to be buried with the dead; to die for a cause

strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
殉道 殉道 xun4 dao4
to die for a just cause

殉国 殉國 xun4 guo2
to die for one's country

殉教 殉教 xun4 jiao4
to die for one's religion

殉节 殉節 xun4 jie2
to sacrifice one's life by loyalty (to one's prince, one's husband etc)

殉难 殉難 xun4 nan4
to sacrifice oneself in a just cause; a victim of a disaster

殉情 殉情 xun4 qing2
to die together in the name of love; to sacrifice oneself for love

殉死 殉死 xun4 si3
to be buried alive as sacrifice (together with husband or superior)

殉葬 殉葬 xun4 zang4
to bury sth along with the dead; sacrificial grave goods

殉职 殉職 xun4 zhi2
to die in the line of duty

因公殉职 因公殉職 yin1 gong1 xun4 zhi2
to die as in the line of duty (idiom)