; annual income

岁时 歲時 sui4 shi2
season; time of the year

岁首 歲首 sui4 shou3
start of the year

岁数 歲數 sui4 shu5
age (number of years old)

岁岁平安 歲歲平安 sui4 sui4 ping2 an1
May you have peace year after year (New Year's greeting)

岁修 歲修 sui4 xiu1
start of the year

岁序 歲序 sui4 xu4
succession of seasons

岁月 歲月 sui4 yue4
years; time

岁月流逝 歲月流逝 sui4 yue4 liu2 shi4
as time goes by (idiom)

岁月如流 歲月如流 sui4 yue4 ru2 liu2
the passage of the years; the flow of time

岁月如梭 歲月如梭 sui4 yue4 ru2 suo1
time flies (idiom)

岁月峥嵘 歲月崢嶸 sui4 yue4 zheng1 rong2
eventful years; momentous times

太岁 太歲 tai4 sui4
Tai Sui, God of the year; archaic name for the planet Jupiter 木星; nickname for sb who is the most powerful in an area

万岁 萬歲 wan4 sui4
Long live (the king, the revolution etc)!; Your Majesty; His Majesty

往岁 往歲 wang3 sui4
in former years; in olden days

虚岁 虛歲 xu1 sui4
one's age, according to the traditional Chinese method of reckoning (i.e. the number of Chinese calendar years in which one has lived). In this system, a person's age is one year at birth, and increases by one year at the beginning of the first solar term

旬岁 旬歲 xun2 sui4
full year; first birthday

压岁钱 壓歲錢 ya1 sui4 qian2
money given to children as new year present

友谊万岁 友誼萬歲 you3 yi4 wan4 sui4
see 友誼地久天長|友谊地久天长

早岁 早歲 zao3 sui4
early years; adolescence

周岁 週歲 zhou1 sui4
one full year (e.g. on child's first birthday)

足岁 足歲 zu2 sui4
method of calculating a person's age in years from birth; see also 虛歲|虚岁; see also 實歲|实岁