surname Gui

to return; to go back to; to give back to; (of a responsibility) to be taken care of by; to belong to; to gather together; (used between two identical verbs) despite; to marry (of a woman) (old); division on the abacus with a one-digit divisor

strokes 18
strokes after radical 14
百川归海 百川歸海 bai3 chuan1 gui1 hai3
all things tend in one direction (idiom)

北回归线 北回歸線 bei3 hui2 gui1 xian4
Tropic of Cancer

避其锐气,击其惰归 避其銳氣,擊其惰歸 bi4 qi2 rui4 qi4 - ji1 qi2 duo4 gui1
avoid the enemy when he is fresh and strike him when he is tired and withdraws (idiom)

宾至如归 賓至如歸 bin1 zhi4 ru2 gui1
guests feel at home (in a hotel, guest house etc); a home away from home

不完全归纳推理 不完全歸納推理 bu4 wan2 quan2 gui1 na4 tui1 li3
inference by incomplete induction

不醉不归 不醉不歸 bu4 zui4 bu4 gui1
to not go home until drunk (idiom); let's make a night of it!

当归 當歸 dang1 gui1
Angelica sinensis

递归 遞歸 di4 gui1
recursion; recursive (calculation); recurrence

东归 東歸 dong1 gui1
lit. to return east; fig. to return to one's homeland

返璞归真 返璞歸真 fan3 pu2 gui1 zhen1
to return to one's true self; to regain the natural state

复归 復歸 fu4 gui1
to return; to come back

改邪归正 改邪歸正 gai3 xie2 gui1 zheng4
to mend one's ways (idiom); to turn over a new leaf

归案 歸案 gui1 an4
to bring to justice; arrested and brought to trial

归并 歸併 gui1 bing4
to put together; to add; to merge

归程 歸程 gui1 cheng2
return trip; homeward journey

归除 歸除 gui1 chu2
long division; calculation on the abacus

归档 歸檔 gui1 dang4
to file away; to place on file

归队 歸隊 gui1 dui4
to return to one's unit; to go back to one's station in life

归附 歸附 gui1 fu4
to realign one's allegiance (to another religion, ruler etc); to submit

归根 歸根 gui1 gen1
to return home (after a lifetime's absence); to go back to one's roots

归根到底 歸根到底 gui1 gen1 dao4 di3
after all; in the final analysis; ultimately

归根结底 歸根結底 gui1 gen1 jie2 di3
in the final analysis; ultimately

归根结柢 歸根結柢 gui1 gen1 jie2 di3
variant of 歸根結底|归根结底

归根结蒂 歸根結蒂 gui1 gen1 jie2 di4
ultimately; in the final analysis; after all; when all is said and done

归公 歸公 gui1 gong1
to commandeer; to take over for the state

归功 歸功 gui1 gong1
to give credit; to give sb his due; attribution

归国 歸國 gui1 guo2
to go home (to one's native country); to return from abroad

归化 歸化 gui1 hua4
old name for district of Hohhot city 呼和浩特, Inner Mongolia

归化 歸化 gui1 hua4

归还 歸還 gui1 huan2
to return sth; to revert

归结 歸結 gui1 jie2
to sum up; to conclude; in a nutshell; the end (of a story)

归经 歸經 gui1 jing1
channel tropism (TCM)

归咎 歸咎 gui1 jiu4
to put the blame on; to accuse

归口 歸口 gui1 kou3
to return to one's original trade; to put (a business etc) under the administration of the relevant central authority; (the) relevant (department in charge of sth)

归类 歸類 gui1 lei4
to classify; to categorize

归零地 歸零地 gui1 ling2 di4
Ground Zero

归拢 歸攏 gui1 long3
to gather; to rake together; to pile up

归路 歸路 gui1 lu4
the way back; return route

归谬法 歸謬法 gui1 miu4 fa3
reductio ad absurdum; arguing by contradiction; also called 反證法|反证法

归牧 歸牧 gui1 mu4
to return from pasture

归纳 歸納 gui1 na4
to sum up; to summarize; to conclude from facts; induction (method of deduction in logic)

归纳法 歸納法 gui1 na4 fa3
induction (method of deduction in logic)

归纳推理 歸納推理 gui1 na4 tui1 li3
inference by induction (method of deduction in logic)

归宁 歸寧 gui1 ning2
(literary) (of a married woman) to visit one's parents

归侨 歸僑 gui1 qiao2

归仁 歸仁 gui1 ren2
Kueijen township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan

