bad; wicked; evil

strokes 4
strokes after radical 0
不识好歹 不識好歹 bu4 shi2 hao3 dai3
unable to tell good from bad (idiom); undiscriminating

不问好歹 不問好歹 bu4 wen4 hao3 dai3
no matter what may happen (idiom)

不知好歹 不知好歹 bu4 zhi1 hao3 dai3
unable to differentiate good from bad (idiom); not to know what's good for one; unable to recognize others' good intentions

歹毒 歹毒 dai3 du2
vicious; ruthless; malevolent

歹人 歹人 dai3 ren2
bad person; evildoer; robber

歹势 歹勢 dai3 shi4
excuse me; to be sorry; (Taiwanese, POJ pr. )

歹徒 歹徒 dai3 tu2
evildoer; malefactor; gangster; hoodlum

歹意 歹意 dai3 yi4
evil intent; malice

好歹 好歹 hao3 dai3
good and bad; most unfortunate occurrence; in any case; whatever

好说歹说 好說歹說 hao3 shuo1 dai3 shuo1
to try one's very best to persuade sb (idiom); to reason with sb in every way possible

为非作歹 為非作歹 wei2 fei1 zuo4 dai3
to break the law and commit crimes (idiom); malefactor; evildoer; to perpetrate outrages

做好做歹 做好做歹 zuo4 hao3 zuo4 dai3
to persuade using all possible arguments (idiom); to act good cop and bad cop in turn