归仁乡 歸仁鄉 gui1 ren2 xiang1
Kueijen township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan

归入 歸入 gui1 ru4
to assign (to a class); to classify as; to include

归属 歸屬 gui1 shu3
to belong to; to be affiliated to; to fall under the jurisdiction of; a place where one feels that one belongs; one's final destination (where one need look no further)

归属感 歸屬感 gui1 shu3 gan3
sense of belonging

归属权 歸屬權 gui1 shu3 quan2
right of attribution

归顺 歸順 gui1 shun4
to surrender and pay allegiance to

归宿 歸宿 gui1 su4
place to return to; home; final destination; ending

归绥 歸綏 gui1 sui2
old name for Hohhot city 呼和浩特, Inner Mongolia

归天 歸天 gui1 tian1
to die

归途 歸途 gui1 tu2
the way back; one's journey home

归西 歸西 gui1 xi1
to die; euphemism, lit. to return West or to the Western Paradise

归向 歸向 gui1 xiang4
to turn toward

归心 歸心 gui1 xin1
converted to (religion)

归心似箭 歸心似箭 gui1 xin1 si4 jian4
with one's heart set on speeding home (idiom)

归心者 歸心者 gui1 xin1 zhe3
religious convert

归省 歸省 gui1 xing3
to go home for a visit; to return to one's parents' home to pay respects

归依 歸依 gui1 yi1
to convert to (a religion); to rely upon; refuge; mainstay

归隐 歸隱 gui1 yin3
to go back to one's native place and live in seclusion

归于 歸於 gui1 yu2
to belong to; affiliated to; to result in sth; to incline towards

归真 歸真 gui1 zhen1
to die (Buddhism)

归真返璞 歸真返璞 gui1 zhen1 fan3 pu2
see 返璞歸真|返璞归真

归正 歸正 gui1 zheng4
to return to the right path; to mend one's ways; to reform; Reformed (church etc)

归罪 歸罪 gui1 zui4
to blame sb

海归 海歸 hai3 gui1
to return to one's country after a period of study or work overseas; returnee; student returning after study abroad

划归 劃歸 hua4 gui1
to incorporate; to put under (external administration)

回归 回歸 hui2 gui1
to return to; to retreat; regression (statistics)

回归年 回歸年 hui2 gui1 nian2
the solar year; the year defined as the period between successive equinoxes

回归热 回歸熱 hui2 gui1 re4
recurring fever

回归线 回歸線 hui2 gui1 xian4
tropic; one of the two latitude lines, Tropic of Capricorn or Tropic of Cancer

驾鹤西归 駕鶴西歸 jia4 he4 xi1 gui1
see 駕鶴西去|驾鹤西去

解甲归田 解甲歸田 jie3 jia3 gui1 tian2
to remove armor and return to the farm; to return to civilian life

九归 九歸 jiu3 gui1
abacus division rules (using a single-digit divisor)

久假不归 久假不歸 jiu3 jia3 bu4 gui1
to fail to return a borrowed item

九九归一 九九歸一 jiu3 jiu3 gui1 yi1
nine divide by nine is one (abacus rule); when all is said and done

涓滴归公 涓滴歸公 juan1 di1 gui1 gong1
every drop returns to the public good (idiom); not one penny is misused

空手而归 空手而歸 kong1 shou3 er2 gui1
to return empty-handed; to fail to win anything

落叶归根 落葉歸根 luo4 ye4 gui1 gen1
Getting Home, 2007 PRC comedy-drama film directed by 張揚|张扬, starring 趙本山|赵本山

落叶归根 落葉歸根 luo4 ye4 gui1 gen1
lit. a falling leaf returns to the roots (idiom); fig. all things go back to their source eventually; in old age, an expatriate returns home

满载而归 滿載而歸 man3 zai4 er2 gui1
to return from a rewarding journey

命归黄泉 命歸黃泉 ming4 gui1 huang2 quan2
lit. to return to the Yellow Springs 黃泉|黄泉 (idiom); fig. to die; to meet one's end

南回归线 南回歸線 nan2 hui2 gui1 xian4
Tropic of Capricorn

欧当归 歐當歸 ou1 dang1 gui1
(botany) lovage; Levisticum officinale

弃邪归正 棄邪歸正 qi4 xie2 gui1 zheng4
to give up evil and return to virtue

荣归 榮歸 rong2 gui1
to return home with honor

荣归故里 榮歸故里 rong2 gui1 gu4 li3
to return home with honor

荣归主 榮歸主 rong2 gui1 zhu3
Gloria (section of Catholic mass)

三归依 三歸依 san1 gui1 yi1
the Three Pillars of Faith (Buddha, dharma, sangha); see also 三寶|三宝

铩羽而归 鎩羽而歸 sha1 yu3 er2 gui1
to return in low spirits following a defeat or failure to achieve one's ambitions (idiom)

实至名归 實至名歸 shi2 zhi4 ming2 gui1
fame follows merit (idiom)

视死如归 視死如歸 shi4 si3 ru2 gui1
to view death as a return home; to not be afraid of dying; to face death with equanimity (idiom)

殊途同归 殊途同歸 shu1 tu2 tong2 gui1
different routes to the same destination (idiom); fig. different means of achieve the same end

树高千丈,落叶归根 樹高千丈,落葉歸根 shu4 gao1 qian1 zhang4 - luo4 ye4 gui1 gen1
see 樹高千丈,葉落歸根|树高千丈,叶落归根

树高千丈,叶落归根 樹高千丈,葉落歸根 shu4 gao1 qian1 zhang4 - ye4 luo4 gui1 gen1
fig. a tree may grow a thousand zhang high, but its leaves return to their roots (proverb); fig. everything has its ancestral home; in old age, an expatriate returns home

水落归槽 水落歸槽 shui3 luo4 gui1 cao2
spilt water returns to the trough (idiom); fig. people remember where they belong

同归于尽 同歸於盡 tong2 gui1 yu2 jin4
to die in such a way that sb (or sth) else also perishes; to take sb down with oneself; to end in mutual destruction

同途殊归 同途殊歸 tong2 tu2 shu1 gui1
same road out, different ones back

完璧归赵 完璧歸趙 wan2 bi4 gui1 zhao4
lit. to return the jade annulus to Zhao (idiom); fig. to return something intact to its rightful owner

完全归纳推理 完全歸納推理 wan2 quan2 gui1 na4 tui1 li3
inference by complete induction

无家可归 無家可歸 wu2 jia1 ke3 gui1

物归原主 物歸原主 wu4 gui1 yuan2 zhu3
to return something to its rightful owner

线性回归 線性回歸 xian4 xing4 hui2 gui1
linear regression (statistics)

血本无归 血本無歸 xue4 ben3 wu2 gui1
to lose one's life savings (e.g. after a bankruptcy); no return for one's hard-earned savings

言归于好 言歸於好 yan2 gui1 yu2 hao3
to become reconciled; to bury the hatchet

言归正传 言歸正傳 yan2 gui1 zheng4 zhuan4
to return to the topic (idiom); to get back to the main point

夜不归宿 夜不歸宿 ye4 bu4 gui1 su4
to stay out all night (idiom)

叶落归根 葉落歸根 ye4 luo4 gui1 gen1
a falling leaf returns to the roots (idiom); everything has its ancestral home; In old age, an expatriate longs to return home.

衣锦荣归 衣錦榮歸 yi1 jin3 rong2 gui1
to come back to one's hometown in silken robes (idiom); to return in glory

一命归天 一命歸天 yi1 ming4 gui1 tian1
see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼

一命归西 一命歸西 yi1 ming4 gui1 xi1
see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼

一命归阴 一命歸陰 yi1 ming4 gui1 yin1
see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼

于归 于歸 yu2 gui1
(literary) (of a girl) to marry

于归之喜 于歸之喜 yu2 gui1 zhi1 xi3
the joy of matrimony (polite phrase referring to a young woman)

早出晚归 早出晚歸 zao3 chu1 wan3 gui1
to leave early and return late (idiom)

责有攸归 責有攸歸 ze2 you3 you1 gui1
responsibility must lie where it belongs (idiom)

捉拿归案 捉拿歸案 zhuo1 na2 gui1 an4
to bring to justice

秭归 秭歸 zi3 gui1
Zigui county in Yichang 宜昌, Hubei

秭归县 秭歸縣 zi3 gui1 xian4
Zigui county in Yichang 宜昌, Hubei

姊归县 姊歸縣 zi3 gui1 xian4
Zigui county in Hubei province

总归 總歸 zong3 gui1
eventually; after all; anyhow

纵虎归山 縱虎歸山 zong4 hu3 gui1 shan1
lit. to let the tiger return to the mountain; fig. to store up future calamities